Eye Candy—Digital Storytelling Challenge 2013

Getting Attention

Do these models give you ideas for eye candy for your supporters and partners?

Candy 212

How to Hold an Excellent Candy Bar Fundraiser

Fundraiser Ideas

Candy bars are a popular choice for fundraising. The candy bars’ low price point makes them easy to sell. Candy bars are also perfect for children to sell. Whether your fundraiser is to support a sports team, after-school activity, or church group, following are tips on how to hold an excellent candy bar fundraiser. Select the right candy bar company. Choosing the right candy bar company is a critical step for a successful candy bar fundraiser.

Candy 124

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Social Media Follow The (Candy) Dots

Diva Marketing Blog

I thought it would be fun to include an image of candy dots to help illustrate the strategy trail. When I went to look for graphics I found what I remembered to be "candy dots" were actually called " candy buttons." The Same But Differen t: The candy names were different.

Candy 75

Collecting Candy & Saying "Thank You"

Donor Power Blog

You know how after Halloween your parents had to check your candy bag for powdered poison, blades, kid-killing elixirs and everything else you never even imagined existed? Inadvertently he learns that the fantasy of soliciting free candy from strangers has a catch. More candy!? We don’t just get to collect candy, eat it, and move to the next door. I interrupt this generational series of posts to state my very opinionated … opinion. .

Candy 54

Collecting Candy & Saying "Thank You"

Donor Power Blog

You know how after Halloween your parents had to check your candy bag for powdered poison, blades, kid-killing elixirs and everything else you never even imagined existed? Inadvertently he learns that the fantasy of soliciting free candy from strangers has a catch. More candy!? We don’t just get to collect candy, eat it, and move to the next door. I interrupt this generational series of posts to state my very opinionated … opinion. .

Candy 40

Advocacy Cause Marketing to Teens

Cause Related Marketing

Instead this post is about an advocacy cause marketing campaign from The Candies Foundation , “a non-profit organization that works to shape the way youth in America think about teen pregnancy and parenthood.” Candies , for whom the Foundation is named, is a teen fashion brand.

What is a Lollipop Fundraiser?

Fundraiser Ideas

Candy Fundraising Charity Fundraising Easy Fundraising Fundraising Ideas for Kids High School Fundraising Ideas Non Profit Fundraising School FundraisingPeople of all ages love lollipops! This is what makes a lollipop fundraiser so successful. You may ask, though, what is a lollipop fundraiser? Following is an overview of this sweet fundraising idea, including details about price points, flavors, shapes, and the advantages of a lollipop fundraiser. Price Point.

How to Hold a Successful Cookie Dough Fundraiser

Fundraiser Ideas

Candy Fundraising Charity Fundraising Chocolate Fundraising Free Fundraising Ideas Fundraising Ideas for Kids High School Fundraising Ideas Non Profit Fundraising School Fundraising Sports FundraisingCookie dough fundraising has become increasingly popular over the years. People love cookies, making it an easy sell, and organizations can earn up to 80 percent profit on their sales.

Vendor 106

Causeon: Groupon for Cause Marketing

Selfish Giving

Oh, and one other thing: Groupon is a one-of-a-kind gee whiz phenomenon , much like the Daily Candy was a few years back. No one ever approached the success of the Daily Candy , and Groupon is way ahead of its 500+ competitors. We all love Groupon , right?

Are you a piñata fundraiser?


Piñatas are decorative, papier-mâché containers usually filled with candy. Then the kids scramble to gather the candy. I learned about them at children’s birthday parties. There, the children get a chance to whack ’em with a stick until they brake open.

Candy 130

Mixed Links for Nonprofit Communicators

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

” Spoiler Alert: Kivi will probably post of picture of herself stealing candy from her kids and calling is “sharing.” Happy Halloween!

Link 240

Nonprofit Storytelling Breaking Bad Style

Getting Attention

Show and tell—Memorable details, like the cotton-candy-colored blue meth that plays a major role in the Breaking Bad story, keep the story running in your listeners’ minds.

Unforgettable! (Case Study)

Getting Attention

Eye Candy—Digital Storytelling Challenge. When executed well, visual storytelling cuts through the clutter, delivering a mental image that resonates and is remembered (so more likely to be repeated). Take this unforgettable example from MAMA (Mobile Alliance for Maternal Action).

Social Media Policy - It's Alive, Alive!! Or Oughta Be

Social Media Bird Brain

image via the Candy EnthusiastSo here’s the deal: with social media becoming even more mainstream, a lot of nonprofits have or are contemplating taking the plunge. Since this blog is about SM and small nonprofits, it’s obvious which side of the fence I’m on. Assuming that your small nonprofit is taking advantage of SM or about to, you may be contemplating a policy for its use. Should You Have.

No Piglets or Puppies (Part 1)

Getting Attention

A reliable source of emotional candy. Adorbable! Who can resist the cuteness of puppy photos like this one? Don’t feel silly for responding. Most of us do the same, which is why you see so many organizations communicating cute.

Candy 187

Social Media and Newsletter Ideas for October 2019

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Tell us what your favorite candy is. Wish you had these monthly ideas for social media, blog posts, or newsletter articles a few weeks ago? Sign up for our Monthly Nonprofit Writing Prompts. I send this email newsletter the first week of every month with prompts for the following month.

How to Upgrade Donors and Boost Revenue with Donor Surveys [FREE WEBINAR]

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Discover… Eye candy examples you‘ll want to steal from winning online surveys and learn what to ask. Donors give for their reasons, not yours! Join us next week for a FREE webinar with Rachel Muir: How to Upgrade Donors and Boost Revenue with Donor Surveys. FREE WEBINAR.

Survey 153

Staring at an Empty Page? Try These Nonprofit Writing Prompts for October

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Tell us what your favorite candy is. Haven’t quite filled in your content calendar for next month? Use these prompts taken from our Monthly Nonprofit Writing Prompts Email Newsletter for your blog posts, social media updates or newsletter articles. (If

Simple Surprises…and Connects

Getting Attention

Frankly, I didn’t even know how tired I was of candy bar and cookie sales, car washes and bake sales until I did see it. I was thrilled to see this ad in our school e-newsletter.

Day in the Life of a Nonprofit Communicator – Nick Houser

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Sometime in the PM, I take a quick candy break or something similar. Nick Houser. Welcome to the latest installment in our series on the “Day in the Life” of nonprofit communicators! This series lets you describe your workday in your own words. We’d love to feature YOU in this series!

Newsletter: A "Nutty" Christmas Sweater Gives Back ; How to Get Employees to Give More to Charity; How to Build an Awesome Snow Fort ??

Selfish Giving

Here's a nice example of a case study on Repsly's work with natural candy maker UNREAL. It clearly states the business challenge and how Repsly ultimately boosted candy sales by 22 percent. Hanukkah, Bodhi Day, Solstice, Yule, Dongji, Christmas, Kwanzaa, etc.

Candy 52

Getting People to Open Your Nonprofit’s Email Messages

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Email subject lines should tell us about the candy (the content), not about the wrapper (vague descriptions or formats, like “Winter Edition of the Newsletter&# ). Describe the Candy, Not the Wrapper. Photo by terren in Virginia on Flickr.

Candy 130

Stories BETTER than Puppies & Piglets (Part 2)

Getting Attention

In Part One of this mini-guide, I shared my take on why such emotional candy is so powerful in works so well to raise money or recruit volunteers. Let’s be real: Your organization is one of the many that can’t use kitty or puppy photos to raise money or recruit volunteers.

Candy 206

The Innie vs Outie in Cause Marketing

Cause Related Marketing

In an aisle of chocolate bars that were $6, $7, $8 and even $9, I bought the Whole Foods candy bar based mostly on price; it was less than $3. Is cause marketing better on the inside or outside of packaging? That’s what I wondered when I saw this chocolate bar at Whole Foods.

Friday Fun: Top 13 Reasons to Halloween "Toilet Paper" A Social Media Strategy

Diva Marketing Blog

Barbs on the "Back Channel" that don't help move the conversation along in a win-win for the audience and speaker is a clue that you want all the candy for yourself. Emphasizing measurements that don't align with your objectives and goals are like getting socks instead of candy.

Paper 72

10 Simple Fundraising Ideas for Clubs

Fundraiser Ideas

Candy Bar Fundraiser – Your club can make a lot of money selling candy bars. Fundraising is a very important function for clubs. However, your fundraisers don’t have to be complex to be successful. In fact, sometimes simple is better! Following are 10 simple fundraising ideas for clubs. Flower Bulb Fundraiser – Lots of people love flowers! A flower bulb fundraiser involves taking orders for flower bulbs from your family, friends, and neighbors for their gardens.

Club 139

Agitator Now ‘Mobile Responsive’

The Agitator

Some Sundays we sit around our iPads at The Agitator’s Global HQ playing Candy Crush , working the New York Times crossword and, occasionally, arguing over topics for the week ahead. For the last couple of weekends we put away the toys and devoted our spare time to ending The Agitator’s technological hypocrisy. We write a lot about the growing importance of mobile. Do this. Do that.

10 Fundraising Ideas for Schools You Can’t Afford to Miss

Fundraiser Ideas

Candy Bar Fundraiser – Candy bar fundraisers have been used for decades. Students can take the candy bars selling door-to-door or at community events. The individual candy bars are usually sold at prices similar to what consumers would expect to find in stores but can be bought in bulk for fundraising purposes at cheaper per unit costs.

School 112

Creative Ideas for Nonprofit Writers for October and Beyond

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Tell us what your favorite candy is and how it relates to your org. “Content is King,” they say. While that may be true, “they” don’t mention how hard it is trying to come up with fresh ideas that resonate with your readers.

Pokémon Go for Fundraisers

The Agitator

OK, Tom, we’re gonna have to give up Candy Crush and jump into Pokémon Go. What’s that?”, you say. It’s the latest social media frenzy — a free game app that works on smart phones — that’s been downloaded close to 10 million times in the U.S.

Candy 66

Three Ways to Overcome Decision Fatigue in Your #npcomm Work

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Think about the enticing items at the grocery store counter: candy bars and gossip magazines that you would normally avoid. On more than a few occasions, I’ve told friends and family that the gift I most want on my birthday or Mother’s Day is to NOT be asked to make a decision.

Work 200

Cause Marketing and Branding

Cause Related Marketing

It’s easy to slap together a transactional cause marketing campaign for some consumable item; a box of Kleenix, a candy bar, a toothbrush. Done right, cause marketing can be a terrific branding tool for the cause and the sponsor. But doing it right is the challenge.

7 Ways to Get Better Response Rates to Your eNewsletter

Fundraising 123

My friend Kivi Leroux Miller talks about bad subject lines being a wrapper (example: September Diabetes eNews) and good subject lines being the candy in the wrapper (example: 6 ways to manage your diabetes). Want to increase donations through your email outreach? Here are my 7 ideas for better response rates. Have a subject line that makes you want to read more. .

Best Practices in Nonprofit Storytelling – How to Structure Your Stories

J Campbell Social Marketing

Remember that stories about those you serve do not have to be 100 percent positive and candy-coated. I am on a mission to help nonprofits of all sizes become better communicators.

9 Great Fundraising Ideas for When Everything Else Hasn’t Worked

Fundraiser Ideas

Some community members may not be interested in buying candy or cookies, but they may be willing to simply donate money. Fundraising is critical to your organization. Without successful fundraising campaigns, programs, activities, and equipment are oftentimes cut from the budget. However, not all fundraising ideas work for all groups. Following are 9 great fundraising ideas for when everything else hasn’t worked. Fundraising Letter – Sometimes all you have to do is ask.

Ideas 170

Free tool of the week: Design Eye-Q


In a recent post on A List Apart, called In defense of eye candy, the author concludes this about attractive Web site design: “The more we learn about people, and how our brains process information, the more we learn the truth of that phrase: form and function aren’t separate items.

Design 130

10 Engaging, Effective Team Fundraising Ideas

Fundraiser Ideas

Candy sales. A staple of school fundraising, selling candy bars door-to-door or in front of local businesses (with the owner’s permission, of course) can be a valuable source of funds for your team’s activities. Participating in sports, cheerleading and other extracurricular activities can be expensive. Team fundraising can help reduce the cost of participation for students and provide much needed funds for activities, equipment, trips and more.

Ideas 109

5 Ways to Charge Up Your Marketing Skills -- Reach Beyond Your Niche

Getting Attention

Here are five of my favorite brain candies: Water Words that Work is written by a communicator in the environmental field for his peers. Please share your favorite brain candies with the Getting Attention community by commenting on this post. It's typical for most of us humans to focus on keeping up within our fields.

Candy 100

Ep218: This Snack Company is Helping Families Worldwide Put Meals First

Selfish Giving

MIF is the giving arm of Mondelez International , a world leader in biscuits, chocolate, gum, candy and powdered beverages, featuring global Power Brands such as Oreo and Trident gum.

4 Reasons to Have a Halloween Fundraiser Next Year, 8 Ways to Get Started

Selfish Giving

It’s kind of like Thanksgiving with candy instead of turkey. Department stores, convenience stores, party stores and supermarkets, they all sell Halloween costumes, candy and decorations. Collect candy for the poor, homeless or troops abroad.

Candy 103

I want your posts: What’s your best advice?

Nonprofit Marketing Blog

What that means is not cotton candy (sorry) but rather a mix of contributions from bloggers and readers on a shared theme, highlighted right here on my blog, at the end of the month. Image via Fanpop. For the month of April, I’m hosting the nonprofit blog carnival.

Candy 67

Why You Need a Fundraising Thermometer and Five Places You Can Get One for Free

Fundraiser Ideas

From traditional magazine sales and candy bars to basket raffles and office perks auctions, there are numerous fundraising ideas out there that are sure to meet your organization’s unique fundraising needs. Just Google “fundraising ideas” and you’ll begin to understand that there are an ever-increasing number of fundraisers out there today.

Raffle 116

Nonprofit Cause Marketers, Aspire to This

Cause Related Marketing

The GSUSA doesn’t have to line up manufactures to make the candy. Einstein supposedly said that compound interest was the eight wonder of the world, or the gateway to the fifth dimension, or the sixth sense, or the seventh law of thermodynamics, or something like that.