Show-Not-Tell Message Power (Case Study: Breast Cancer Action)

Getting Attention

Here, on its Facebook page, Breast Cancer Action (BCA) zigs rather than zags, with memorable results. ” Show-not-tell messages, by Breast Cancer Action. Breath this in deeply. It’s a strong model of that golden communications rule: Show, Don’t Tell.

Using Cancer

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Breast Cancer On the Rise and How to Increase Fundraising Now. Then, after a short intro … The Benefits of Mobile Fundraising for Cancer. Let me say at the outset that The Agitator is a HUGE fan of the MobileCause blog. In my view, the advent and use of smartphones will turn out to be as important to fundraising as the advent of the postage stamp. [Go Go ahead, dispute that one Agitator readers!]. And MobileCause is normally very astute on the subject of mobile fundraising.

American Cancer Society Flops

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If b t were the new cure for cancer then the direct marketing staff and consultants of the American Cancer Society should win the Nobel Prize in Medicine hands down. — was billed as offering perspectives on the impact and findings of the American Cancer Society’s (ACS) 17-month hiatus from acquisition direct mail.

New Research Suggests The Color Pink is Bad for Breast Cancer


We could go more general with gender cue research, but breast cancer is such an important disease that I want to study this more on its own.” Say they are less likely to donate in reaction to a breast or ovarian cancer advertisement.

New Research Suggests The Color Pink is Bad for Breast Cancer


We could go more general with gender cue research, but breast cancer is such an important disease that I want to study this more on its own.&#. Say they are less likely to donate in reaction to a breast or ovarian cancer advertisement.

Stories from Smaller Nonprofits: Testicular Cancer Society

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The Testicular Cancer Society Story. Story told by Mike Craycraft who is a survivor and founder of the Testicular Cancer Society. The Testicular Cancer Society is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization to raise awareness about the most common form of cancer in men ages 15-35.

Ep204: How This Restaurant Turned a Dessert Into a $200k Cancer Fundraiser

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They've raised $200,000 for children's pediatric cancer. On the show, Megan, Kevin, Mark and I discuss: How Iron Hill got involved with CureSearch and fighting children's pediatric cancer.

Direct Mail Survives At American Cancer Society

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In her recent article in Fundraising Success , Angie Moore updated us on the strategy embarked upon in 2013 by the American Cancer Society. Remove the American Cancer Society direct mail donors from all exchange universes. That strategy involved: Stop all direct mail acquisition to generate new direct mail donors for the organization. Stop all direct mail conversion to offer non-direct mail Society donors (online donors, event-participants/donors, information seekers, etc.)

Ep197: Millennial Start-Up Love Your Melon is Putting a Cap on Pediatric Cancer

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The online retailer donates 50% of the profits from each sale made to find a cure for pediatric cancer and to support families impacted by cancer. Why the co-founders decided to focus on hats and pediatric cancer.

Finnish alpha males go Esther Williams for breast cancer

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Via the great Oscio blog, here’s an inspiring story about getting Finnish men behind the breast cancer cause. Wow, I never thought I’d get to write a headline like that.

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CauseTalk Radio Ep25: Local Agency Goes Bald for Cancer Causes

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an effort that has supporters nationwide wearing bald caps to raise money for 25 local and national cancer organizations. after the co-founder of Small Army passed away from cancer after a two year battle. CauseTalk Radio Podcast be bold go bald cancer causes cause marketing small armyOn today’s show, Megan and I talk to Jeff Freedman , Founder & CEO of Small Army & Small Army for a Cause. Jeff and his agency are behind Be Bold, Go Bald! ,

Local Cancer Group Shows that Pink Cause Marketing Isn’t Just for Komen

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October is here and millions will be raised this month with cause marketing for breast cancer organizations. Two of the best known are Komen for the Cure and Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Its a nonprofit that’s working to make the fight against breast cancer easier.

July 19

CauseTalk Radio Ep60: Investment in Employees Pays Dividends for Children Cancer Nonprofits

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John talks about how Northwest Mutual chose childhood cancer as its cause, what made ALSF and Starlight good partners and how the company empowered employees across the company to host fundraisers.

Cause Marketing With Sex Appeal

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Cancer has bedeviled the world for too long as far as I'm concerned. There’s just something too weird about cancer pin-up girls. MAC Cosmetics Alden Keene Cause Marketing Database Heidi Klum Stand Up To Cancer Sports Illustrated MAC AIDS Fund

Should Breast Cancer Awareness Be About the Breast More Than the Disease?

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Should breast cancer awareness ever be more about the breast than it is the cancer? One reason why Komen et al acquired so much momentum is because there’s a personalness to breast cancer that also touches things like feminine sexuality.

Mashing Up Loyalty Programs and Cause Marketing

Cause Related Marketing

You can also donate MyCokeRewards points in several denominations to the American Cancer Society, the National Parks Foundation, the USO, and The Hispanic Scholarship Fund.

Cause Marketing Advice to a Small E-tailer

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to benefit breast cancer was started by three sisters, one of whom is a breast cancer survivor. Tags: breast cancer Colored Charity Ribbons sells modest swimwear that is meant to be cute and colorful without sacrificing comfort.

How Inefficient Charities Can Spoil Your Cause Marketing

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The issue of Time magazine currently on newsstands is all about cancer, including a story on cancer research charities called ' Check Your Charity.' One charity highlighted in the article, called the National Breast Cancer Research Charity, made me do a double-take.

Abortion. A line in the sand.

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They give more mammograms, preventing breast cancer, than any breast cancer nonprofit. Look what I found. Personally, I think it’s ridiculous that we are still having this discussion, 100 years after Margaret Sanger started campaigning.

What’s Wrong With This Cause Marketing Paper Icon? Let Me Count the Ways

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There was, my friend said, no indication in the bowling alley of who the benefiting charity is, aside from the pink ribbon, which denotes the fight against breast cancer. But the connection between breast cancer and Valentine's Day is tenuous at best.

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Soldier Shows that War, Cancer Can be A Good Thing

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Every week I get a bunch of pitches from people asking me to write about or mention their cause-related product, service or venture. I was struck by Mike Volkin’s appeal because it wasn’t cause-related. But there was something really GOOD about it.

Cause Marketing for Pets with Cancer

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Dogs and cats contract cancer at about the same rate as humans, but while an estimated 577,000 Americans will die of cancer in 2012, some 14 million cats and dogs will die from or (in many cases) with the disease.

Cone’s Latest Survey on Cause Marketing

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National Breast Cancer Awarness Month FSI Transactional Cause Marketing Purina Cause Evolution Study Must…control…the…urge…to…be…sarcastic.In its recently-released Cause Evolution Study, (registration required) Cone, Inc.

Farewell Steve Jobs

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Videos apple cancer commencement death entrepreneour life rip stanford steve jobs visionaryAt this time , millions of tributes, obituaries and status updates are flooding the internet in remembrance of a true visionary.

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Non Breast Cancer Cause Marketing in October

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Clients ask me all the time: have the breast cancer charities sucked out all the oxygen out of the atmosphere for cause marketing during October? That is, can anyone else do cause marketing during National Breast Cancer Awareness Month?I

8 “Pinktober” Promotions that Deserve a Ribbon

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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and companies are partnering with breast cancer charities on a variety of “pink” promotions. Funds raised will benefit Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Program: NFL Goes Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness.

Cause Marketing from Clinique Benefiting the Breast Cancer Research Foundation

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Throughout October 2012, in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I’ll post on a new breast cancer cause marketing campaign each business day. The lotion is $36 and comes with a pink ribbon key ring and a breast cancer awareness pink ribbon charm.

What to Do With Pesky Leftover Cause Marketing Inventory

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Back in March 2011 the big UK retailer and veteran cause marketer Marks & Spencer offered up men’s underwear designed by six different British sportsmen and benefiting T he Prostate Cancer Charity. Jason Leonard The Prostate Cancer Charity Susan G.

Cause Marketing Breast Cancer Wear

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Anytime a movie plays a hospital scene for laughs, one of the most reliable sight gags is those damnable hospital gowns they give you to wear.

And Now on Opposing Opinion on Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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Jen Dinoia, who dealt with breast cancer in 2010, is no fan of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. So here with a different take on Breast Cancer Awareness Month is guest poster Jen Dinoia. Awareness did nothing for me," as she puts it.

An Exploitive Cause-Related Marketing Campaign

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Tags: Deceptive Cause-Related Marketing Cookie Magazine Cookies for Kids' Cancer Lord and Taylor

Is Breast Cancer Awareness Month No Longer Inviolable for Other Cause Marketers?

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It’s National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. and stores and the media are flooded with cause marketing for breast cancer research, raising the question: is cause marketing possible for non-breast cancer charities?It the 25th anniversary!

Lessons from 4 Big, Successful Single-Element Cause Marketing Campaigns

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Likewise I haven't counted multiple-element campaigns like the Red Dress program, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Thanks and Giving from St. US Postal Service Breast Cancer Semipostal Stamps. The enormously successful breast cancer research stamps literally required a change in U.S.

Prostate Cancer Foundation Bunts a Blooper Into the Infield

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Tags: Prostate Cancer Foundation BusinessWeek Newsweek Major League Baseball Go Red for Women Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Puma Project Pink, Feel Free Not to Repeat in 2013

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Today is the last day of Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2012 and I devote this final pink ribbon post to Project Pink , from Puma, the shoe and apparel company.

Today You Can Help a Family Fight Breast Cancer

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A couple weeks ago I praised Boston-based Ellie Fund for their commitment to one thing: The Ellie Fund is focusing its light on the challenges women face living with breast cancer. Cancer affects the family, not just the patient. Fight cancer TODAY @elliefund #twivereceive.

A Prostate Cancer Cause With Potential for Cause Marketing

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In celebration of National Prostate Cancer Awareness Month, how about we all raise a pint or two for those who have both an X and a Y chromosome? Oh, and if you’re 40 or over get a PSA test, too.That’s the message of Rick Lyke, a fellow marketer, a prostate cancer survivor, and the architect of the grassroots campaign called Pints for Prostates, begun in 2008.The ad came from American Baby.

The Worst 11 Cause Marketing Campaigns of 2008

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Tags: Ketchum Nestle GoLife Henkel Shoshanna Lonstein Gruss York Peppermint Patty Cookies for Kids' Cancer Kimmie Cares Harry Slatkin World Food Programme Tampax Habitat for Humanity

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A Model Cause Marketing Tactic You Could Use in Your Campaign

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Nine West, the women’s shoe maker and, the website for all things model, want you to sponsor one of the models in the ad at the left to benefit the Fashion Targets Breast Cancer (FTBC) as a part of the cause promotion called Runway Relief.

The Top 10 Breast Cancer Fundraising Ideas

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While the ubiquitous pink ribbon is perhaps the best-known and most successful symbol of the fight against breast cancer, a number of other breast cancer fundraising ideas can help local and national organizations raise awareness and increase financial support for the search for a cure. Breast cancer claims approximately 40,000 lives each year. Here are 10 breast cancer fundraising ideas to consider: The pink car.