#OurWork: NYU Faculty Against the Sexton Plan Marketing Campaign

Non Profit Marketing 360

Social Marketing and Media Relations Campaign. Working under the aegis of the Nonprofit Marketing 360 collaborative , MKCREATIVE and LCG Communications embarked on an ambitious campaign to promote an online silent auction for a client. We used a combination of PR (LCG Communications) and social marketing (MKC). Paid Search: The social marketing campaigns were tied together with an online paid search and display ad campaign.

Best Cause Marketing Campaigns of 2012

Selfish Giving

I searched through all my posts and Pinterest boards from last year and came up with my 2012 picks for best cause marketing campaigns. What were your favorite cause marketing campaigns of 2012? Unfortunately, some cause marketing campaigns bombed this year.…

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How Causes Should Evaluate Their Cause Marketing Campaign

Cause Related Marketing

So your cause's cause marketing campaign is over (or at a pause) and it’s time to evaluate. The fact is, given the turnover in nonprofits, the very most junior person involved with the campaign this year could be running it 18 months from now. At a minimum the debriefing should lead to a discussion about whether the campaign met the goals you set out for it. If the campaign is large or important there may be a need for some kind of formal evaluation.

Activating Your Cause Marketing Campaign

Cause Related Marketing

Activation in sponsorship, and by extension cause marketing, means the stuff you do to promote the sponsorship. The old sitcom WKRP in Cincinnati , which was about a radio station, once activated a promotion by dropping live turkeys from a helicopter at Thanksgiving.

What Sponsors Should Measure in Cause Marketing Campaigns

Cause Related Marketing

If you’re the sponsor of a cause marketing campaign, you’re in the green room, you’re in a makeup chair and you’re sitting pretty. It’s not so different when it comes to evaluating the success of a cause marketing campaign. Dollars raised (if it’s that kind of campaign).

How an Agency Should Evaluating a Cause Marketing Campaign

Cause Related Marketing

How should an agency evaluate a cause campaign it had a hand in? This question comes on the heels of posts the last two Fridays about how to evaluate a cause marketing campaign if you represent the cause and how to do so if you represent the sponsor.

Agency 161

The Ten Worst Cause Marketing Campaigns of 2010

Cause Related Marketing

My post from yesterday, April 4, 2011 chronicled my top 10 list of the best cause marketing of 2010. Today’s post is my list of the 10 worst cause marketing campaigns of 2010 that I posted on during the year. 3) Many cause marketers hated the KFC-Komen hook up a year ago.

Quick Testing Your Cause Marketing Campaign Ideas

Cause Related Marketing

Even if, like me, you think that Instagram’s price was frothier than a berry smoothie at McDonald’s, you have to admit that the tech sector is building companies differently than everyone else, and this may hold some lessons for cause marketers. Where’s the application for cause marketers? Internet companies are like cause marketing campaigns in the sense that you really are selling fluff, air, and good feelings. Cause-Related Marketing does a world of good.

Test 121

Cool Cause Marketing Campaign. But Where's the MacGuffin?

Cause Related Marketing

Right now Clif Bar invites you to give up your car for your daily commute and ride a bike instead in a promotion called the 2Mile Challenge. In the promotion Clif maps the $100,000 donation to a goal of replacing 100,000 car trips with bike trips.

Towards a More Hygienic Cause Marketing Campaign for Lysol

Cause Related Marketing

With the approaching start of the new school year Lysol brand of disinfectant has a cause marketing campaign that awards $25,000 in prizes to the school with the highest average attendance from November 1 to 30, 2011. Cause-Related Marketing does a world of good.

Cool Cause Marketing Campaigns from Two Commonwealth Countries

Cause Related Marketing

Two cool new cause marketing concepts from two different Commonwealth countries. This is ‘push’ media made palatable by the addition of the cause marketing element. For Donate Your Desktop cause marketing helps mitigate the negatives of push media.

4 Cause Marketing Campaigns, 3 Causes, 1 Day

Cause Related Marketing

On Wednesdays in my market all the major grocers insert their flyer in the local newspaper. Yesterday all of them save WalMart had a cause marketing element in their respective flyers. The USO reusable bag is an extension of a campaign for the USO Kroger announced in July, 2011.

Lessons from 4 Big, Successful Single-Element Cause Marketing Campaigns

Cause Related Marketing

There are a handful of big ‘single-element' cause marketing campaigns that have been around for decades, and in their longevity they hold lessons for cause marketers everywhere. I'd love to feature campaigns from other places. Jude, and the RED campaign.

Should a Cause Marketing Campaign Be Year-Round?

Cause Related Marketing

If you’re the kind of person who wishes that every day could be like the first day of spring or that Christmas music would play all year long then has Lee, the apparel maker, got a cause marketing campaign for you. Year-round cause promotions are hard to sustain.

Which Celeb To Pick for Your Cause Marketing Campaign?

Cause Related Marketing

Pop quiz: You have an enviably large promotional budget for your cause marketing campaign and you need a celebrity. Do you choose Marcus Samuelsson, celebrity chef? Or do you choose Harrison Ford, the man who has sold more than $3.6

When Sponsors Don't Renew Cool Cause Marketing Campaigns

Cause Related Marketing

I missed this campaign from Campbell’s in 2009 and 2010 benefiting the FFA. But I came across it while working on the Alden Keene Cause Marketing Database. And though Campbell’s hasn’t renewed the campaign, it’s one of my favorite cause marketing efforts of all time. Called Help Grow Your Soup, in 2010 the campaign restored five barns… chosen by popular vote by people inputting Campbell''s Soup UPC codes… in Michigan, Indiana, Maryland and North Carolina.

Wanted: A Theory of How to Activate Multiple Cause Marketing Campaigns

Cause Related Marketing

In this season of the year, it’s easy for a retailer to be involved in two or three or even more cause promotions at the same time. But when you activate these promotions should you aggregate them together, or spread them around? Cause-Related Marketing does a world of good.

A Sold Cause Marketing Campaign from Mimi's Cafe

Cause Related Marketing

I once wrote that Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals had forgotten more about cause marketing than almost any other charity knew about the practice. From my vantage-point it seemed to me that many of the things that CMNH had once known in its bones about what did and didn’t work in cause marketing seemed to be lost to CMNH’s institutional memory. But this promotion tells me that Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals has regained its footing.

Fun Cause Marketing Promotion, Wrong Holiday

Cause Related Marketing

Memorial Day is a federal holiday, but also a day to do a little cause marketing. CSK, the big railway company is doing just that with their campaign on behalf of the Wounded Warrior Project called, Drop and Give Them 10. It’s a fun campaign that just happens be on the wrong holiday. When you do 10 pushups and visit the campaign website and affirm that you did yours, CSX will donate a dollar to the Wounded Warrior Project. Cause-Related Marketing does a world of good.

Top 5-Bottom 5 Cause-Related Marketing Campaigns

Cause Related Marketing

It Was a Pretty Good YearSince my first posting on October 17, I have reviewed about 20 cause-related marketing campaigns or promotions. As it turns out about third have come in for criticism and third for praise and I’ve been neutral on the final third.For this last post of 2006, I review the five best and the five worst cause-related marketing campaigns. Tags: 2006 cause-related marketing Top 5 Bottom 5

Reading Is Fundamental Cause Marketing Campaign with US Airways

Cause Related Marketing

Read With Kids.Reading Is Fundamental (RIF) promotes family literacy and dates to 1966. Fly With US. It's the oldest and largest such literacy organization in the United States and darn hard to miss.

Poster 130

Join the CauseMarketing.biz Newsgroup, Get a Cool Tool You Can Use on Your Next Cause Marketing Campaign

Cause Related Marketing

from Hyderbad, India is the latest to join the Cause Marketing Google Newsgroup. And like Amriti, when you subscribe you'll get a PDF copy of the "Five Flavors of Cause Marketing" a matrix which explains the basic elements of Cause Marketing and includes specific examples. It's a great brainstorming tool that helps ensure your cause marketing campaigns have all the appropriate components. Did I mention that all this cause marketing goodness is free?

India 109

It’s Not a Good Sign When Your Cause Marketing Campaign Requires Three Graphics to Explain It

Cause Related Marketing

And yet the webpage that describes the how-to of the promotion requires the three graphics at the left to walk you through it.The first.

Online Awareness Campaigns for Your Nonprofit – What Works and How to Do It!

J Campbell Social Marketing

For nonprofits that have little to no marketing staff, how can they build their online communities, grow engagement, and strengthen connections with supporters through a dynamic online awareness campaign?

A Turnkey Cause Marketing Promotion for Restaurants

Cause Related Marketing

If you’re a restaurant, even in the quick-service category, it’s hard to imagine a transactional cause marketing campaign you could launch more easily or quickly than a dessert promotion. In most cases you wouldn’t want to promote a salad or a main course.

8 “Pinktober” Promotions that Deserve a Ribbon

Selfish Giving

Selfish Giving and Cone Communications , a leading public relations and marketing agency that specializes in cause marketing, are teaming up to share our top “pinktober” cause marketing promotions.

Practice Transparency in Your Cause Marketing Campaigns or Do Damage Control

Cause Related Marketing

Through the Glass ClearyCause-related marketing campaigns have been in the news this last week in the States.Much of the coverage was prompted by the Ad Age article (registration required) that estimated that perhaps $18 million has been generated by the RED campaign while perhaps $100 million has been spent promoting it. Tags: Cause Marketing Forum Newsweek Red Christian Science Monitor Ad Age

The Five Habits of Great Cause Marketers

Cause Related Marketing

So what are five habits that you as a cause marketer should adopt? You should habitually stay abreast of cause marketing trends and changes. You should habitually think about ways to improve your cause marketing campaigns. You should habitually spend time in the company of your constituents gauging what’s meaningful to them about your cause, your sponsors, and your cause marketing. Cause-Related Marketing does a world of good.

Mass Media Campaigns and Social Marketing

Social Marketing and Social Change

I begin many talks on social marketing and social media with the 5% solution. My point about the 5% solution is that while a 5% change in market share may send commercial marketing managers into ecstasy, in the public health and social change space 5% is usually seen as a beginning.

Social Media Can "Help" Build & Promote Your Personal Brand - Part 1

Diva Marketing Blog

As we in marketing well know. perceptions impact purchase and loyalty (job offers, promotions, project opportunities, relationships). . To prep for the talk, I reached out to a few women, who hold corporate jobs and are using social media to build and promote their personal brands.

Cause Marketing Gamification Targeted to Casual Online Game-Players

Cause Related Marketing

In another case of cause marketing mashed up with games, GoodGames offers a fraction of a cent to charity every time you play a game like Mahjongg Dimensions or Pyramid Solitaire on their website. In the past we’ve talked about gamified cause marketing, which can take several approaches. In other words, GoodGames isn’t just a play on the games market it’s a play on the fortune at the bottom of the pyramid. Cause-Related Marketing does a world of good.

Target 156

The Story of a Church Making the Impossible, Possible


It’s about a creative, integrated strategy that utilizes a social marketing framework to achieve the umbrella objective to strengthen America’s concept of love in the union of marriage and how that plays out in a family. Let me walk you through a campaign started at a church in Georgia.

Church 213

I'm No Fan of This Cause Marketing Ad Campaign

Cause Related Marketing

On 14 June, 2007 I posted on the problems I had with Mandarin Oriental’s cause marketing campaign featuring various celebrities and their cause of choice. It’s an image ad campaign for the 17 (now 23) hotels that are part of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group.

Ads 168

Top SMS Campaigns

The Agitator

Lots of your donors, probably most of them, are avid smartphone users by now, and recipients of all sorts of text messaging (SMS) campaigns. A good source of info on how commercial marketers are using the channel is Mobile Marketer. Here’s their recent list of ‘Top 10′ SMS campaigns so far this year, with brief discussions of each. General Mills — this was one of two cause marketing campaigns to make the list.

SMS 55

Five Steps To Nurture a 30-Year Cause Marketing Relationship

Cause Related Marketing

Last Monday, July 22, 2013, March of Dimes released the annual results of its campaign with Kmart. and thereby begged the question, what does it takes to have a multi-decade cause marketing relationship between a cause and a sponsor? Too many cause marketing relationships, in my estimation, resemble speed-dating more than long-term marriage. There can be good reasons for short-term cause marketing relationships. Cause-Related Marketing does a world of good.

From Awareness to Action: Using Pledges and Triggers to Make It StickK


21 that I had pledged to go car free or opt-in to receive tips, promotions and specials from participating partners? Have you ever forgotten to do something? You’re not alone. This is why to-do lists are so handy–they remind us of the tasks we need to complete.

Where is All the Cause Marketing with Faith-Based Nonprofits?

Cause Related Marketing

In Feb 2013, I got an email from a remarkable student at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill who had an intriguing question: why isn’t there more cause marketing between sponsors and faith-based nonprofits? Based on the six interviews, it appears that, shoulder to shoulder, faith-based nonprofit organizations and faith-neutral nonprofit organizations do not enjoy the same windows of opportunities for cause-related marketing endeavors.

Faith 131

Five Bad Habits of Cause Marketers

Cause Related Marketing

On Monday I posted about five good habits of great cause marketers. But cause marketers. Here, then, are five bad habits that too many cause marketers have. Immature people, like immature cause marketers, almost always struggle with what scientists call ‘confirmation bias.’ Confirmation bias leads to bad science and bad cause marketing. We’re talking about cause marketing here, which many people consider to be inherently shallow.

KFC Concept Restaurant Gives a Nod to Cause Marketing for Local Causes

Cause Related Marketing

KFC, a unit of Yum Brands, is testing a new quick-serve restaurant version of the fried chicken outlet and among the changes is that its cause marketing efforts will be much more local, according to Anne Fuller, senior director of development for KFC eleven. It would be fun to parse that out a little bit, but instead let’s talk about KFC eleven’s emphasis on local cause marketing. In the past KFC has done cause marketing with Komen, which the cognoscenti hated.

Two New Surveys Show Consumers Expect and Support Cause Marketing

Cause Related Marketing

Two surveys out this week uncover new insights about the push and pull of cause marketing. In the first, the Cause Marketing Forum looks for million-dollar cause marketing campaigns at checkout and finds 63 of them generating a total of $358.4 million per campaign. The Cause Marketing Forum is meeting in Chicago so I haven’t had the chance to talk with them, but I suspect that in the years to come this survey will turn up much bigger numbers.

Survey 119

Tubbs Reports the Results of its Romp to Stomp Cause Marketing Event

Cause Related Marketing

Tubbs, which makes snowshoes, recently announced the result of its 11th annual cause marketing event called Romp to Stomp, which benefits breast cancer charities in the United States and Canada. This post is part of an occasional series when I announce the results of cause marketing efforts that I have posted on in the past. Cause-Related Marketing does a world of good.

Another Benefit to Cause Marketing: Better Supplier Pricing

Cause Related Marketing

Two professors at the Ohio State University have a new take on the benefits of cause marketing; it helps keep supplier pricing in check. Their paper, called “ A Supply-Side Explanation for the Use of Cause Marketing ” by Anil Arya and Brian Mittendorf, starts with the proposition that, “firm profits under simple(non-strategic) corporate philanthropy wherein the firm pledges a donation amount to charity. They also advise companies not to make their cause marketing universal.

Price 121

Father's Day Ad Can't Save the Manatee

Cause Related Marketing

One of the oldest tricks in the retail promotions handbook is to base your promotion around a holiday. That’s why you see chocolate promotions in February near the time of Valentine’s Day, and back to school sales in August, not long before most schools in the United States restart after the summer break. Merchants and retailers use holidays as a hook to hang their promotions on. Sure, I buy that promotions don’t have to have demonstrate infallible logical.

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