California earthquake LIVE tweeting!

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You can search by location, by km radius, by language, by tone, you name it… Roughly 20 minutes ago, I happened to be checking my Twitter contact updates and noticed someone “tweet&# about a quake in California.

Grants for Southern California Victims' Pets' Care

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United Animal Nations Offers Pet Care Grants to Help Southern California Fire Victims Deadline: Open United Animal Nations ( [link] ), a provider of emergency animal sheltering and disaster relief services and an advocate for the critical needs of animals, is offering financial assistance grants to help victims of the fires in Southern California care for their pets. Tags: California Fires RFP grants the foundation center animal welfare From The Foundation Center.

Meg Whitman ? ?California's Sarah Palin?

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Private vs. Public Schools and Marketing Channels (EF-0014)


On today’s episode we discuss our second set of listener submitted questions. This time on if the approach to public and private school fundraising is different and how to determine what fundraising marketing channels to focus on. You can have your question discussed on the show by emailing me – The post Private vs. Public Schools and Marketing Channels (EF-0014) appeared first on MarketSmart, LLC |.

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Cause Marketing State Parks

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In this instance, AAA of Northern California, an auto club that also includes the states of Nevada and Utah, wants their members to see how competitive their auto insurance rates are. California has plans to shutter as many as 70 of the state’s 279 state parks on July 1, 2012.

Election Day Cause Marketing

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On election day you could get a free taco at California Tortilla locations along the East Coast when your showed your ‘I Voted’ sticker, no purchase necessary. Tim Horton's LaMar's Donuts and Coffee California Tortilla Non-Transactional Cause Marketing cause marketing

To Make Your Cause's Facebook Updates Unforgettable Use Conversational Language

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Christenfeld of the University of California at San Diego, and Jill A Warker of the University of Scranton. University of California at San Diego Professor Laura Mickes Facebook Cause Marketing Research cause marketing

#Interview: Nedra Kline Weinreich, Social Marketer, Author, and Owner of the “Spare Change” Blog

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I’m managing a project for them in California around the stigma of mental illness. Nedra Kline Weinreich is a widely recognized expert on social marketing (not to be confused with social media marketing).

#Interview: Steve Frillmann, Executive Director, Green Guerillas

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A community garden created by local residents with the help and support of Green Guerillas. This is a repost of an article that originally appeared on the MKCREATIVE blog in March, 2010. Each month we look at a marketing challenge faced by many of our clients.

Which Places Are The Least Sexist?

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District of Columbia, followed by California. Tags: Conflict Keeping a job women bias california denmark district of columbia gender bias gender inequality gender pay gap lousiana mazarine treyz norway pay parity sweden trust USA Picture from the Brooklyn Nomad, 2009.

Stephanie Strom’s take on Nonprofits

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California is trying to get more property taxes from nonprofits. Conflict california property taxes for nonprofits ebay hawaii 1% tax on nonprofits HR for nonprofits management courses mazarine treyz michigan state tax charitable deduction new york times nonprofit management classes a stipulation of grants nonprofit productive nonprofit quarterly nonprofit status of charity hospitals questioned nonprofits omidyar philanthropists Philanthropy pierre omidyar stephanie strom

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Reader Questions: What are the best fundraising blogs & books?

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This question is from the marvelous Shuai in California, who will start a nonprofit one day, and wants to know ALL about fundraising, and also, specifically, about which fundraising blogs and books she should read!

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Cause-Related Marketing to Your List

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I was in California Pizza Kitchen (CPK) the other day and spied this handcard as the waiter presented me with the bill.The offer is straightforward. Tags: California Pizza Kitchen Charity Member Lists

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Cause Marketing… um… Magic

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Tags: Parenting David Copperfield Clorox Bleach California Oak Foundation The Clorox Company Sudden Oak Death Safeway

Come on Mary, Don’t Fear The Phone-A-Thon

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I started a phone fundraising program at Equality California, a non-profit organization that had, at the time, over 600,000 members. But I never got a chance to find out at Equality California, because not too long after I left the organization, they brought their phone fundraising program in-house and hired their own staff to make the calls. Today’s post is by Michael Nyman, of Impact Dialing.

Free Agents and Government

A. Fine Blog

In California’s primary elections last week voters took a bold step of wiping out over a century of practice and abolished party primaries. Tags: Social Media California free agents political parties Proposition 14 sunlight foundation The Networked Nonprofit Proposition 14 received 54% of the popular vote. It creates open primaries for anyone of any party to enter. The top two winners go on to the November ballot. Here is Governor [.].

Strengthen Your Brand, Strengthen Your Members

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Village Movement California is a coalition of grassroots […]. When a coalition, association or any membership organization has a clear brand, the brand of every member is also made stronger. A coalition’s crystalized clarion call shines an even brighter light on the work of its members.

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Victory Is Ours!

The Agitator

The California “Warning Label” bill is dead. Killed in its crib by a fusillade of Agitator reader opposition and the outcry of nonprofits within California and all around the globe. You’ll recall that the “Warning Label” bill would have required every charity — whether located in California or anywhere else in the world — seeking funds from any California resident would have been subject to outrageous requirements.

What Data Can Be Ignored and Does the Approach Change for Small and Big Nonprofits (Season 2, Episode 5)

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Topic Timestamps Terry from San Francisco, California [01:58] Blog Post – Nonprofit … Continue reading "What Data Can Be Ignored and Does the Approach Change for Small and Big Nonprofits (Season 2, Episode 5)". Zach and Tim answer questions on what data can be ignored and how the approach changes for a larger nonprofit. Have your question answered on the podcast by calling in to (575) 815-4573 or by emailing Click here to listen on YouTube!

Are You Taking Advantage?

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Image via WikipediaTweets were everywhere yesterday and today, publicly mourning the loss of several daily newspapers all over the country and the disappointing, though not entirely unexpected, filing of Chapter 11 for the Chicago-based Tribune newspapers.Here in Santa Cruz County, California, my marketing director friend at California Greybears was delighted to find the Sentinel had given

16 New Nonprofit Marketing Jobs—Movin’ up Monday

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Communications Manager , California Native Plant Society (Sacramento, CA). Please post your nonprofit marketing position here for full-time or part-time staff, consulting or internship opportunities. New Opportunities.

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Crazy Great Nonprofit Communications Jobs

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Director, Knowledge & Communications Northern California Grantmakers (San Francisco, CA). Marketing Coordinator Oakland Museum of California Foundation (Oakland, CA). Post YOUR comms job here —nonprofits, grantmakers, B Corps & vendors serving nonprofits.

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10 Organizations Leading The Way This Mental Health Awareness Month


Uplift Family Services As California’s largest and most comprehensive nonprofit behavioral health provider, Uplift Family Services serves more than 30,000 children and their family members annually. Approximately 1 in 5 American adults experiences some sort of mental illness in any given year.

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Protecting Michael Moore AND The Koch Brothers

The Agitator

Have the names of your contributors been illegally and publicly exposed by the Attorney General of California? Here’s a 116-page list of organizations whose major contributors were “inadvertently” made public on the website of the California AG. First, our thanks to the many Agitator readers who passed along their thanks to key California legislators. See for yourself.

Great Nonprofit Marketing Jobs—Movin’ Up Monday

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Communications Coordinator , Blue Shield of California Foundation (Chico, CA). Please post your open nonprofit marketing positions here. Chief Marketing Officer , National Aquarium (Baltimore, MD). Communications Associate , The Anti-Violence Project. New York, NY). Communications Coordinator , Colorado Water Trust (Denver, CO). Communications Manager , Grand Canyon Trust (Flagstaff, AZ). Email & Mobile Manager , Amnesty International (Flexible location).

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Several Grants Available for the Arts Or Theatre

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Two grants are available for art; one in California and one in art education in the United States. California Community Foundation Invites Los Angeles Artists to Apply for Cover Art Award Deadline: May 4, 2007 The California Community Foundation's ( [link] ) Cover Art Award is designed to support an emerging Los Angeles artist working in painting, drawing, or printmaking by purchasing an artwork that best reflects the foundation's annual theme: "Arts and Culture in Diverse Communities."

The UC Logo Flop: A Study in Brand Dissonance

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In the midst of the media storm of negativity surrounding the University of California’s new logo, a small voice of opposition to the opposition arose— one that disagreed with the anti-logo sentiment pervading public discourse. Graphic designer Armin Vit of Brand New, wrote: “It really baffles me that, all of a sudden, one day, all [.]. Nonprofit Branding Nonprofit communications Nonprofit Design

14 Fantastic Nonprofit Marketing Jobs—Movin’ Up Monday

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Web Coordinator , California Institute of Integral Studies (San Francisco, CA). Please post your open nonprofit marketing positions here. Communications Assistant – Data Visualization , Climate Policy Initiative (San Francisco, CA).

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Be More of a Difference

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Today I'm volunteering tweets to the Adopt a Family Project in Santa Cruz County, California and devoting this. What with our own expectations, traditions, and the constant admonition. to make this the "best Christmas EVER!" the whole season can quickly. degenerate into a mass of anxiety-ridden desperation. The quickest way. to help you feel better is to make things better for someone else!

Building awareness for planned giving is easier and less expensive than ever


Here are some we created for our friends at the California Academy of Sciences. . . Promoting planned giving doesn’t have to be expensive. If you have traffic on your website, you have a chance to promote planned giving for pennies per click. Try retargeting ads!

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To-Die-For Nonprofit Marketing Jobs: Monday Matters

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Marketing and Communications Administrator Children’s Home Society of California. Marketing Manager Challenged Athletes Foundation (San Diego, California). Post YOUR open nonprofit marketing and communications positions here. Account Director , Temp Digital Project Manager & Temp Web Developer Grizzard Communications (Atlanta, GA/Los Angeles, CA). Communications Associate Mobile Alliance for Maternal Action (Washington, D.C.).

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Donordigital is hiring


Donordigital is expanding its team in Berkeley, California and Washington, DC, and is seeking qualified candidates to fill several key positions in our company including Senior Web Designer, Account Executive, and Advertising Manager.

Let’s Give! The Big List of National, Local and Collegiate Online Giving Days (2016 Edition)

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

NOV – Give Big Riverside County (California). MAY – Give Big San Bernardino County (California). APRIL – UCSB Give Day (University of California, Santa Barbara). Are you thinking about participating in a Giving Day? Good news!

Yours? Nonprofit Communications Jobs

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Associate, Knowledge & Communications Northern California Grantmakers (San Francisco, CA). Please post YOUR nonprofit marketing job here. Assistant Vice President, Public Relations & Communications Easter Seals (Chicago, IL).

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Foursquare Cause Marketing with Billboards

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Earthjustice, a nonprofit environmental law firm is using Foursquare to squeeze data out of participating commuters and a $50,000 donation from an anonymous progressive donor.But the Foursquare promotion doesn’t pull you into Earthjustice’s offices in Oakland, California.

Death Of A Fundraising Pioneer

The Agitator

Russ Reid, a pioneer in monthly giving and direct response television (DRTV), died Saturday, December 7 at his home in Sierra Madre, California. He was 82 years old.

Great Nonprofit Marketing Jobs: Movin’ Up Monday

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Communication & Public Relations Specialist , Girl Scouts Heart of Central California (Sacramento, CA). Please post your nonprofit marketing position here for full-time or part-time staff, consulting or internship opportunities. New Opportunities.

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Great Nonprofit Marketing Jobs: Movin’ Up Monday

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Communications Manager , California Native Plant Society (Sacramento, CA). Please post your nonprofit marketing position here for full-time or part-time staff, consulting or internship opportunities. New Opportunities. Communications Assistant , Food and Water Watch (Washington DC).

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Great Nonprofit Marketing Jobs: Movin’ Up Monday

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Director of Communications , PICO California (Sacramento, CA). And we have a winner(s) in our naming contest for this weekly jobs listing! Congrats to Jen H., Meg M. and Heidi Y. for choosing the winning name for our job post series. Great minds think alike!

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Great Nonprofit Marketing Jobs: Movin’ Up Monday

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Communications Officer , The California HealthCare Foundation (Oakland, CA). Please post your nonprofit marketing position here for full-time or part-time staff, consulting or internship opportunities. New Opportunities. Communications and Social Media Intern , MOUSE (New York, NY).

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Chess-athon The Sequel

Blue Sky Collaborative

California Youth Chess League is once again raising money for their organization using a SWEET Fundraising Website for Pledge Events. I love this event because the organization gives kids something productive to do gives the kids the responsibility for keeping.

10 Ways to Use Social Media to Grow Your Nonprofit Email List

J Campbell Social Marketing

Our Health California encourages their new email subscribers to share a pre-written tweet or a Facebook graphic to their networks: 2) Host a Facebook contest. .

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Building the Way to San Jose: Here's what EveryAction will be up to at 16NTC.


Like many of you, we're just a week away from heading to sunny California for the 2016 Nonprofit Technology Conference (16NTC) , one our favorites, and one of the best nonprofit conferences of the year.