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But it’s really hard to get CALM if you are still hanging on to the old ways of working, or the glorification of “busy.” ” Nonprofit communicators constantly complain about how busy they are, and how not having enough time holds them back.

Business to Business Cause Marketing

Cause Related Marketing

But there are examples of B2B (business to business) cause marketing, including the one at the left. Generally cause marketing is targeted to consumers. There’s a lot of moving parts in this promotion, so bear with me for a paragraph or two of explanation.

Business Sponsors Are Awesome

A Small Change

When we have come along side our Champions and coach them into creating pathways for partnership at the businesses they own or work for, inviting these same businesses to sponsor our big events follows naturally and is a win win. It’s just that simple.

40 Ways to Fundraise with Businesses

Getting Attention

When my friend and colleague, Joe Waters , told me he was writing a hands-on guide to fundraising with businesses (a.k.a. In Fundraising with Businesses , Joe lays out 40 doable ways to partner with businesses to raise money for your cause.

Twitter Search or Instagram Search: Which is Better for Business?

Diva Marketing Blog

Paul wondered if search on Twitter or Instagram could be a good business tool. He is currently a Staff Writer for Small Business Trends and also maintains a client- base of small to mid-size companies. Twitter Search or Instagram Search: Which is Better for Business? -

One Idea For Cause Marketing That Works for Small Business

Cause Related Marketing

Neither option was well-suited to a small business like Roberta’s. Roberta has a generous impulse and she wants to help, but her ability to do so is severely limited by the size of her business. Imagine instead a cause marketing effort that is low cost for both the cause and the small business, and yet delivers real value for both parties. The cause carves out a piece of its Facebook page for a section called something like ‘Small Business Champions.’

Cause Marketing Won’t Save a Bad Business

Cause Related Marketing

In the event it is not it underscores a sad truth: cause marketing won't save a bad business. Circuit City and Ultimate Electronics were done in by a combination of Best Buy, the sour economy, and bad business models. You still have to practice smart business to be successful.

Reader Questions: How to get businesses to give you donations in 3 steps?

Wild Woman Fundraising

1) Cold calling on small businesses for donations – does this work? 3) Business networking – most of the chamber/professional events I go to have coupon book sellers, etc – ———————————————————————————————-. Reader Questions: How to get businesses to give you donations in 3 steps?

Is your nonprofit website open for business?

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Is your nonprofit website sending the right message to potential donors? Year-end fundraising season will be here before you know it. Now is the time to clear away the cobwebs and roll out the welcome mat for prospective donors, volunteers, and those who may benefit from your work.

What Is Business Intelligence?

JCA Insights

At JCA, we spend a lot of time thinking about Business Intelligence (often shortened to simply “BI”). Business Intelligence has been defined many ways. The term was first used in a modern context by Howard Dresner when he called it “a set of concepts and methodologies to improve decision making in a business through the use of facts and fact based systems.” Over the years business intelligence has evolved, but at heart it is still defined in that same way.

Which of these 12 Business Launching Lessons have you learned?

Wild Woman Fundraising

The Song Cycles of 2010-2011: How to fail at business by trying mightily. In 2010 and 2011 I started 3 businesses. I helped do market research for other businesses, and that was very useful for me. What you are already doing, naturally, because you enjoy doing it, is probably worth doing as a full-time business. Unless you’re already in the field, or have deep connections in the field and know a lot about it, your business will not succeed.

Interview on Small Business Cause-Related Marketing with LA Times Reporter

Cause Related Marketing

Here's how I responded:I'd say that small businesses. Tags: Small Business Report Los Angeles Times Small Business Cause-Related Marketing Cyndia Zwahlen

Should You "Personal Brand" A Small Business?

Diva Marketing Blog

We called it "The Business." . My parents owned a small business, a marketing research company Ellington Surveys, in metro Boston. Although I joke about it, anyone who grew-up in a small business knows how The Business often does become an extention of your family.

Are You in the Joy Business? Maybe You Should Be

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

I have to admit that I am a little depressed thinking about the upcoming fall fundraising season. I’m expecting a lot of doom and gloom from nonprofits.

Starting a Business Program- PART 2

A Small Change

When starting your program you can look to develop in a few different ways (cont’d): Have businesses sponsor event or programs. Look at your organization and figure out what is that you have that you can “sell” to a local business. Annual Fundraising board businesses policy

Ep179: How Arby's Maverick Spirit is Building a PurposeFULL Business

Selfish Giving

Today on CauseTalk Radio , Megan and I talk to Chris Fuller , Executive Director at the Arby's Foundation , about the chain's first PurposeFULL report highlighting progress across its corporate social responsibility (CSR) platform.

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Pinterest For Business To Business: Interview With Joel Windels of Brandwatch

Diva Marketing Blog

Granted, I only spoke with a handful of people, but it seemed most were pinning for fun or using Pinterest in a very limited way for business e.g. one board among many personal boards. My big take aways: Pinterest, as a business tool, is still in the beginning stages of adoption.

Weaving Cause Marketing into Your Business Model

Cause Related Marketing

There’s probably five or so businesses that cubicle drones (and others) tend to dream of starting: a winery; a restaurant; a specialty retail store; a food business based on an old family recipe; or a toy business.

Interview with Cory Edwards: Creating Social Business Structures

Diva Marketing Blog

About Cory Edwards - Corey is head of Adobe’s Social Business Center of Excellence. He is responsible for integrating social media into the way Adobe does business. It is a corporate function that is focused on creating and maintaining a smooth operation for the social business.

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Tool of the Week/Busy, Busy, Busy

Social Media Bird Brain

From Last year was one of the more challenging out of a five year cycle of challenging years for me. This year is looking a lot better so far, but it’s going to take a lot of work to keep that going and I won’t have the focus needed for this blog on a regular basis. So this blog is going on semi-hiatus, which means that I’ll write occasional posts and – at the very least – every. tool Email scheduling Gmail

Smile, you’re in the happiness business

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You’re in the business not only of doing good; you’re in the business of making people feel great. I like to quote the researcher M.A.Strahilevitz on this topic: “Most fundraisers probably don’t think of themselves in the business of selling happiness to donors, but that is. ” Smile, you’re in the happiness business

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Before You Call Me About a Cause Business, Read This First

Selfish Giving

I get calls every week from people that want to start a cause business. They never call me again because their business goes nowhere or fails. Dan’s business is cause-driven, but he’s not banking on cause to drive his business.

The Price is Right! Brought to you by Business Intelligence

JCA Insights

Today: a brief synopsis of airline flights, breakfast cereals, scalpers, non-profits, and how business intelligence is, of course, the answer. Until recently, in the non-profit ticketing business, pricing has hung closer to the breakfast cereal side of the scale – setting prices once a year, typically by tacking a couple of bucks onto last year’s prices. Uncategorized Business Intelligence Revenue Management Ticketing

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What’s The Best Cause Marketing Program for My Business?

Selfish Giving

The last time I talked about cause marketing for businesses I looked at how to pick a cause partner. Try to choose something that’s a simple extension of your business. Cause Marketing for Businesses care4kids cause marketing constant contact

Cause Marketing 101: 5 Tactics for Raising Money from Businesses

Fundraising 123

The ideal place is a busy store where customers normally pay cash, but cannot tip employees. This tactic allows you to tap into a local shopping or business district. Ask these businesses to support your cause either through coin canisters, pinups or purchase triggered donations, but do it all on the same day or weekend. Partnering with businesses is about philanthrotunity. Cause marketing is a partnership between a nonprofit and a for-profit for mutual profit.

Small Business Cause Marketing That's Actually Works for Small Businesses

Cause Related Marketing

Yesterday I took a call from a small business owner in Chicago… I’ll call her ‘Roberta’… who wanted to know how cause marketing really worked because it wasn’t working so far for her! Roberta owns a picture framing business and what she meant was that she had made several inquiries at two breast cancer charities. For a small business $5,000 is a major commitment that might not return the investment, so Roberta was chary. But TV isn’t out to gouge small business.

Lying to donors or good business sense?

Fundraising Coach

Any veteran in business development or nonprofit fundraising knows that “acquisition” strategies – processes that help bring in new customers or donors – often cost more than the first sale or gift. Lying to donors is never good business sense.

Social Media's Little Miracles Are Changing Business

Diva Marketing Blog

In this Miracle On 34th Street Mr. Macy took chance on a different way to conduct business. As we begin 2012, technology developments spin even faster taking digital business into areas that were impossible in '47 or '57 or even '2011.

5 Tips for Businesses Looking for a Cause Marketing Partner

Selfish Giving

I’ve spent many years on the cause side wooing businesses for cause marketing programs. I’ve often said, “If I ran a business this is how I would choose a cause marketing partner.&#. Here’s my advice for business owners looking for a cause partner.

#SocialNetworks: Google+ For Business Is Now Open!

Non Profit Marketing 360

Yes, the release of Google+’s Business Pages is the biggest news in social media this week. And in business news. And in design news… The release of business pages within Google+ did not go without incident: Many were led to believe they could get their pages up, only to discover their accounts were not part of the list allowing early adoption – an inconvenience that mirrored the rollout of individual accounts as well.

CauseTalk Radio Ep40: Project 7?s Tyler Merrick Talks About the Business of Running a Cause Business

Selfish Giving

Many of them will never celebrate a birthday because they lack a solid business strategy. CauseTalk Radio Podcast cause business cause marketing project 7We’re seeing more cause-branded products flood the market each year. In 2011, I wrote critically about cause products, and focused my ire on one brand in particular: Project 7. I may need to rethink my position. GASP!].

Ep202: Causely Helps Businesses Grow with Word-of-Mouth Cause Marketing

Selfish Giving

Today on CauseTalk Radio , Megan and I talk to co-founders Matt Sharp and John Rougeux at Causely , a service that helps businesses use cause marketing to grow and build community. Businesses also earn a charitable reputation in the process. Why couldn't businesses do this themselves?

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Big Cause Marketing From a Small Business

Cause Related Marketing

Utah Jazz Facebook AlphaGraphics Real Salt Lake Small Business Cause-Related Marketing Junior AchievementYears ago Junior Achievement had one of the most cleared-eyed policy manuals on cause marketing I’ve ever come across.

Give Your Small NP's Communications "The Business"

Social Media Bird Brain

Because of the Business of Charity. Over at Duck Call, the post is about striving for clarity in your writing – knowing the rules of grammar and be willing to break them if it will get your point across better. There’s something I’d like to add to that: improve and segment your communications vocabulary. How Come Why For? We all know how the economic landscape has changed. The Wall St. meltdown.

Building Social Media Business Relationships With The Mundane

Diva Marketing Blog

That's exactly why I would never think of tweeting for business. From a business perspective that usually means customers/clients, prospects, colleagues, vendors, the media, analysts and shareholders. personal and/or business.

Two Ways to Learn About Fundraising from Businesses

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Sure there are times when a business will write your nonprofit a check as a charitable donation without much effort on your part. The business sponsors an event or otherwise actively participates in a program you are hosting, or. Setting up Marketing and Fundraising Partnerships with Local Businesses. On Thursday, August 18, Joe Waters who is the man on cause marketing will be joining us to present Setting up Marketing and Fundraising Partnerships with Local Businesses.

Creating the Business of My Dreams

Get Fully Funded

If you’re a consultant to nonprofit organizations, chances are good that you started your business so that you could work for yourself and enjoy the freedom that comes with it. I started my consulting business because I wanted to work for myself.

Business Fails At Customer Retention Too

The Agitator

If it’s any consolation, businesses struggle with customer retention too! Reducing customer attrition by a mere 5% can improve a business’s bottom line profits by 25-85%. The article also cites a Northwestern University study which found that 12-15% of a business’s most loyal customers contribute 55-70% of the company’s total sales. The Agitator is rather passionate on the subject of donor retention. Just 'Search' that term on our website!].

7 Ways to Fire Up You Small Business Cause Marketing Effort

Cause Related Marketing

In today’s rocky economy small businesses may have the most to gain from integrating cause marketing into their marketing efforts. For businesses large and small cause marketing is like exercise. Here then are ‘7 Ways to Fire Up Your Small Business Cause Marketing Effort.’ It may be that the best cause marketing fit for your small business is a small charity. Weigh the option of weaving cause marketing into your overall business strategy.

Interview with Brian Solis Author of The End of Business As Usual - Part I

Diva Marketing Blog

For me his new book, The End of Business As Usual, did both. Yes, Max liked The End of Business As Usual too!). Just as individuals, businesses, organizations, governments, you name it, are equally given the gift of connections and the ability to interact with people directly.