Handling Anxiety When You Are Busy #NPCOMMLIFE

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Show of hands – Who is busy? Of course you are busy. Being too busy was a thing way before 2020 happened ( Kivi wrote a whole book about it ) and it will be a thing next year and the year after that.

CALM not BUSY is Now Just $9.99

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Now is a fabulous time to implement the CALM not BUSY approach to your nonprofit communications work. P.S. If you have an All-Access Pass, join us for the CALM not BUSY Pass Holder discussion tomorrow on Zoom.

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But it’s really hard to get CALM if you are still hanging on to the old ways of working, or the glorification of “busy.” ” Nonprofit communicators constantly complain about how busy they are, and how not having enough time holds them back. When you give in to the idea that BUSY is normal and a legitimate way to work in this job, here’s what I think you are actually embracing, especially as a nonprofit communicator: B is for Bogus.

Business Sponsors Are Awesome

A Small Change

When we have come along side our Champions and coach them into creating pathways for partnership at the businesses they own or work for, inviting these same businesses to sponsor our big events follows naturally and is a win win. Last November, the agency I work for hosted it’s second annual fundraising gala and had the privilege of partnering with 4 different businesses who were featured sponsors at different levels. It’s just that simple.

Social Media & Your Small Business [PRESENTATION]

J Campbell Social Marketing

In this slideshow, you will learn: **The impact of social media on business – yes, it can be used for marketing! Creative ideas for using social media to promote your business. Social Media & Your Small Business from Julia Campbell. The post Social Media & Your Small Business [PRESENTATION] appeared first on J Campbell Social Marketing. On Tuesday I provided a presentation to the Revere Chamber of Commerce – here are the slides.

Let’s Talk Business.

A Small Change

And, the reality is that regardless of their specific roles and responsibilities, our Champions can negotiate discovery and access opportunities for philanthropic efforts within their businesses to support our causes. It is also becoming increasingly common for businesses to seek out cause based agencies to fund and support to enhance their branding, bolster employee satisfaction, and to catalyze tax benefits.

Your Invitation to the CALM not BUSY Club

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We’ve rebooted the CALM not BUSY Book Club this week, and I would love for more people to join us! The post Your Invitation to the CALM not BUSY Club appeared first on Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog. Instead of treating the book club like a traditional reading club, we are focusing on how you apply #CALMnotBUSY in the real world. Each week, I’m posting a challenging scenario based on real stories from communications directors.

Club 159

Business Before Pleasure

A Small Change

Everyone has a different way of connecting with people. Often times you will use a different strategy when you connect with a donor versus a co-worker or a friend. In fundraising because relationships are so important there is quite a bit of time committed to getting to know donors, volunteers, and staff members. But how much time is too much?

Tool of the Week/Busy, Busy, Busy

Social Media Bird Brain

From Plus.Maths.org Last year was one of the more challenging out of a five year cycle of challenging years for me. This year is looking a lot better so far, but it’s going to take a lot of work to keep that going and I won’t have the focus needed for this blog on a regular basis. So this blog is going on semi-hiatus, which means that I’ll write occasional posts and – at the very least – every. tool Email scheduling Gmail

Business to Business Cause Marketing from AmpliVox

Cause Related Marketing

But business to business cause marketing does take place, even if it’s not common. This is my 890th post, and in nearly six years I’ve mentioned business to business cause marketing less than a dozen times. Roth says why AmpliVox did this, but is there also a business case to be made for this donation? Don Roth Prostate Cancer Big Ass Fans Business to Business Cause Marketing B2B cause-related marketing AmpliVox Pink Ribbon cause marketing cause marketing

#SocialNetworks: Google+ For Business Is Now Open!

Non Profit Marketing 360

Yes, the release of Google+’s Business Pages is the biggest news in social media this week. And in business news. And in design news… The release of business pages within Google+ did not go without incident: Many were led to believe they could get their pages up, only to discover their accounts were not part of the list allowing early adoption – an inconvenience that mirrored the rollout of individual accounts as well.

Google 133

Coming Soon: The CALM not BUSY Book Club

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

In just a couple of weeks, my new book, CALM not BUSY: How to Manage Your Nonprofit’s Communications for Great Results will be released. What’s equally exciting to me personally is that it will be the first title released by a new publishing company I am launching with my friend and business partner, Antionette Kerr. Bold and Bright Media will release CALM not BUSY as well as Modern Media Relations , a book co-authored by Antionette and Peter Panepento.

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The CALM not BUSY Book Club is Open!

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Today we opened the CALM not BUSY Book Club Group on Facebook. The post The CALM not BUSY Book Club is Open! We have all kinds of fun stuff planned. including new content, live Q & A sessions, and more. We are trying out the new Social Learning tools for Facebook Groups too. Here’s my quick video announcement if you can’t see it above. If you own a copy, request to join the group here. If you don’t, get a copy from Amazon here , and then join us!

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40 Ways to Fundraise with Businesses

Getting Attention

When my friend and colleague, Joe Waters , told me he was writing a hands-on guide to fundraising with businesses (a.k.a. So I was eager to see how Joe would make this high-value fundraising strategy available to the rest of the nonprofit world and extend it to include partnering with businesses like the diner down the street or the independently-owned supermarket in town.

Starting a Business Program- PART 2

A Small Change

When starting your program you can look to develop in a few different ways (cont’d): Have businesses sponsor event or programs. Look at your organization and figure out what is that you have that you can “sell” to a local business. What annual events or campaigns do you have that you could ask businesses to sponsor? Is there a place on your organization’s website that you could post a message that says, “this page (or website) is sponsored by” and post a business logo?

Starting a Business Program- PART 1

A Small Change

How do you start and cultivate relationships with local businesses? I work as the project lead for the business giving program at my work. As you look to start engaging with local businesses it is important to have a gift acceptance policy. But what if the business is counter to your mission. For example many businesses want to give in-kind goods and in many cases that is wonderful for your organization. Annual Fundraising board businesses policy

Business to Business Cause Marketing

Cause Related Marketing

But there are examples of B2B (business to business) cause marketing, including the one at the left. Generally cause marketing is targeted to consumers. There’s a lot of moving parts in this promotion, so bear with me for a paragraph or two of explanation.

What Is Business Intelligence?

JCA Insights

At JCA, we spend a lot of time thinking about Business Intelligence (often shortened to simply “BI”). Business Intelligence has been defined many ways. The term was first used in a modern context by Howard Dresner when he called it “a set of concepts and methodologies to improve decision making in a business through the use of facts and fact based systems.” Over the years business intelligence has evolved, but at heart it is still defined in that same way.

Gatorade Mission Control = True Business Intelligence

Public Sector Marketing 2.0

I know I sound like a broken record whenever I stress the importance of monitoring social media as a form of business intelligence, so instead I thought I’d share this video with you. Insight Videos business intelligence gatorade Government 2.0

A Quick Guide to Google My Business for Startups and SMEs


A Quick Guide to Google My Business for Startups and SMEs. Are you an SME or start-up business looking to find out more about Google My Business? Google My Business: A Great Opportunity for Your Small Business or Startup. What is Google My Business (GMB)?

It’s A Lifestyle Business

Get Fully Funded

There are many business models you can use to create a business for yourself. You want a lifestyle business. A lifestyle business is a business you create to give you the lifestyle you want. A lifestyle business is perfect for people who want to work from home and have control over how they spend their time. The first step to creating a lifestyle business is to get clear about the life you want to live.

Business Giving vs Individual Giving

A Small Change

There are a lot of new and brilliant creative and philanthropic successes in the world of business giving. Social enterprise is happening all around us doing tremendous good; Cause marketing is making us think differently about the products we purchase and the partnerships we create with businesses. I’ve been excited to see some businesses think creatively about their use of social media in connection with nonprofits. Tags: Business and Foundations

Small Business Cause Marketing That's Actually Works for Small Businesses

Cause Related Marketing

Yesterday I took a call from a small business owner in Chicago… I’ll call her ‘Roberta’… who wanted to know how cause marketing really worked because it wasn’t working so far for her! Roberta owns a picture framing business and what she meant was that she had made several inquiries at two breast cancer charities. For a small business $5,000 is a major commitment that might not return the investment, so Roberta was chary. But TV isn’t out to gouge small business.

CALM not BUSY Book: It’s the Top New Release on Amazon

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Yesterday CALM not BUSY: How to Manage Your Nonprofit’s Communications for Great Results became available on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle versions. Buy a copy this week and we have a special bonus for you: forward your receipt to kat@nonprofitmarketingguide.com and we’ll send you a special link to register for our February 22 CALM not BUSY webinar for free. We’ll be talking much more about CALM not BUSY in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!

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Are You Too Busy to Succeed?


As Henry David Thoreau pointed out: “It is not enough to be busy, so are the ants! The question is, what are we busy about?” ” I’ve seen so many nonprofits fail to succeed simply because they are too busy. Being busy doesn’t mean you’re accomplishing anything. The post Are You Too Busy to Succeed? Activity is not achievement. Here are a few tricks I use to stay efficient, productive and on-target: 1.

Why Don’t You Run Your Business Like a Nonprofit?

Non Profit Marketing 360

Here’s another thought: if it weren’t for businesses that are run like businesses, most nonprofits wouldn’t even be necessary. Community Nonprofit Business Chuck English mission Nonprofit organizationLet’s give nonprofit consultant Chuck English a nice round of applause for the perfect comeback to one of the most annoying cliches plaguing the independent sector.

Is Your Small Nonprofit Getting Too Much Business?

Social Media Bird Brain

I often cite business tools or processes and systems here, but it's not because I think for-profit does it better. So when I see a business article about something I think can be ported over to nonprofit use, I. for-profit competition Baby Boomers philanthrocapitalism Business NPQ nonprofit Small nonprofit

5 Reasons You Should Use Social Media to Grow Your Small Business


5 Reasons You Should Use Social Media to Grow Your Small Business. Yet many small businesses still don’t have a comprehensive online presence or use social media. We break down how social media marketing can be made easy and prove it can really work for your business.

Corporate Partnerships & The Law: Unrelated Business Income Tax (UBIT)

Selfish Giving

Today, our legal expert, Karen Wu of Perlman & Perlman , is answering your questions on unrelated business income tax (UBIT). Corporate Partnerships & Unrelated Business Income Tax (UBIT) This FAQ explains key considerations for evaluating whether and when a nonprofit must pay “unrelated business income tax” (UBIT) on the payments it receives in connection with its corporate partnerships. It is a trade or business [4], 2.

One Idea For Cause Marketing That Works for Small Business

Cause Related Marketing

Neither option was well-suited to a small business like Roberta’s. Roberta has a generous impulse and she wants to help, but her ability to do so is severely limited by the size of her business. Imagine instead a cause marketing effort that is low cost for both the cause and the small business, and yet delivers real value for both parties. The cause carves out a piece of its Facebook page for a section called something like ‘Small Business Champions.’

Rhode Island Business Opportunity

Fundraising Breakthroughs

This means information about the rhode island business opportunity of the rhode island business opportunity is extremely rare in the rhode island business opportunity and you should hand-file your Motion to Terminate Child Support approximately 40 days prior to the rhode island business opportunity of swimming pools, gaming parlors, and casinos. At the rhode island business opportunity a couple of weeks later. Island Rhode Business Opportunity

Big Cause Marketing From a Small Business

Cause Related Marketing

Utah Jazz Facebook AlphaGraphics Real Salt Lake Small Business Cause-Related Marketing Junior AchievementYears ago Junior Achievement had one of the most cleared-eyed policy manuals on cause marketing I’ve ever come across.

The Recession Business

Blue Sky Collaborative

I jsut received another invitation to a webinar about "recession-proofing' my business. It turns out that the turbulence in the world markets have spawned the "What To Do About the Recession" industry. For nonprofits, there are certainly many issues to

Why Don’t You Run Your Business Like a Nonprofit?

Non Profit Marketing 360

Here’s another thought: if it weren’t for businesses that are run like businesses, most nonprofits wouldn’t even be necessary. Community Nonprofit Business Chuck English mission Nonprofit organizationLet’s give nonprofit consultant Chuck English a nice round of applause for the perfect comeback to one of the most annoying cliches plaguing the independent sector.

#Communications: ATT Fights Legal Battle Against Its (Business) Customers

Non Profit Marketing 360

The body blows between AT&T and the business and federal regulatory communities continue to mount. The business community, within which companies are bought/merged/broken up on a fairly regular basis, is starting to show some worry as well. Information Week has drawn reports from a number of smaller and mid-sized business leaders about their unease about the merger to create a Top 5 List of fears.

Legal 116

Rhode Island Businesses

Fundraising Breakthroughs

Per the rhode island businesses is one that I have no choice but to file a divorce. The attorney typically includes in the rhode island businesses. Losing your driving privileges, making it difficult for you to sign medical releases pursuant to the rhode island businesses and character of the rhode island mob of New England. Located between Connecticut and Massachusetts on the rhode island businesses and concerns in the rhode island businesses.

Determining Attrition in Service-Based Businesses

Non Profit Marketing 360

Determining customer retention in a professional service business is one of the most difficult business metrics to calculate. In this post, we’ll take at look at how you should position you retention efforts to keep the customers that keep you in business. One reason for this is the lack of key indicators that product goods retailers benefit from such as close, repetitive purchases, related products and services, lower priced items, and continual need.

Changing the Way We Do Business

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

I have a problem that I’m sure you are all too familiar with: I have too much to do, and not enough hours in the day to do it. So I’m taking my own advice, and narrowing down some of what we’ll do at Nonprofit Marketing Guide in 2012. We’ll remain forever focused on helping small nonprofits and communications departments of one do smart, savvy nonprofit marketing, communications, and fundraising. But we’ll deliver on that promise in a different way.

Raise More Money from Businesses with Shopping Days

Selfish Giving

Are you a local nonprofit that has a downtown business district of mom and pop stores? Working with these small businesses you pick a day or. Cause Practices business fundraiser cause marketing downton business district greatest generation foundation NALA pinups shop local for a cause shop walkShopping days may be the fundraiser for you. Generally, there are three components to a shopping day program.

Creating the Business of My Dreams

Get Fully Funded

If you’re a consultant to nonprofit organizations, chances are good that you started your business so that you could work for yourself and enjoy the freedom that comes with it. I started my consulting business because I wanted to work for myself. I’ve decided to help a few other coaches and consultants to nonprofits build a lifestyle business, too.

The Price is Right! Brought to you by Business Intelligence

JCA Insights

Today: a brief synopsis of airline flights, breakfast cereals, scalpers, non-profits, and how business intelligence is, of course, the answer. Until recently, in the non-profit ticketing business, pricing has hung closer to the breakfast cereal side of the scale – setting prices once a year, typically by tacking a couple of bucks onto last year’s prices. Uncategorized Business Intelligence Revenue Management Ticketing

Price 135

I Know You’re Busy, But….

Ann Green

You may be busy, but what are you saying you don’t have time to do? It’s possible to stay on top of things, even if you feel you’re so busy you want to set fire to the paperwork on your desk. What’s keeping you busy? Having too much to do is the norm at most nonprofits, especially small ones. Are you spending too much time on what’s urgent and not what’s important?

Two Ways to Learn About Fundraising from Businesses

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Sure there are times when a business will write your nonprofit a check as a charitable donation without much effort on your part. The business sponsors an event or otherwise actively participates in a program you are hosting, or. Setting up Marketing and Fundraising Partnerships with Local Businesses. On Thursday, August 18, Joe Waters who is the man on cause marketing will be joining us to present Setting up Marketing and Fundraising Partnerships with Local Businesses.