Aunt Frances’ Key to Relationship Building

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She’s unknowingly taught me so much, including this insight on building strong and lasting relationships that I want to share with you today. Giving, rather than taking, is what relationship building is all about. Relationship Building Nonprofit Communications nonprofit marketin

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Build Ties at the Moment Of (Case Study)

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Our daughter, Charlotte, is away at Camp Harlam for 3 1/2 long weeks this summer. Charlotte frequently shows up in a photo or two, and we can get a sense of what she’s up to and how much she’s enjoying it (or not). Harlam has done a great job of building our relationship in a natural way from the moment we shared our interest in registering Charlotte for the summer. I know Charlotte is going to watch these over and over again throughout the year.

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Greetings from Down Under: Building Marketing Skills of Aussie Nonprofits

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My husband, Sean, and daughter Charlotte are joining me on this adventure so we can spend a bit of time vising with kangaroos and koalas, and we’ve just arrived down under! Nothing thrills me more than travel.

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3 Nonprofit Marketing Skills I Learned from Aunt Frances

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Today, I want to share three relationship-building skills I learned from Aunt Frances. Transparency builds trust. 3) Giving, rather than taking, is what relationship building is all about. Giving, rather than taking, is what relationship building is all about.

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5 Ways to Stay Smart & Engaged

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She got me… The rain was pouring down this morning as our daughter, Charlotte, was getting ready to walk to school, so I caved and drove her.

Reclaim Back to School: Stay Energized, Relevant and Top of Your Game

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Our daughter, Charlotte, started fourth grade today, and the pumped-up energy at line up this morning got me thinking. Back to school is one of the definers of fall as we know it—right up there with apples, the changing of the leaves and Halloween.

4 Simple Steps to Fundraising Success!

Get Fully Funded

Last Thursday, I had the honor of presenting at the AFP North Carolina Conference on Philanthropy in Charlotte. My session was called “4 Simple Steps to Building Donor Relationships and Fully Funding Your Mission Using Donor-Based Fundraising.&#. Build relationships.

Grants for Organizations, Designers, Artists, Etc. Working With Local and National Partners to Transform/Impact Community Vibrancy

Seeking Grant Money Today

Currently, these include Akron, Charlotte, Detroit, Macon, Miami, New York City, Philadelphia, San Jose, and St. community building RFP community revitalization grants arts the foundation center From The Foundation Center. [If If you are interested in this grant opportunity, click "Link to Complete RFP" at the end of this blog post for more information].

6 Now-or-Never Summer Reboots

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Our daughter Charlotte is finishing up a blissful summer at a few different day and overnight camps. I have to cut down on work hours to build my breaks, but it’s worth it since my productivity shoots up when I do get down to business.

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Mixed Links for Nonprofit Communicators

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Charlotte Hill of EARN, in a guest post on Katya Andresen’s blog, shares what happened when her organization listened to the concerns of its supporters. Happy Friday, everyone! Let’s unwind with a few mixed links – good stuff for nonprofit communicators. Social Media.

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Data Driven Fundraising

A Small Change

The next couple posts are by Tim Troutman from Charlotte Rescue Mission, and he is an individual passionate about donor data. This is true especially in America where high production costs force corporations to build efficiently or build in Asia. I am considering bringing a guest expert on as a regular basis please email me any feedback or thoughts on today’s author.

Newsletter: This Shark Nonprofit’s Partners are Off the Hook ; How You Can Legally Hijack the 2020 Olympics ; The Best Creative Talent is Kept Under Lock & Key

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Build an audience. Some lucky nonprofits don't even have to build an audience from scratch. Business Development Manager, Discovery Education (Charlotte, NC) 3. Engage with that audience. Monetize that audience.

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Brandraising: One Organization, Many Channels

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Based on Sarah Durham's book "Brandraising: How to Raise Money and Increase Visibility through Smart Communications," (Jossey-Bass, 2010) this session -- a lively discussion between marketing expert and publisher at Nancy Schwartz and author Sarah Durham -- will introduce nonprofits to the concepts of Brandraising that can help you improve your fundraising, outreach and relationship-building communications.

Newsletter: James Citron Loses a Bet ; ACS in Hot Water for Partnership Practices; Ben & Jerry’s Votes with ‘Pecan Resist’

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Speaking of pets, Nissan partnered with Animal Rescue Rigs to help build “Paws One” a specialty vehicle that can ford the deepest water and traverse the toughest terrain to save animals left abandoned or in harms way during a major storm. Did you enter last week's Halloween costume contest?

5 Strategies to Get the Right People at Your Fundraiser

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

You want to build closer relationships with them. The plane flew down to Charlotte and then over to Winston-Salem to pick up donors; flew them to Raleigh and then flew them back home.

Newsletter: Hire Me to Speak at Your Next Event ; Jersey Mike’s Subs Aims to Raise $6M Today ; Chick-Fil-A Funds Anti-LGBTQ Orgs After It Said It Wouldn’t

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Charlotte, NC , and Chicago. A big welcome to all of this month's new subscribers! I especially want to welcome all the new signups from Georgetown University's New Strategies Program and from Reading Partners' National Leadership Retreat.

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Rage Donations: Give Before You Explode!

The Agitator

Without question the most prominent example of rage giving last week was the Facebook “Reunite an immigrant parent with their child” campaign launched by a California couple–Charlotte and Dave Willner, early Facebook employees.

34 Hot Tips on Increasing Facebook Followers (or Likes) From AMA Boot Camp Marketers

Diva Marketing Blog

if you position this as a way to build your learnings it's easier to take a risk or two. . Charlotte Allen, SFASU . In 2004, the American Marketing Association asked to develop a workshop on blogs. Blogs: Marketing Beyond The Website , was an amazing experience.

Great content forges great connections: A reader guest post

Nonprofit Marketing Blog

Here’s a guest post from Charlotte Hill of EARN. Charlotte: take it away… If I could give every nonprofit communicator one piece of advice, it’d be this: create content that appeals to your audience. At EARN, we help low-wage workers save and invest in assets that build long-term wealth: a first home, a college education, a small business. I’m a big believer in great content.

Five tectonic technology shifts changing our world, our work and our potential

Nonprofit Marketing Blog

The title of this post is the name of a speech I gave yesterday in Charlotte for the Bank of America Neighborhood Builders Leadership Program. Build off the baby steps of slacktivists by cultivating them specifically and encouraging more action over time. I want to share the trends I named and the takeaways for us. Thanks to everyone who was there live! Feel free to post any comments or questions. The messenger shift.

Stories From Smaller Nonprofits: Taylor's Tale

Diva Marketing Blog

Taylor ’s Tale Story was inspired by Taylor King , an 11-year-old native of Charlotte , NC. We were originally founded by a group of dedicated volunteers in Charlotte , N.C. Without social media, we'd be left with local person-to-person networking and special events to build awareness. The Back-story - Last week I met an amazing women, Laura King Edwards, who told me the story of the nonprofit she launched to support her little sister Taylor.

Customer Service Social Media Style: A Pulse of the Industry View Part 1

Diva Marketing Blog

Customers want to engage with people who want to build trusted relationships. Real time brand building, loyalty extending and responding time enhancer. These people are using social media to build long-term, trusted relationships with the people behind the brands.