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Transparency.Four Letter Word Or Wave of the Future?

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Recently, the NAACP 's budget shortfalls and need for improved leadership and fundraising is big news. The United States federal government is redesigning the federal tax return form for required 501 (c)(3) non profit organization's tax filings because Congress is not comfortable with the current form's ability to provide them with an accurate picture of a given non profit's fundraising, operational expense, and spending.

The Southern Oregon Historical Society Has Raised Some Eyebrows. What Could They Have Done Differently?

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To further quote the Times piece, "Against the growing resistance, Allison Weiss, the executive director of the historical society, said the society has had to rethink some of its plans. For our discussion, the museum (and its fundraising arm, the museum's foundation) may be assessed by what it says about itself in its own tax filings with the federal government.

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Grant Seeking According To The Various Stages of A Nonprofit's Life

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The nuance, from stage to stage, depends upon the nonprofit's success with fundraising and grant writing in its past. So every day, any nonprofit's work must be successful in its programs and successful in its fundraising. It will require professional, ethical, contemporary best practices in everything from creating the organization's bylaws to how to fundraise, to how to expand the number of fundraising programs your organization raises revenue through, annually.

How To Increase the Number of New Donors

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A nonprofit is an organized entity working to achieve a goal (and is now going to be held more accountable than ever by the federal government (besides your donors) to achieve goals; see the new nonprofit tax form). Nonprofit business operations include board oversight and legal compliance, program planning, budgeting, fundraising planning, raising more money than this year or the year before, achieving benchmarks and goals, etc.