Notes From AMA Mplanet 2009 - Mary Dillon, Global CMO McDonald's

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Global CMO of McDonald's. Rachelle Lacroix and Bryan Blaise, Fleishman-Hillard, offered the speakers an opportunity to join the conference bloggers ( Scott Titus , Ma tt O’Hern , Greg Verdino , Becky Carroll , Greg Rollett , Toby Bloomberg , Susanne Sicilian and Susan Peyton.

Interview with Geoff Livingston Author of Marketing In The Round

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Two recent studies from the CMO Council and the CMO Survey showed that less than 10% of lead marketers are running well integrated digital campaigns [Geoff's post - What CEOs Want: Better Social Integration & Anaylics ]. Geoff Livingston: It is the CMO.

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10 Take-aways from BlogWorld Expo

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Jim Farley, Ford CMO: Getting the CEO on camera is the worst thing we could do. Jim Farley, Ford CMO: My responsibility as a marketer is create shareable content and then shut up and listen. Jim Farley, Ford CMO: The people that like you and your organization can come up with much better promotional things than. Jim Farley, Ford CMO: You guys [bloggers, podcasters, social media people] have changed our industry forever.

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Six Tips on How To Make Your Website Pinterest Friendly

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A CMO of a prominent B2B company recently told me she thought of Pinterest as a game for moms and didn't consider a "pinboard" a serious business tactic. but repositioning to include concepts and language that the C-suite (CMO,CEO) can understand and "get." Pinterest. Pinterest.

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Interview With American Marketing Association CEO Russ Klein

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First , CEOs and CMOs cant expect talent to come to them with all the tools and skill-sets necessary to become a world-class marketer. As a CMO I felt a personal obligation to create learning cultures where curiosity and teachable moments were valued.