Stop SPAMMING your supporters with planned giving e-newsletters


I was talking to a fundraiser and he said, “We’ve got this cool system that includes pre-written estate planning e-newsletters I can send to my list whenever I want.” It’s spam! Sure, you can dance around the word and twist yourself into a pretzel explaining that you are not a spammer. If you are sending unsolicited email, that’s spam. Email communications absent permission is spam, plain and simple (even if it’s legal ).

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Email Marketing Best Practices

The Agitator

Target Marketing is offering a free (registration required) ‘white paper’ on email marketing best practices. Best Practices. Avoid SPAM language. Know and follow CAN-SPAM regulations. You can find additional email marketing intelligence collected by Targeted Marketing here. Actually, it’s more of a tip sheet, but valuable nonetheless. I’ll preview their 12 tips, but urge you to get the full paper.

Email List Predicament: Is This OK?

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

There’s the CAN-SPAM law, but its application in specific situations is often confusing and subject to interpretation. There’s what “everyone else&# is doing, which may or may not reflect the law or best practices! Thumbs Up or Down?

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Holidays in July: Get a Jump on End-of-the-Year Fundraising

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All nonprofit organizations can fulfill this desire for their supporters just by being a 501(c)(3) ( has some info you can share with your potential donors about this). For our special "Holiday in July" issue, check out our five tips for kicking off your holiday fundraising: First things first: Make sure your organization can accept online donations. Make sure they're going to a donation form/page they can trust.

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Email: Electronic Direct Mail?

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Email design — marketers don’t need to be email design experts, but your designer/programmers or agencies must master email HTML coding, rendering issues, mobile design challenges and content-based spam filters. Legal issues — again, lots of nitty gritty stuff to know … CAN-SPAM Act etc. Email trends and best practices — consumer email use is evolving with social media, networks, communities and blogs.

Mobile Marketing Goes To The Dogs

Diva Marketing Blog

he is one cool divo whose practice focuses on the marketing and advertising industries. As the saying goes, this marketing dog can hunt! As with the online advertising, the biggest problem is spam, the unwanted ads, junk and schemes being sent. For cell phone customers however, it is not only annoying, it can be rather expensive. billion spam text messages were received by consumers at a cost exceeding $225 million dollars.