BENCHMARKING YOURSELF: Ever wonder how you’re doing compared to others?


My team took all the data from our Fundraising Report Card (2,600 organization’s transactions) and built a nifty little live benchmarking app. The post BENCHMARKING YOURSELF: Ever wonder how you’re doing compared to others?

Fundraising metrics: you have to see them to believe them


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12 Key Digital Engagement Trends from the 2018 M+R Benchmarks Report


The annual M+R Benchmarks Report has arrived again, shining a light on trends that are shaping nonprofits’ digital programs. Having shared and discussed this year’s Benchmarks Report with many of our partners, here’s twelve key trends that have resonated strongly within the EveryAction community. Having a reporting system that can track these sources is vital in determining which channel produces the greatest ROI.

Where are you spending your marketing dollars?


If your organization has 10,000 active donors, it’s very likely they’ll be categorized as follows: A small number will generate 80-90 percent of the revenue. Mid-level donors will have a lot of potential for major giving.

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#SOCIALNETORKS: NTEN 2012 Report Shows Real ROI Growth Over Past Year

Non Profit Marketing 360

Spoiler Alert: Nonprofit use of social networks is growing, and with that use most nonprofits are enjoying significant returns on investment (ROI). So the ROI on $3500 could be $215,000! The ROI potential has simply become too lucrative to ignore.

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3 smart new metrics to measure your fundraising effectiveness


Fundraising strategy annual giving metrics charity blog fundraising kpi fundraising measurement thermometer fundraising metrics dashboard fundraising metrics for nonprofits fundraising roi benchmarks major gift officer performance metrics measuring fundraising effectiveness Philanthropy StrategyI’ll bet you make lots of calls. You set appointments, uncover needs, make presentations, write proposals and close gifts too, right? I did it too.

Acquisition: Its Costs And ROI – Part 2

The Agitator

That’s why so many fundraisers and their consultants persist in using the meaningless, if not idiotic, measures of ‘cost of fundraising’ and ‘ROI’ rather than develop strategies and steer their programs based on the key metric of Lifetime Value.

How to Measure the Performance of your Government Social Media Initiative

Public Sector Marketing 2.0

Therefore to sum up: Do your research to set benchmarks and identify needs. Measurement analytics impact performance measurement reporting ROI Social Media

July 23 Free Webinar: Launch Team of Passionate Messengers

Getting Attention

Shape your program: Policies, benchmarks, tools and training to make it easy for your messengers to do it right. Design clear policies and guidelines Define benchmarks for success Create tools and templates Require hands-on training.

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Mixed Links for Nonprofit Communicators

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

And M+R released the 2017 Benchmarks Study. The Nonprofit Times breaks down some of the data in the Benchmarks Study in Study: It Took 2,000 Emails To Get 1 Gift In 2016. I hope you had a great week!

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What About the Other Social Media?

Non Profit Marketing 360

The third annual Nonprofit Social Network Benchmark Report notes that 13% of nonprofits operate at least one – and among those nonprofits, 42% started up their house networks in the past year. Check out the benchmark report for more on how nonprofits are using these networks, staffing and budgeting for them, and measuring ROI. The social media that get all the ink have one thing in common: they are open to everyone.

When you should NOT conduct face-to-face fundraising


One delivers a return-on-investment of between 33:1 – 56:1 on average (and sometimes it even garners 1,000:1) and the other yields 2:1 – 3:1 ROI. Can you guess which ROI applies to which kind of face-to-face fundraising? The ROI is low (2.5 : 1).

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Grow Your Email List With These 14 Paid Email Acquisition Sources

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

If not, your nonprofit email list shrinks every year to the tune of 12 percent or higher, according to the 2016 M+R Nonprofit Benchmarks Study (your mileage may vary, of course). Source: 2016 M+R Benchmarks Study. For every email list, there is churn, churn, churn.

Silver BBs and Culture with Andrew Olsen (Season 2, Episode 6)


ROI [17:38]. 2017 Major Gifts Fundraising Benchmark Study (EF-S01-E13). Joining Engagement Fundraising is Andrew Olsen, senior vice president of Newport One. If you are a fundraiser trying to find that silver bullet then this episode is for you. Andrew will be diving into why there are no silver bullets or unicorns and instead why it takes a lot of little things to make a big impact. Click here to listen on YouTube! Topic Timestamps. Silver BBs? [02:35]. 02:35].

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Use Projections to Guide Decision Making: Nonprofit Marketing Budgets, Part 3 (of 4)

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Secondly, tracking expenses versus projections during the course of your budget year is the only way to keep on track with your marketing budget; the equivalent of benchmarking for your marketing dollars. That’s the kernel of ROI—return on investment. You’ll finish with an accurate map of expenditures and a sense of ROI that together will guide fact-based decision making as you shape the follow year’s marketing plan and budget.

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Using Facebook to Acquire Donors with Mark Santiago (Season 2, Episode 7)


What is the ROI? [10:19]. 2017 Major Gifts Fundraising Benchmark Study (EF-S01-E13). Mark Santiago from Converge.Digital shares how to use Facebook strategically to build trust and acquire new donors. For more info about how Converge helps nonprofits get more donors, visit: Converge.Digital. You can also download Mark’s free Facebook Fundraising Blueprint here: Click here to listen on YouTube! Topic Timestamps.

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A Glossary of Key Fundraising Terms, Jargon, and Vocabulary You Need to Know


You might be interested in reviewing the 2020 Major Gift Benchmark Study. Return on Investment (ROI) A measure used to evaluate the efficiency of an investment by analyzing the amount of return on an investment relative to the investment’s cost.

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How to Measure the Impact of Your Nonprofit Marketing

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Marketing ROI (return on investment) is the answer. BENCHMARKS: Three to five concrete, specific, and measurable (when possible) steps to complete en route to achieving your marketing goals. Vague benchmarks will get you nowhere. Ever since super-smart statistician Nate Silver brought presidential campaign data to the headlines in 2012, we’ve become a metrics-obsessed nation.

To Video or Not to Video?

Marketing for Nonprofits

Thanks to the kind folks at See3 , YouTube , and Edelman , you can find the answer to this question and more in Into Focus: The First-Ever Benchmark Report and Guide for Nonprofit Video. It''s hard to measure the ROI of video and that may be one reason that we don''t use it more.

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Your Nonprofit Communications Audit Will Increase Clarity & Impact

Getting Attention

Denise asks a great question, seeking not only the definition of this marketing strategy but it’s value, so she can weigh ROI (return on investment). A snapshot view of what you are doing marketing wise, evaluated that against your marketing goals and benchmarks, and in light of the wants and needs of your target audiences, and what your competitors and partners are doing.

Budgeting and measuring online conversations


Sure, measuring the "ROI" of a group on Facebook can seem impossible, she told us. The importance of having a benchmark to measure against was my key takeaway. Special note: I am updating my blogroll with many of the cool blogs I learned about this week.

What I learned after a week of using Snapchat as a 38-year-old

J Campbell Social Marketing

There is something to be said about being on a platform with very few analytics and benchmarks. This is pretty terrifying, but also liberating, for a marketing professional hell bent on measurement, data analysis, and social media ROI.

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Capital One® Card Lab Connect: Tips for Monitoring Success

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What benchmarks are you aiming to hit? Though you may feel intimidated to set goals, your affinity program operates just like any other fundraising or outreach campaign you have completed in the past: The best way to tell if you've succeeded or have a ways to go is to set benchmarks for your program. This article is sponsored by Network for Good's corporate partner, Capital One® Card Lab Connect.

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Your Nonprofit Communications Audit Will Increase Clarity & Impact

Getting Attention

Denise asks a great question, seeking not only the definition of this marketing strategy but it’s value, so she can weigh ROI (return on investment). A snapshot view of what you are doing marketing wise, evaluated that against your marketing goals and benchmarks, and in light of the wants and needs of your target audiences, and what your competitors and partners are doing.

Stewardship: The Key to Keeping Corporate Partners Coming Back for Decades [SPONSORED]

Selfish Giving

So let’s focus specifically on Return on Investment (ROI) – or as we like to say the Return on Partnership (ROP). In Catalist’s own 2018 Corporate Partnership Benchmarking Study , nonprofits reported that 85% of their annual revenue portfolio comes from their existing partners.

5 “Must-Follow” Nonprofits

The Agitator

If you know that spending $1,000 on, say, direct mail typically yields your organization #Y donors whose lifetime value is $Z, you have at least a benchmark ROI to shoot for. So if you spend the same $1,000 on social media, do the leads you generate convert to donors who stack up favorably against that benchmark?

Are You OK With 1 Percent?

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Steve looked at data from the 2009 eNonprofit Benchmarks Study done by M+R Strategic Services and NTEN, as well as prior years. It has faster response cycles, is more cost effective to test, and combined with higher average gifts it can have better ROI than traditional channels. " Then he adds a point about the right approach to benchmarks: "All statistical averages hide the reality that some organizations are well above the benchmark and others are way below it.

Wake Me When NTEN’s Over

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For example, in yesterday’s Agitator Tom noted and commented on the release of Convio’s Online Benchmark Study for 2011. In return, the ROI they receive for this investment is? As a matter of principle Tom and I don’t usually cover conferences, conventions or most industry events.

Can Nonprofits Really Raise $ Through Social Media? Come and See.

Marketing for Nonprofits

I'm excited to see how this campaign unfolds as it will provide additional benchmarks and information regarding the ROI of social media and how nonprofits can best use these channels. Last week, Mashable - a leading tech blog focused on Web 2.0 and Social Networking news - launched Summer for Social Good - an all social media charitable giv ing campaign to benefit 4 charities.

Fairy Tale Fundraising

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Although she didn’t believe in comparative data, KPI’s (something she thought you drank at the Renaissance Fair) nor benchmarks. Beware of too heavy emphasis on campaign by campaign measurement and ROI. Roger recently presented at Fundraising Success’ Engage Conference.

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