Gates Foundations Seeks Communications Proposals—Game Changer

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The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has announced a call for communications proposals to “help change the narrative on foreign aid.” The submission process is simple, requiring just a two-page proposal. Up to 10 Phase I grants of $100,000 USD will be awarded within just a few months. At last—funding specifically directed to communications!

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Until June 30th Markham Winery is holding a contest awarding two people $25,000 to accomplish a project in their city. You can nominate someone or submit a proposal on their website. Tags: Grants & Awards Mark of Distinction. On July 27th, 10 projects will be chosen and posted on their website. The public with then vote to determine each winner. Submitted by Laurie Shulman from Marina Maher Communications ). Social Media Makeover by CommuniCause.

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#GRANTS: Nominations Open For Awards of $5000 From WLR Automotive

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Once the nomination process closes (14 December at midnight), the public will vote on the five organizations that they would like to see get a $5000 award from WLR. The post #GRANTS: Nominations Open For Awards of $5000 From WLR Automotive appeared first on Nonprofit Marketing 360.

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Trade me?

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Here’s my proposal…. You give me three minutes of your time to enter your org’s tagline(s) in the 2012 Nonprofit Tagline Awards. Branding and Messages fundraising message development nonprofit marketing nonprofit tagline awards

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Descriptions of Different Grant Proposal Documents' Formats

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Do you know when you should format your grant proposal as a business letter, instead of in a report format? In doing this you're helping the foundation select your proposal to grant to. maybe they state they do not want photos or videos submitted with proposals, no phone calls, etc.). It is usually a very small (one or two page) letter formatted version of the full grant proposal. It is often easiest to create after the full proposal has been written.

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Request for Proposals

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Friday, March 16, 2007 Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Funding Alert: New Routes to Community Health Call for Proposals: The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation has just posted a call for proposals related to Vulnerable Populations. Up to eight geographically and ethnically diverse sites will receive awards of as much as $225,000 over 39 months. Tags: RFP Request For Proposals Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Top Ten Formatting Tips for Any Grant Proposal

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Top Ten Formatting Tips for Any Grant Proposal 10. Edit and cull down draft grant proposals, going over them for not just content and readability, but anticipate that whomever will read it at the potential grant donor's office will likely not read it fully, but rather quickly scan it. Remember, they receive many tens of proposals, each grant cycle deadline, and must get key information from each one. Most grant proposal submissions are not fully read, word for word.

How to Write An Effective Grant Proposal Despite Strong Emotions

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This is a case study about writing a strong and compelling grant proposal regarding, in a fair manner, but not overly stating emotion, to create an excellent grant application. As grant writers, it is sometimes difficult to cope with emotions when sitting down to write something "technical" such as a grant proposal. This is also a consideration when thinking about who is going to read this grant proposal.

Join me—Learn to Tell Your 5-Star Stories (no charge, limited enrollment)

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Here’s what I propose: You take five minutes of your time to tell me about your organization’s messaging —the who, what and how; what’s working well; and what’s getting in the way, etc.—

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Top Ten Solutions For Issues That Might Arise While Writing A Grant Proposal

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Top Ten Solutions For Issues That Might Arise While Writing A Grant Proposal 10. If you were so diligently working on a grant proposal that the grant proposal submission deadline came and went there is still hope. We can go on, in our grant proposal and finish most of the document, but at a certain point we must have the key content that we require. Yet, if you don't writer a strong grant proposal the deadline is the lesser of your worries, really.

Awards for Partnerships Between Community Groups and Police to Promote Neighborhood Safety and Revitalization

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Deadline: February 28, 2011 Applications Invited for MetLife Foundation Community-Police Partnership Awards Program The MetLife Foundation and the Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC) are partnering for the tenth year to recognize, sustain, and share the work of innovative partnerships between community groups and police to promote neighborhood safety and revitalization. Program information and the full Request for Proposals are available at the LISC Web site.

That Physical Address Location Question On Most Grant Proposal Applications. What Gives? Read More.

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If, though, a location has been arranged for and is formally your organization's for this program/project at a certain date and time - then state this in the grant proposal. Some potential grant donors may wish to know the physical address of the proposed program or project (proposed in the grant proposal) because of other reasons. Which comes first? Is it the chicken or the egg?

How to Help Your Colleagues and Base Become Effective Messengers (Case Study)

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As a Jersey Girl , I was thrilled to hear that the New Jersey State Library was recently honored for outstanding marketing of its Tell Us Your Story advocacy campaign with a 2010 John Cotton Dana Award. Tags: Advocacy Case Studies John Cotton Dana Award library marketing

Target's Local Store Grants Program (Small Grants) Request for Proposals

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Grant applications are accepted from nonprofit programs that impact any of the following areas: _ Arts; _ Early childhood reading; and _ Family violence prevention Description of Accepted Programs: Arts grants are awarded to programs that bring the arts to schools or make it afford- able for families to participate in cultural experiences. From The Foundation Center.

What To Do When Your Nonprofit Doesn't Spend All of an Awarded Grant's Money.And Why.

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It may seem contrary to logic, but sometimes, after a nonprofit receives a grant it cannot use all of the grant as the nonprofit described it would in the original grant proposal that it submitted to receive the grant. She mentioned that the nonprofit that she works for recently discovered that they had a bit of 'extra money' after spending as much as they could of it on the specific project that it was awarded to the organization for.

Identify, Track, and Analyze Gifts with New Grants Management on EveryAction


These contributions are typically high dollar grant awards that come from foundations, corporations, or the government. Here's how it works: Grant Management plans consist of three main sections: Grant Proposal, Award, and Grant Details. The Grant Proposal section allows users to specify the Grant Type (i.e. Many nonprofits receive anywhere from 10-90% of their revenue from foundation grants.

Donor-advised Funds Are Misunderstood, Bound to Be Regulated, and Not Going Anywhere


AB-1712 is the first regulation proposed around donor-advised funds (and in my estimation it is far from the last). The bill’s scope is limited to DAFs geographically located in California, however the proposed legislation could serve as a framework for other states (or even Congress).

How to Write the Organizational Description In A Grant Application

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If any of their interests, or what or where they fund do not match up with what your organization is proposing to do in the location it will do it - you are not finished prospecting and should perhaps find a grant donor that is more closely aligned (in its interests in what types of organizations it grants to) with what your nonprpofit is doing. At another place in the grant proposal you will fully discuss the beneficiary population - so do not go into detail, here, about it.

Where’s the Grant Money for Your Marketing and Communications? Webinar Tomorrow

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If the grant funder accepts proposals for these types of support, and you meet other restrictions and criteria, by all means fill out that application! It also helps to ensure that you have allowed enough time to complete the proposal and get it in on time. Betsy Baker.

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Received Press After You've Mailed A Few Grant Requests? Here's What To Do.

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Writing excellent grant proposals for relevant , needed, and thought out programs is a form of public relations. For every grant proposal submitted to a potential donor, even if your organization is not funded during this grant cycle; you have given someone a bit of information on your organization and why it is worthy of support. I recommend these steps only when you've received press after you've submitted one or more grant proposals recently.

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Tips & Tricks from the Foundation Side of Grant Seeking

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In that case, respect their process and their wishes and follow their allowed communication channels for pre-award conversation if any are available. Grant seeking is a distinct form of fundraising - one that can seem like a complete mystery. That's why I asked Diane H.

Democracy 2.0 Summit: The ROI of Gen Y


Award Summit Exploring the Millennial Generation’s ROI. This week I am joining us 150 Millennials in Chicago and thousands more on the Web will gather to discuss, debate and act on timely topics and ideas on civic engagement and public policy at the Democracy 2.0 BusinessBoomer will provide live and interactive webcasts from Tuesday, November 17th to Friday, November 20th.

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What’s the Point of Pepsi Refresh?

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The Chronicle reported on the initial grant awards to 32 groups of $1.3 Pepsi will continue to give out monthly grants until it reaches it’s proposed grant amount of $20 million. That’s all great, but when the awards [.]. The first round of the Pepsi Refresh Project has just concluded its first round of funding. million here.

#GRANTS: The Lawrence Foundation Can Help Your Environmental Or Health Program

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The foundation receives about 400 proposals a year, so the competition will be tough. The organization awards grants via two cycles through the year with deadlines on April 30th and November 1st. Environmental and educational programs have received the greatest percentage of awards from the foundation since its inception. In our ongoing periodic series on sources for grants, we have focused on foundations tied to the great tech companies of our day.

How many ways can you say “thank you” to a donor?


Propose mentioning them at an event. Certificates or awards. According to an article in the Journal of Economic Psychology saying thank you can actually have a negative effect on your relationship with a supporter. The researcher notes that gifts, in particular, “reduce feelings of altruism ” causing your expression of gratitude to backfire in your face.

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Various managed to graduate pupils who are not necessarily skilled within academic research often practical experience difficulty writing their exploration proposals. Practical Essay Writing Help Plans Described.

Grants for Nonprofits Innovating Address the Issue of Coal Waste Providing Transformative Change

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Deadline: August 15, 2011 Educational Foundation of America Invites Proposals for Work Pertaining to Coal Waste The Educational Foundation of America (EFA)has a tradition of promoting public awareness and participation in the restoration and defense of the environment. Since 1959, EFA has awarded over $70 million in grants to protect the environment. Through this Request for Proposals, EFA invites innovative ideas to address the issue of coal waste within the U.S.

The 2018 Best Nonprofit Conferences Calendar


Learn about new and proposed accounting and auditing standards and how they will impact not-for-profit entities and their auditors. It's finally here! If you loved our 2017 Best Nonprofit Conferences Calendar get ready for our new, improved, and updated 2018 calendar!

Lowering the Cost of Housing Competition Grants for Innovation in Reducing Affordable Housing Costs

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are launching the Lowering the Cost of Housing Competition, which will award up to $250,000 in program-related investments to the winning proposal. Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation also is providing an additional $50,000 in grant funds to be awarded to proposals that show innovation in practice or industry understanding of cost-lowering measures. From The Foundation Center. [If

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Grants for Plant Conservation Programs Operated In Collaboration

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For-profit businesses and individuals are not eligible to apply directly to the program but are encouraged to work with eligible applicants to develop and submit proposals. It is anticipated that the initiative will award a total of $380,000 this year. Individual awards typically range from $15,000 to $65,000, with some exceptions. The complete Request for Proposals and application instructions are available at the NFWF Web site. From The Foundation Center. [If

How to Hire a Graphic Designer or Design Firm Part 1: Where to Look

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You post a Request for Proposal on your own site, or one like the RFP Database , and sit back waiting for the proposals to come flooding in. Julia Reich. This is Part 1 in a series of posts that Julia Reich will share with us about how to hire a graphic designer or design firm.

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Grants for People, Organizations, & Agencies Working To Create Sustainable Fisheries In the United States

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Deadline: November 10, 2011 (Pre-Proposals) Fisheries Innovation Fund Invites Pre-Proposals The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation 's Fisheries Innovation Fund is a grant program designed to foster innovation and support effective participation of fishermen and fishing communities working to create sustainable fisheries in the United States. In its funding round in April, the fund awarded nearly $2.25 NFWF anticipates awarding approximately $1 to $2 million.

Grants for Nonprofits Serving Men With HIV/AIDS in Latin America

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Grassroots nonprofit organizations led by or closely linked to MSM/LGBT communities in low- and middle-income countries in Latin America are encouraged to submit relevant proposals. Each eligible organization may apply for an award of up to $20,000 to support project-related costs for up to twelve months. Proposals for general operating support will not be considered. From The Foundation Center. [If

RAPID Expedited Special Grant Mechanism for Scientists to Conduct Research at Time of National Natural Disasters

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The National Science Foundation has a grant application process that allows for a speedy grant application process (including an expedited grant application review, expedited response to grant request, and an expedited granting of the money (if awarded)) in the situation of extraordinary natural disasters, such as the British Petroleum oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Complete guidance on submitting a RAPID proposal is located on NSF's web site at: [link].

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#Public Policy: Charities’ Off-Shore/Tax-Free Holdings Brought Under Congressional Scrutiny

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For now, it makes sense to question why the federal government should award taxpayer dollars, in the form of grants, to non-profits that are holding millions of dollars in off-shore bank accounts for the purpose of evading the tax code.&#.

Capacity Building or Program Grants for Nonprofits Serving the Arab American Community in Arts, Culture, Or Youth

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Deadline: April 12, 2010 Center for Arab American Philanthropy Announces 2010 Request for Proposals The Center for Arab American Philanthropy , a program of the Arab Community Center for Economic and Social Services , has announced its 2010 Request for Proposals for organizations serving the Arab American community nationwide. CAAP will award grants of up to $10,000 each to organizations serving the Arab American community. From The Foundation Center.

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A seasoned grant writer, he has been instrumental in winning awards from USAID , the US Department of State , Carnegie Corporation of New York , and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation , among others.

One Word of Advice for Voters of Pepsi’s Refresh Project


Pepsi will award a total of $20 million in grants over the course of the year. That’s for you, me and everyone else to decide by voting–and a big reason why I hope, each voter, keeps in mind the concept of sustainability when reviewing the proposed projects. Sustainability.

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Fundraising QuickStart Program

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Grantwriting is the most common fundraising strategy used by nonprofits and for good reason: millions in grants are awarded each year to nonprofits around the world. We’ll also talk about how to effectively follow up whether the answer is “Yes” or “No” to your grant proposal.

Grants for Educators From K - 12 through Undergraduate Global Climate Change Studies

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NASA Seeks Proposals for Global Climate Change Education Project Deadline: August 29, 2008 (Notice of Intent) The National Aeronautics and Space Administration Office of Education ( [link] ), in cooperation with NASA's Science Mission Directorate, is soliciting proposals for the NASA Global Climate Change Education project. The GCCE project considers proposals in three funding categories. From The Foundation Center.

Matching Grants Program for Citizen Based Monitoring Field Work Benefiting American National Forests and Grasslands

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Deadline: January 17, 2012 National Forest Foundation Announces 2012 Matching Awards Program Guidelines The National Forest Foundation , the nonprofit partner of the U.S. NFF is currently soliciting proposals for its Matching Awards Program, which provides matching funds for direct on-the-ground and citizen-based monitoring projects benefiting America's national forests and grasslands. Past awards range from $500 to over $100,000. From The Foundation Center.

Guest post: It’s your nonprofit’s anniversary? Who cares…


Lots of great ideas were proposed; lots were discarded if the link couldn’t be made. The foundation created an award-winning annual report. The Gold award for the annual report from the Council on Foundations (yay!). Rick Schwartz. Another great guest post by Rick Schwartz.

The 2016 Best Nonprofit Conferences Calendar


Learn about new and proposed accounting and auditing standards and how they will impact not-for-profit entities and their auditors.