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Wild Woman Fundraising Book Reading June 6th at Bookwoman in Austin!

Wild Woman Fundraising

Do you live in or around Austin, TX? Come out to BookWoman, the best Feminist bookstore in Austin, TX, on June 6th, at 6pm. Tweet This!

Big Data hits Nonprofits! POW!

Wild Woman Fundraising

You’re working for a social services nonprofit. You’re writing a grant. You’re stuck. Read on! What is this tool? Unemployment key.

Want to be more effective in your fundraising? Get LEAN!

Wild Woman Fundraising

Post on Google Buzz. Do you have too much to do? Want to go from this: To This? Are you intrigued? Register here. Share this on

Must Not Sleep! Must Warn Others! And other tips from fundraising hip hopistas

Wild Woman Fundraising

Post on Google Buzz. FM aesop rock austin hip hop hip hop hooray KOOP Radio leah manners mazarine treyz Mr. lif texasMust Warn Others!&#.

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Unrelated Sunday!

Wild Woman Fundraising

Post on Google Buzz. For an unrelated Sunday, Weightlifting Woman by Mazarine Treyz. We’re just doing it. Fight for your breakfast!

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What I was doing when I wasn’t here

Wild Woman Fundraising

And the Austin Civic Orchestra concert on Saturday! Post on Google Buzz. What were those photoshoots for? That is her, above. I know!

Why Online Fundraising is like Ice cream!

Wild Woman Fundraising

Before we get down to it, if you are in Austin, and interested in being a more effective fundraiser, we still have a couple of spots left in my Lean Fundraising workshop at the Center for Nonprofits tomorrow. Check out this worksheet from the Center for Nonprofit Organizations at Austin Community College. Post on Google Buzz.

Jumping to another job? Where do you keep your brain?

Wild Woman Fundraising

For example, when I started working for the Austin Civic Orchestra, they had a marketing person. Fundraising Rosetta Stone. Who got fired.

2 morning tasks to super charge your nonprofit social media strategies #bbcon

Fundraising Coach

Austin said that each morning, he'd come into work at IJM and check Twitter's home page to see what was trending. Facebook shows trends too.

Come on up and see me! Online Today or at Mini-Fundraising Workshop in June!

Wild Woman Fundraising

My books are now being sold at BookWoman in Austin, TX ! Are you in Austin? Post on Google Buzz. Would you like to meet me and ask me questions? Today is your chance! No matter where you are in the world, you can come to my free webinar, and ask questions! Free Nonprofit Career Webinar Today! It’s 1-1:30pm CST! Aw yeah.

June 22

Come to our Nonprofit Job Club in Austin tomorrow

Wild Woman Fundraising

If you’re in Austin, we’d love to see you! Post on Google Buzz. And get help finding the hidden jobs! Digg this! Tweet This!

Come to our Nonprofit Career Club Today at 5:30pm in Austin TX

Wild Woman Fundraising

Join us today at 5:30pm at 2500 Exposition Blvd, Howson Library, in Austin, TX, when we’ll be talking with Lisa Avra, CDO of the Ransom Center! Come out today at 5:30pm at 2500 Exposition Blvd, Howson Branch Library, Austin, TX and get your questions answered! Post on Google Buzz. You can’t lose! Are you new here?

How can you be an executive director? Come out today in Austin! 5:30-6:30pm!

Wild Woman Fundraising

Are you in Austin? Post on Google Buzz. Tags: Board Finding a job Fundraising Keeping a job Leadership Sector-Switching women August meeting August 10th 5:30 austin lpjc meeting nonprofit career club npjc sue thornton texas Have you ever wondered what it’s like to sit on the other side of that desk? Want to come? Welcome!

Come on to the Nonprofit job Club in Austin on September 14th!

Wild Woman Fundraising

Post on Google Buzz. Tags: Finding a job Keeping a job Sector-Switching 2010 5:30pm austin how to ace your interview interview mazarine treyz nervous before interview nonprofit career club nonprofit job club npjc september 14 texas Have you ever wondered, “What could I do better in a job interview&# ? Are you new here? Welcome!

Do you want a Nonprofit Job in Austin, Texas? Be there February 15th!

Wild Woman Fundraising

Where: 5950 Middle Fiskeville Ave, Austin, TX, at the Center for Nonprofit Organizations at Austin Community College. Post on Google Buzz. Word on the street is that nonprofits are hiring again! really? Yes, The New York Times says so! So, do you want a nonprofit job? Register here. When: 11:30AM to 1:00PM, February 15th, 2011.

What does your board report look like?

Wild Woman Fundraising

Post on Google Buzz. Board Fundraising Grants Keeping a job annual report austin Austin civic orchestra best charity reports board report for fundraising branding charity reports dell children's medica center freescale semiconductor graphic design for nonprofits harvard university hauser center on nonprofits Inc. Sponsorships.

Day in the Life of a Nonprofit Communicator – Jennifer Starkey

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Jennifer Starkey. We need more stories! Don’t be shy – tell us what you do in a typical day as a nonprofit communications pro. . 8:00 a.m.

Reader Questions: Bootstrap your nonprofit startup in 4 steps!

Wild Woman Fundraising

Second: Are you in the Austin Texas Area? February 10th How to Find and Cultivate Donors When: Thursday, February 10, 2011 from 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM Center for Nonprofit Organizations, Austin, TX. Post on Google Buzz. First off, if you haven’t done it yet, please, for the love of everything, Take the survey here!

Mazarine’s Toolbox of Ten Useful Internet Marketing Things

Wild Woman Fundraising It's free, and very useful to scope out the competition, and what others can find out about you too.

April 21st, Wild Woman Fundraising Bookreading at Brave New Books

Wild Woman Fundraising

So, if you couldn’t make it out to BookWoman on April 6th, check out my reading on April 21st at Brave New Books in Austin, TX. Post on Google Buzz. this is like a mini-book tour! Share this on LinkedIn. Subscribe to the comments for this post? Share this on Tweet This! Digg this! Stumble upon something good?

The 2016 - 2017 Best Nonprofit Conferences Calendar


Bookmark it, share it, love it, and download it for Google or Outlook. National Arts Marketing Project / Austin, TX / $575. Name (a-z).

Young Nonprofit Professionals Network! Interview with Meredith Maples

Wild Woman Fundraising

Meredith Maples, Vice President, YNPN Austin Chapter. Where can people get more information on YNPN-Austin ? Post on Google Buzz.

YNPN presentation: Moving up in your nonprofit career: February 28th

Wild Woman Fundraising

Post on Google Buzz. This is exciting! Are you looking for a job at your desk right now? So, what will I be teaching? I will tell you!

Do you want to come to 501 Tech Club on September 20th?

Wild Woman Fundraising

Austin Free-Net Lab. Austin, TX 78702. What is Austin 501 Tech Club? The 501 Tech Club is a monthly gathering of people working on or interested in nonprofit technology in the Austin, TX Area. Even if you’re not in Austin, find a 501 Tech Club meetup near you ! Post on Google Buzz. Where! Welcome!

Are you a membership based nonprofit? 3 ways to be better

Wild Woman Fundraising

Post on Google Buzz. I don’t usually go in for membership. I find that whatever the cost is, it’s usually not followed up with enough concrete benefits. However, there is ONE organization that I am a member of, which exceeds all my expectations, and I think it would help you to tell you about it. Texas Wax. EMPOWER YOUR MEMBERS.

Improve your nonprofit website by moving down the ladder

Wild Woman Fundraising

They are the ones typing search words into Google. I’ve spoken about social media to the City of Austin and many others. website

November 9th: The Future of the Texas Nonprofit Sector!

Wild Woman Fundraising

He serves on the faculty of the Center for Community-Based & Nonprofit Organizations at Austin Community College, which he leads as its Founding Director; as well as adjunct faculty at St. Edward’s University New College (Austin) where he created and has long lead a course on nonprofit leadership and management. Digg this!

Where is the money for our schools?

Wild Woman Fundraising

Like, Austin Independent School District has to lay off 1,500 teachers. Post on Google Buzz. Lately I’ve been pondering a couple of things. And corporations like Amazon, BP, and other gas companies post record profits. To Quote Michael Moore, “America is not broke.&#. I mean, they are just going to make even more money.

Do you want to learn how to speak more effectively?

Wild Woman Fundraising

I’m going to be at the 501 Tech Club in Austin today, presenting on our game, so come and say hi! Post on Google Buzz. Hands.

Reader Questions: What are the best fundraising blogs & books?

Wild Woman Fundraising , RSS your Google search for recycling technology. RSS your Google search for upcycle, repurposing, refab, and similar terms.

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Can your nonprofit blog for cash?

Wild Woman Fundraising

Last week I went to a Rise Austin presentation by Cindy Cesares, managing editor of Guanabee , a blog which is like Perez Hilton for Latinos. Add this to Google Bookmarks. It’s pretty funny. Just in case you were wondering, people will read your blog more if you blog every few hours, and blog about celebrities. Digg this!

How I published my book, Part 2

Wild Woman Fundraising

Austin, Texas 2009. Then I found out early last month that the Espresso book machine had come to Austin! Post on Google Buzz.

What’s your safety net?

Wild Woman Fundraising

This week I’m presenting at the nonprofit career club in Austin on how to get a better handle on your motivation to find a job. Welcome!

The Wild Woman’s Guide to Fundraising Journey!

Wild Woman Fundraising

Post on Google Buzz. The Wild Woman's Guide to Fundraising by Mazarine Treyz. There’s a reason I look so happy in that picture! Digg this!

You’re the Entrepreneur Cost-Saving Part Two

Wild Woman Fundraising

If you’re just joining us, last week I went to the RISE AUSTIN conference for entrepreneurs. Stay tuned for more tips from the Rise Austin Conference. Add this to Google Bookmarks. It’s a free annual conference to help people get a leg up on starting and running their businesses. Save costs. Where can you save costs?

What does an LGBTQ nonprofit organization do?

Wild Woman Fundraising

Austin Texas Pride. Post on Google Buzz. Berdache or "Two-Spirit" in America, late 1880s. I looked up to Harvey Milk. He was 20.

Could your nonprofit get government contracts?

Wild Woman Fundraising

This is part three of what I learned from the fabulous RISE Austin conference that took place March 1-5th 2010. Add this to Google Bookmarks. If you’ve combed the Foundation Center Database over and over, it might be time to start thinking big with your nonprofit. What do you do that the government would like done? per year.

The 2016 Best Nonprofit Conferences Calendar


The 2015 - 2016 Best Nonprofit Conferences Calendar is ready for upload right into your Google or Outlook Calendar with a single click. spacer.

Guest Post: What the heck is CMYK and RGB and why should you care?

Wild Woman Fundraising

freelance graphic designer based in Austin, Texas. Post on Google Buzz. Pantone Color Chart. What could I have done better? Pantone.

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Young Fabulous Nonprofit Leader Interview with Larissa DeLuna!

Wild Woman Fundraising

Post on Google Buzz. Tags: Conflict Culture clash Generational clash Leadership women @ynpn american heart association austin gen y leadership generation X generation Y go red for women interview larissa deluna leadership managing gen y mazarine treyz nonprofit leadership crisis texas young nonprofit leaders How can we manage Gen Y?