A Basic Nonprofit Marketing Strategy, Outlined

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Are you looking for a basic template or pattern to follow when creating a nonprofit marketing strategy? Your primary target audiences and messages. Who exactly you are talking to and what you talk about can also greatly influence the elements in your strategy.

Video Interview: VolunteerMatch’s Content Marketing Strategy

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I recently interviewed Robert Rosenthal, vice president of communications and marketing at VolunteerMatch. Robert talks about how VolunteerMatch has moved away from paid advertising toward content marketing — creating multimedia content that draws people in. For VolunteerMatch, those people fall into two institutional audiences: nonprofits and corporations. Watch as Robert outlines the strategy. Watch as Robert outlines the strategy.

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So You Made an Audience Persona. Now What?

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So you made an audience persona. Audience personas can help your team create content for a more specific group of supporters than “the general public.” For example, at the American Friends Service Committee , we developed and tested a supporter journey for our digital audience, using an audience persona we created from our in-house communications research. If your organization has more than one audience persona – congrats on that, by the way! Beth Hallowell.

Think You Know Your Audience? Yeah, So Did I

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You Are Not Your Target Audience

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Putting aside for a moment whether we should call them “target audiences&# or not, it’s always good to remember that, as a nonprofit communicator or fundraiser, you are very rarely the kind of person that you are trying to communicate with. Now, there are several others on the board who are not members of this target audience, primarily white men and women of various ages, most significantly older.

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Drive Donors to Your Online Donation Page with These Six Marketing Strategies, Part 2

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You can find the first 3 strategies here. Last week , we talked about the first 3 strategies for marketing your online donation page: 1. Alongside email, social media stands as a powerful digital marketing tool that can lead donors to your online donation form. You could write whole volumes about social media strategy and the best practices for posting status updates, photos, videos, and other content. Bottom Line** Social media is a powerful marketing force.

Online Marketing Strategy & Website Makeover - Example from #09NTC

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Three teams made up of consultants from four different agencies ( Beaconfire Consulting , Forum One Communications , Free Range Studios , and Firefly Partners ) got together on a Sunday for a strategy and design competition. Each team, comprised of 3-4 of the consulting firm frienemies, then presented their online strategy and home page redesigns for the first time at the conference. think I like team 3’s home page the best, but team 2’s strategy the best.

4 Steps To Know Your Audience

Sea Change Strategies

The irony is not lost that I’m leading this post about audience with a story about my own self-involvement). You see, self-involvement is not a great trait for a marketer or fundraiser. Because we are not our audiences. This morning we presented the results of an audience survey we conducted for a client. And — surprise, surprise — this client’s audience does not reflect me nor my interests. We are not are audiences. A Secret.

Training Your Audience

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Check out this article about the side effects of such mass discounting strategies.  But by offering a mass discount, the restaurant owner ended up attracting an audience that has a different sort of training. By your actions you can train your audience to be generous (with you and with each other) or you can turn them into bargain hunters.  Audiences respond in the way we teach them to respond.    Tags: Leadership Management Marketing Strategy

Newsletter: Brands Supporting the Fight Against Australia Wildfires ; How to Develop Guidelines for Corporate Partnerships ; Your 2020 Marketing Strategy is Fearless Alienation

Selfish Giving

The four best and worst cause marketing campaigns of 2019, according to PR WEEK. I got a question last week on developing guidelines for companies that want to pursue a marketing partnership with a nonprofit. and I love reporting on local cause marketing initiatives. Marketing Your Cause 1. Your 2020 marketing strategy should be fearless alienation. How to define your audience when making a podcast. ?? Thanks for the great start to 2020.

Culture, Layer Cake and Building an Audience

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When you say the word audience it is easy to see them as one body.    In reality, any audience is composed of multiple segments that have very different needs and may be in your space for every different reasons.   I think it also gives us a sense of the future of audience development. The audience at Comic-Con are made up of cultures and sub cultures.  If your audience feels stagnant, maybe that just means you need to add a new layer. 

Get Your Millennial Audience Off My Lawn, Part 2

The Agitator

So hopefully all the moles are whacked and you no longer have to hear about how Millennials need to be the focus of your marketing strategy. Back in January, I argued that generations were a flawed construct and demographics a poor way to segment. In particular, the Millennial mythos seemed a mix of wishful thinking and harrumphing from previous generations.

A case study in audience building and steel cages

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How can we build new audiences? I want to move the art forward but the current audience will not allow me. If only there was an example of an organization that has successfully built new audiences numerous times.  If only that organization specialized in doing stuff live in front of an audience. In the 1980's the WWE (then called the WWF) had a very defined core audience.  This audience was best defined as men between 16-30.

Creating Marketing Personas [Worksheet]

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Register Now for Free Webinar on Thursday on Defining Your Target Audience

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How to Define, Research and Reach Your Target Audience.&# Instead of reaching out to everyone and touching no one, you need to focus your marketing and fundraising campaigns on the people who really do matter most to your organization’s success. Tags: Nonprofit Communications Nonprofit Marketing Strategy Online Courses Thanks to the more than 200 people who voted on the topic of this Thursday’s free webinar!

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How to Define Your Target Audience: Is Your Nonprofit a Match for Your Community?

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Many nonprofits make the mistake of trying to get the people they want to reach to think exactly like them, when they really should focus on getting people to take action by understanding their audiences better. Nonprofit marketing results don’t require the target audience to accept the worldview of the marketer before they take action. A key to knowing how to get people to take action, is knowledge of your market.

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How a Russian Spy Strategy Can Strengthen Your Nonprofit Marketing

Getting Attention

government’s goals and strategies. One of their primary strategies in doing so - knowing their “audience,&# the neighbors and other folks who had to believe they were just “regular folks&# – is the key to advancing your nonprofit’s marketing impact. To understand your audiences well, in order to find the intersection of their wants and needs and those of your organization. The spies had their audience down cold.

Why You Should Implement an Automated Email Welcome Series for New Donors

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Katelyn Baughan created an automated welcome series for The Children’s Inn at NIH that nurtured new donors over time instead of throwing them into regular email marketing. Today, Katelyn shares how the new welcome series fit into their revamped email marketing strategy, how it was implemented, and its results. If you want your nonprofit to develop a loyal donor base, expand your reach, and drive donations, email marketing is key. Katelyn Baughan.

9 Content Marketing Tips for Nonprofits

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John Haydon gave me a great challenge: Share 9 content marketing tips. When you’ve written a 100,000-word book about nonprofit content marketing , boiling it down to your favorite 9 tips is a challenge. 3 “musts” for better content marketing: Listen and understand your audience. Marketing bank for logos, photos, stories, etc. Quick and dirty marketing plan (audience, message, channels).

How a Russian Spy Strategy Can Strengthen Your Nonprofit Marketing

Getting Attention

government’s goals and strategies. One of their key’ strategies in doing so - knowing their “audience,&# their neighbors and other folks they had to fool to be successful in building their knowledge – is the key to advancing your nonprofit’s marketing impact. To understand your audiences well, in order to find the intersection their wants and those of your organization. The spies had their audience down cold.

12 Communications Strategies for Nonprofits

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And every day you manage tactical communications channels like email, social media, print marketing, PR and more. The answer is Communications or Marketing Strategies. . Unfortunately, if you spend much time searching for nonprofit communications strategies what you most often find is content about goals or tactics. So, I put some time in sorting through and narrowing down the 12 communications strategies that I most often see effective nonprofits using.

Too much major and legacy gift fundraising is focused on HOW when it should be focused on WHY.


Major gift fundraising communications (especially legacy gift marketing) tend to focus too much on showing supporters how they can make a major or legacy gift; when they should focus, instead, on creating dialogue to understand why people care and then informing them why they should give. That’s because most so-called major and legacy gift marketing companies (vendors) don’t really understand the donor consideration and decision-making process. What the heck am I talking about?

The 4 Rs: Be Real, Relevant, Realistic, and Rewarding in Your Content Marketing

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As you start using content marketing to capture the hearts of your nonprofit supporters, remember to stay true to your organization with the four Rs: Be real, relevant, realistic, and, most importantly, rewarding! That might sound like a lot of marketing speak, but it really means are you relevant. Do you know the barriers to communicating with your audience? Nonprofit Marketing Marketing Strategies

Danger Ahead—Piggybacking on Tragedy

Getting Attention

is a tried-and-true nonprofit marketing strategy with a strong ROI (return on investment). Take a look at these campaigns that piggyback on Valentine’s Day and Earth Day , powerful examples of organizations that link their work to their audiences’ open-minded moments. In that case, it’s vital that you understand how your audience feels about that particular event or day so you get the message right!

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How to Take a Modern Approach to Nonprofit Brand Awareness

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Rather than broadcasting static messages to vast audiences, charities can now seek direct engagement with targeted communities and create dynamic, two-way conversations. Here''s how: Social value: Targeted marketing. The value of social media lies in the way it connects you with your supporters: By releasing targeted content, you can now reach out to large audiences who already have a vested interest in your work. Tools for 21st-century marketers.

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Super Short is Super Sweet: Storytelling that Hooks Digital Donors

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When it comes to social media, visual marketing is a primary driver for connecting with audiences. Both are heavily used by people under 35 and have massive audiences, Instagram with 200 million monthly users and Vine with 100 million. Like all social media marketing, it’s wise to begin by reaching out to the audiences you already have, probably on Facebook and Twitter. It will take some time to develop an audience on Instagram or Vine, so be patient.

Facebook for Fundraising: Worth It or Waste of Time?

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You need to know what’s going on so you can make the right decisions for your fundraising and marketing agendas. You use Facebook as a complementary channel to direct marketing (online and offline), your website, and the other places where you have a positive track record of motivating the actions you want (giving, registering, etc.). If you decide to invest in Facebook , these relevancy strategies will help build your reach: • Be transparent, helpful, and accessible.

Go There! Case Study: Center for American Progress

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I urge you to run with it—Use this powerful model to boost your org’s marketing investment. Build your talking points from these shared by Daniella Gibbs Léger , CAP’s senior vice president for communications and strategy: Our investment in communications is necessary to ensure that people hear the ideas we develop and champion, and that those ideas move. Guest Bloggers Market Research Nonprofit Communications Nonprofit Marketing Strategy

How to Measure the Impact of Your Nonprofit Marketing

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That’s changed the life of most marketers I know, who have been asked (pressured even, in some cases) to harvest and analyze more data than ever before. This high-speed ramp-up is a real pressure for us marketers who are already overstretched. The right marketing measures deliver huge value to your organization…. Everything you do nonprofit marketing-wise has to be about your audience if you want to engage and motivate them to give, volunteer, or sign a petition.

5 pieces of advice for nonprofit communicators who want to rock their marketing in 2017

J Campbell Social Marketing

This past year was certainly an explosive one for digital marketing and online fundraising. I know, and have seen, that even the smallest nonprofit can rock their online marketing. It makes nonprofits of all sizes think that they can’t compete with large organizations, even if they are targeting completely different audiences with completely different messages. And what’s the game in nonprofit marketing? Understand what it takes to compete in marketing in 2017.

Developing a Modern Public Relations Strategy

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This month’s he’s back to share more about how you can best reach your audience and cultivate relationships with the media. Guest Post by Peter Panepento of Panepento Strategies. Gone are the days when we could communicate at our potential audiences. Peter Panepento is principal at Panepento Strategies , a full-service content, digital, and social strategy firm for nonprofits and socially-minded companies. Peter Panepento.

5 Tips for Your Next Email Newsletter

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The arrival of the New Year is a great time to look at your overall marketing strategy and think of new ways to grow your organization in 2014. With a regularly scheduled newsletter, you can keep your audience up-to-date and make sure that your supporters never miss a chance to volunteer, donate, or spread the word about your organization. While the primary focus of your newsletter will be to keep your audience engaged, you also need to make it easy for people to take action.

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Too Many Choices—Your Greatest Pain Point

Getting Attention

Here’s one of the most common pain points nonprofit marketers like you have just shared with me. There are so many choices these days in choosing the marketing direction forward, that it’s tough to ID the right things to do right now. Today’s marketing menu includes multiple choices within each of these categories (and I’ve probably missed some) : Why: Goal and benchmark. Who: Target audience.

Successful Online Fundraising Campaigns – Tips from @karvetski

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Set Public Goals with Your Audience. E-Newsletters Fundraising Nonprofit Communications Nonprofit Marketing Strategy Online Marketing StorytellingKerri Karvetski is a wonderful nonprofit copywriter and online strategist (and she also teaches the webinars in our Social Media Starter Kit series ). I recently interviewed Kerri for some tips on how to put together a good online fundraising campaign. Kerri’s Campaign Tips: Develop a Story Arc with Multiple Emails.

9 Tips for Creating an Editorial Calendar Chock Full of What Your Community Wants

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Create your editorial calendar with your list of goals and audiences in front of you so you create a calendar that meets the needs of both. Develop regular recurring slots for the different types of content and your different audiences. We also include a calendar for national holidays and various other important dates, like associated disease awareness months, that we want to use for our marketing. Diane Greenhalgh.

Return to Spray and Pray?

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Just about every nonprofit marketing consultant I know, yours truly included, ridicules the idea of “spray and pray” marketing, where you throw out as much stuff as you can at “the general public” and hope that some of it hits the right people. Jay published a post called Why It Might Be Time to Completely Change Your Social Media Strategy. Content Marketing Nonprofit Communications Nonprofit Marketing Strategy nptech Social Networking Trends

Three Stages of Nonprofit Marketing Maturity

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As I’ve been writing my new book on content marketing for nonprofits, I’ve tried to keep in mind the different stages that nonprofits go through as their communications and marketing programs mature. When asked to identify their target audience, they’ll usually respond with “the general public” or “everyone.” We also call this “spray and pray” marketing – and this isn’t the good kind of prayer.).

What’s a Reasonable Amount of Content to Produce?

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How many different kinds of target audiences are you trying to reach? Limiting the target audiences and the things you want them to do (your calls to action) is the first thing I recommend to overworked communications staff because these two factors have such a huge ripple effect on everything else. The role of content marketing in achieving those goals. Print communications, 4 – 6 times a year (maybe a short newsletter, or event marketing, or an appeal letter).

Simple Rules, Part I: How to Make Better and Faster #NpComm Decisions

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Eisenhardt define simple rules as “shortcut strategies that save time and effort by focusing our attention and simplifying the way we process information.” Nonprofit marketing and fundraising have simple rules too. If at your nonprofit, you have a hard time making marketing and fundraising decisions or get bogged down in the endless communications choices, creating some simple rules can help. Think about your goals and primary target audiences.

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How to Plan a New Website Without Your Head Exploding

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During the day, I serve as the Director of Marketing & Communications for the Ohio Environmental Council (OEC). including SEO, writing for the audience, OEC style guidelines, etc. Jennifer Doron ( Jennifer@theOEC.org ) is Director of Marketing & Communications for the Ohio Environmental Council. Accidental Techies Guest Bloggers Nonprofit Communications Nonprofit Marketing Strategy nptechJennifer Doron.

Get a REAL Marketing Plan – Early Bird Rate Ends Friday

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When I offer my “Quick and Dirty&# marketing plan workshop, I’m always saying things like, “But when you do your REAL plan, you’ll also do this and this. But for those of you who are ready for something more , for the real deal, it’s time to register for the Total Focus Nonprofit Marketing Plan Workshop. Benchmarks for your marketing goals so you know if you are making progress or not.

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What Does a Board Communications Committee Do?

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One of the challenges that Melinda is facing right now is how to use a board marketing or communications committee. She has board members and other volunteer leaders who are experienced with various facets of marketing and communications, but what should she be asking these people to do? Do research on target audiences, for example, to focus and improve marketing strategies.

How to Use Social Media to Grow Your Events

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Measure your results throughout the campaign in order to tweak your outreach strategy. If you have the resources, tweet multiple times per day (about three to five depending on your audience). Events Marketing Strategies The return on investment for any fundraising event equals increasing donations, raising awareness, and maximizing ticket sales. So how can you influence the ticketing life cycle and encourage more people to attend your event?