Global internet statistics for 2018

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billion internet users, which is 52% of the world’s population. Average daily internet usage has surpassed 6 h ours. The average internet user spends around 6 hours each day using the internet. Internet penetration has pretty much reached its peak in North America.

Nationality of the Internet

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This is a visual representation of the “nationality&# of traffic on the internet, created by California’s Co-operative Association for Internet Data Analysis. Asia: 825 million internet users (42% of world total). Europe: 475 million internet users (24.2%

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Mobile Internet Access In Developing Countries

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Broadband connectivity for internet access is spotty at best, and the promise of the internet for billions is still a few years away (2015?) Mirroring, or perhaps even eclipsing, a trend among poorer people in developed countries, some analysts see mobile access as the primary way in which people in emerging markets will connect with the internet. Indonesia, Egypt and Russia are the strongest growth markets for mobile internet browser maker Opera.

What Would You Say? Thoughts on Global Citizenship


To utilize “the power of the Internet and social networking to engage a new generation of world citizens in the importance of international diplomacy.&# This is an inspiring charge–but in reality, could be quite difficult in achieving.

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Downsides to the global democratization and sharing of content

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Asia (including middle-east) and Africa are key growth markets right now thanks to their high mobile penetration rates. This was before most people had heard of the internet.

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The Growing Asian American Market, a Likely Target for Cause Marketing

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It’s peach season where I live and so with peach juice running down my face my mind naturally turns to China and Asia and the fastest growing ethnic group in the United States. Eighty percent of Asian Americans live in households with Internet access, the highest among race and ethnic groups.

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Sheroes You Should Know: Inspiring Stories for #WomensHistoryMonth


Originally from California, Harriet Chalmers Adams lived a life that saw her travel through South America, Asia, and the South Pacific. She's a transgender teen and internet star whose story and spirit have inspired millions of people , including her peers, to better understand what it means to be transgender in today's society. she·ro (pl. sheroes) : a woman regarded as a hero.

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It's a dot-org world, after all

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The.ORG domain, which has come to be associated with noncommercial activities, is the Internet's third largest "generic" or non-country specific top-level domain." PIR, itself a dot-org and a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, has achieved much of the recent growth in dot-org registrations through promoting it in "developing regions" of South America, Asia, and Africa. According to the Public Interest Registry (PIR), the folks responsible for the ".org"

Have You Watched An Online Video Today?

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Among the non-media, non-commercial creators of online videos are the AFL-CIO, Anti-Defamation League, Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, Archive of American Law Enforcement and The Asia Foundation, as well as dozens — if not hundreds — of colleges and universities. "It’s "It’s a gigantic business," says the CEO of Brightcove, an Internet video services firm, in USA Today. "Every How about in the past week?

4 laws of networks - and what they say about your best messenger

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But in an era when most of the world’s population has a phone and half connect to the Internet, the most important messengers aren’t the official ones - they are our peers, whose opinions are just a click away. The other week, I was at a conference with Tim Love , CEO of Omnicom’s Asia Pacific/India/Middle East/Africa region. If there’s one thing that’s changed in marketing lately, it’s the relative importance of the messenger.

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What MBA Programs Don’t Teach You

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Here’s how Kate describes herself, “Kate didn’t expect to find herself at the intersection of business, marketing, and the Internet, but with sound writing and editing skills she’s trying to make the most of her interests by writing on her favorite topics. This is true of markets in Europe and Asia, as well as emerging entities like India, China and Brazil.

Contrasting Web Strategies

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Founded in 1976 … spectacular 33 year track record of accomplishment … backed by Jimmy Carter and every other president … terrific direct mail performance over the years … pre-dating the internet itself! Online fundraising appeals – the home page featured a classic Donate button as well as an appeal currently based on Asia/Pacific natural disasters.