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Fundraisers can learn a lot from good advertising because it puts all the focus on the consumer (your donor). Don’t be over-anxious to fill up your “dead” space in your letters, brochures, posters, ads, websites, emails or other communication devices.

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#HOWTO: Have A Film Screening As A Fundraising Opportunity

Non Profit Marketing 360

Mouse over a movie poster for a synopsis. The request page ask for some information about you/your group and how you will advertise the event. We at MKCREATIVEmedia wish you a joyous, healthy, and prosperous New Year!

#COMMUNICATIONS: NFC Means More Than Paying By Mobile Phone

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The chip can be on a card or poster or placed on a gas pump or soda machine, which means NFC spots can be ‘retrofitted’ pretty easily into current infrastructures. Wave-&-Ride to replace Swipe-&-Ride?

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#SocialNetworks: Kony 2012 Covered The Night. Did It Jump The Shark?

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The kids who wasted their $30 (but not a fun evening with friends hanging up a few posters) might be the only notable losers thus far, but what about those Ugandans who would actually benefit from serious collaboration on serious problems? Youth cover some of the evening.

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27 Communications and Marketing Tactics for Nonprofits

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Paid advertising , including radio, TV, print, online, and outdoor. Signage, posters, banners. In previous posts, we’ve shared the most common marketing and communications goals , strategies , and objectives for nonprofits. Today, let’s complete the list by talking about tactics. Tactics are the tools you use to pursue the objectives associated with your strategy.

12 digital fundraising trends for 2012 #3 Augmented Reality

Giving in a Digital World

campaign when you view the poster through an iOS or Android device running the Blippar App , the image ‘leaps-out’ at you in a simple 3D form and you see, overlaid on the poster, buttons that you can use to interact with the ad. To give you an idea of the resulting experience, you can see the original poster (left) and the ‘augmented’ poster (right) below (as viewed on my iPhone using the Blippar App).

Advice for New Communications Directors

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

When I first started, I wasn’t aware of this until a patron or two let me have it for not having posters on the coffee shop bulletin board. Where and how to advertise. We recently asked you to share your advice for new communications directors, and we heard from 25 of you.

Day in the Life of a Nonprofit Communicator – Carina Johnson

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Then it’s back to work and time to get moving on some brochures for our upcoming appeal, some posters for events or some social media advertisements, and some banners for our website. Carina Johnson.

Research Can Tell You Which Words to Use

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The next step in our plan was to generate advertisements with a variety of spay/neuter promoting messages and conduct a market research survey to determine which advertisements were the most convincing to our demographic. See the five posters here.

Is there any real future for QR Codes in fundraising?

Giving in a Digital World

In short they are the little square maze-like icons that you may see on press ads, posters, or product packaging that smartphone users who have downloded a relevant App can use to open a related webpage simply by snapping a photo of the code.

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7 Google+ Pro Tips for Nonprofits

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Be sure to post photos of your mission in action, videos from your latest fundraising event and other images such as your latest campaign poster or advertisement to draw in more supporters and increase the odds your content will be shared. So you've got your nonprofit Google+ page up and running. now what? Take advantage of the unique features of this social platform to connect with your supporters, encourage community advocacy and add interactivity to your outreach.

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6 Strategies to Maximize Nonprofit Text-to-Give Donations

J Campbell Social Marketing

Advertise your recurring gifts option. Advertise your recurring gifts option. To pull this off, you have to begin advertising for your Giving Day far in advance. Make sure to put your text-to-give number on the poster! Guest blog by John Killoran, CEO of Snowball.

7 Tips to Market Mobile Fundraising to Your Donors

J Campbell Social Marketing

Posters. You never know who might pick up one of your flyers or pass by one of your posters on a daily basis. You spot an advertisement for a text-to-give campaign, like this one: You’re intrigued. Guest post by Wauker Matthews.

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Cause Marketing vs. Sponsorship – What’s the Difference?

Selfish Giving

Place reaches consumers in an untraditional way and place with cause messages often supported by in-store point of purchase advertising. The tools could include featuring the company’s logo on a poster, t-shirt, brochure or other nonprofit marketing and communications material.

A Turnkey Cause Marketing Promotion for Restaurants

Cause Related Marketing

You could put it in the menu, on table tents, on internal posters, etc. If you already advertise, you should add a picture of the item and a few sentences of description about the cause and the promotion.

The Legalities of Cause Marketing

Cause Related Marketing

On that count, today’s post on the legalities of cause marketing comes courtesy of a guest poster, Maria E. Cause marketing ventures are not only subject to general laws and regulations applicable to advertising, but they are also highly regulated by state laws.

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Cause for Dessert

Cause Related Marketing

You could put it in the menu, on table tents, on internal posters, etc. If you already advertise, you should add a picture of the item and a few sentences of description about the cause and the promotion.

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Stupid heads: more fun with nonprofit ads

Donor Power Blog

It's a poster for Evergreen , a Canadian nonprofit that promotes "deepening the connection between people and nature." You can see other posters in the series here and here.). This poster is hardly takes you where the organization wants you to go.

Meet Donordigital: Anthony Blair-Borders, Senior Web Designer


Anthony joins the team with many years of experience in advertising, digital design and art. Michael: Describe your advertising background working as an art director and creative. Anthony: Traditional advertising always left me feeling a little flat.

Discovery Communications Provides FREE Marketing Support to Nonprofits in DC

Marketing for Nonprofits

Jocelyn Print Advertising Design: Full-page print ad design (that can be applied to magazine, newspaper ad insertions, event-related programs, etc.) Awareness is the first step in the engagement funnel. That's a basic marketing concept. But talk ain't cheap!

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8 Step Guide to Planning the Perfect Nonprofit Fundraising Event

J Campbell Social Marketing

If it’s exposure they’re after, you could offer them concrete advertisements, like banner spots at the event itself or a logo on the back of your fundraising T-shirt. . Guest blog by Kerri Moore.

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9 Words for Nonprofits to Avoid in 2011

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The original poster had this blurb on it: "Movie-wise, there has never been anything like ‘The Apartment' love-wise, laugh-wise, or otherwise-wise." Count on Advertising Age to be three steps ahead of the rest of us with their list of " Jargoniest Jargon " that includes some terms we've never even heard before. Last January's " Words for Nonprofits to Avoid in 2010 " turned out to be Big Duck's most popular blog post of 2010.

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The Best of Social Marketing in 2016

Social Marketing and Social Change

toolkits, guidebooks, posters) for individuals, health professionals, community health workers, media professionals, leaders and staff of state- and private-owned organizations. What are some of the best papers published in social marketing this past year?

Getting the top fundraising positions-you’ve gotta plan!

Wild Woman Fundraising

I saw their posters around campus, so I contacted them, they were real excited, they wanted me to be a big brother. Listen to this interview here: Hey and welcome everyone! This is Mazarine Treyz of Wild Woman Fundraising.

Demarketing Sugar Consumption in Drinks

Social Marketing and Social Change

Common demarketing strategies include higher prices, scaled-down advertising, and product redesign. governments use anti-smoking advertising to highlight the health risks of smoking and regulatory measures to dissuade consumers from consuming tobacco.

Successful crowdfunding for comics: Interview with Zach Weinersmith of Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal

Wild Woman Fundraising

For each t-shirt you have to have 12-13 sizes and query each buyer which size you want whereas if you do a paper product like a stickers or poster, there are relatively high profit margins. They are such false advertising!

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Recharging Tobacco Control Efforts

Social Marketing and Social Change

TV ads Print ads Digital ads Digital games Downloadable materials - including education pieces, posters and postcards Social media content. There is also evidence that these types of advertising messages reduce tobacco use among youth and young adults. Be prepared.

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What's Your Non-Profit's Bottom Line?

Nonprofit Consultant Blog

Large for–profit corporations spend millions of dollars each year gathering data to compare the success of different approaches in advertising, audience targeting and product offerings. Our achievements this year included a $50,000 awareness-raising advertising campaign on buses, billboards, and in magazines. From Guest Blogger Nick Cooney.

Must See Event

Mission Paradox Blog

The point of every marketing tool at your disposal, PR, social media, print advertising, posters, etc. To build an audience for art, particularly live performing art, you've got to make it feel like a must see event. Other forms of media and entertainment do not have such a high bar.    A movie has plenty of opportunities to snare audience (in the theatre, on DVD, on demand).    A TV series has similar options.

The Best of Social Marketing in 2016

Social Marketing and Social Change

toolkits, guidebooks, posters) for individuals, health professionals, community health workers, media professionals, leaders and staff of state- and private-owned organizations. Dissemination of program messages is through national and provincial television channels, radio, print and online newspapers and magazines, social media, brochures and posters. What are some of the best papers published in social marketing this past year?

How Proof of Concept Can Improve Fundraising for a New Program and What Proof of Concept Is

Seeking Grant Money Today

Finally, when the nonprofit advertises its new program to its beneficiaries, (if the program is one that the beneficiaries attend such as in this example), the proof of concept can be included in the program's brochure and other press releases and marketing to instill confidence.

What the Special Event or Events Fundraising Method Is, and How It Works

Seeking Grant Money Today

and vendors decreasing their fees to possibly even donating their products or services out of loyalty and support to the organization, its cause, and the popularity of the event (often, for example, in exchange for their logo being included in the event brochure, or on marketing or advertising for the event). Do not create an event that allows the organization to advertise it for only a week or two before registration begins or before the event itself.