The Greatest Story Ever Told

The Agitator

If I weren’t stealing this video out of the Christian Post , I’d be a bit hesitant to share it with you … The ‘Jesus’ ad by 1One Production and advertising agency LG2. Communications Copywriting / creative premium How many times have you heard that effective fundraising — moving people in general, making a durable impression — revolves around storytelling. Tapping into the hardwiring in the lizard part of our brain.

Ep247: Emoji Reaction Project Turns Your Facebook Into Activism

Selfish Giving

Today on CauseTalk Radio , Megan and I talk to Dana Stalker and Rachel Frederick , associate creative directors at Droga5 , an advertising agency that has developed the Emoji Reaction Project. It's a clever Chrome extension that transforms your negative Facebook emoji reactions into tangible ways to support good causes and fight injustice.


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Acquisition: Why ‘Best Practices’ Suck

The Agitator

Most exercises in brand building are promulgated by advertising agencies and brand strategists interested mostly in impressing CEOs and boards with their expensive froth, not fundraisers. Acquisition branding communications creativity direct mail Don't Miss these Posts donor retention fundraising innovationThe problem with most ‘best practices’ is that they lead to stealing.

Elain Evans: Featured Fundraiser

A Small Change

I also strive to be truly creative, people are so bombarded with messages these days, more so than ever with the amount of content on the internet, so to rise above all the ‘noise’ I try to be innovative. That means taking risks, pushing creative to the edge and looking outside of the not-for-profit sector for insight into trends and approaches. I pair all the creative efforts with solid systems to organize production.

Jeff Gets Upset … Me Too

The Agitator

I love it when creative whiz Jeff Brooks gets upset over the mind-boggling bad judgments nonprofits make — regarding names, logos, taglines, positioning and messaging — in the name of better branding. ” Hats off to advertising agency Y&R for mucking up a perfectly suggestive, brief, memorable and straightforward tagline by adding extraneous words stating a conclusion that’s already obvious.

Don't Use Exploitive Images in Charitable Appeals, Real World Results Suggest

Cause Related Marketing

Instead of depicting animals in grim circumstances, as had been done in prior campaigns, the Humane Society’s advertising agency Door Number 3 , headed by my friend M.P. It could even be that the creative used in the laboratory tests wasn't very good. A study , published in the December 2009 Journal of Marketing Research , found that children’s charities would receive greater donations if they depicted sad-looking children in their appeals.