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The Greatest Story Ever Told

The Agitator

Tapping into the hardwiring in the lizard part of our brain. Dates back to communicating in the cave. And all that. I know it’s a tough story to.

Don't Use Exploitive Images in Charitable Appeals, Real World Results Suggest

Cause Related Marketing

But real-world results show that the research may not be valid, especially for animals. I’ve got a few answers. “It’s It’s potentially exploitative.

Jeff Gets Upset … Me Too

The Agitator

” Hats off to advertising agency Y&R for mucking up a perfectly suggestive, brief, memorable and straightforward tagline by adding extraneous words stating a conclusion that’s already obvious. The examples he comes up with, as in this post — Change your name at your own risk — are usually breathtaking.

Shifting from Problem Describers to Solution Seekers

Social Marketing and Social Change

He went on to say: “ you need to learn something you don’t already know. It has nothing to do with acquiring new information." What would you do first?

Acquisition: Why ‘Best Practices’ Suck

The Agitator

Most exercises in brand building are promulgated by advertising agencies and brand strategists interested mostly in impressing CEOs and boards with their expensive froth, not fundraisers. The problem with most ‘best practices’ is that they lead to stealing. And on and on. Tote bags change logos. Address labels change colors. Churn.

Social Media: What Does An Agency Owe A Client In Terms Of Content Transparency?

Diva Marketing Blog

Yes, girlfriend, the agencies are stepping in and taking over the role and responsibilities of implementing social media initiatives. Oh My!

PR 1

How To Write Tabloid Blog & Tweet Posts

Diva Marketing Blog

Since he works for a large agency his tweet was picked up and spun round and round the Blogosphere and Twitterville. Guess not.

Elain Evans: Featured Fundraiser

A Small Change

I work from a creative brief and require anyone we write direct mail for to sign off on creative concepts just as an advertising agency would. Today’s “Featured Fundraiser&# is a long-time friend of mine Elain Evans. Feel free to refer someone that you think I should feature. Thank you Elain for sharing your wisdom.