The Greatest Story Ever Told

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If I weren’t stealing this video out of the Christian Post , I’d be a bit hesitant to share it with you … The ‘Jesus’ ad by 1One Production and advertising agency LG2.

Ep247: Emoji Reaction Project Turns Your Facebook Into Activism

Selfish Giving

Today on CauseTalk Radio , Megan and I talk to Dana Stalker and Rachel Frederick , associate creative directors at Droga5 , an advertising agency that has developed the Emoji Reaction Project.

Don't Use Exploitive Images in Charitable Appeals, Real World Results Suggest

Cause Related Marketing

Instead of depicting animals in grim circumstances, as had been done in prior campaigns, the Humane Society’s advertising agency Door Number 3 , headed by my friend M.P.

Social Media: What Does An Agency Owe A Client In Terms Of Content Transparency?

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Enter stage left - PR agencies, advertising agencies and social media consultants who are seizing an opportunity to carve a service niche from their time pressed, staff starved clients. Blogs and Facebook and Twitter and YouTube and Flicker. Oh My!

Jeff Gets Upset … Me Too

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” Hats off to advertising agency Y&R for mucking up a perfectly suggestive, brief, memorable and straightforward tagline by adding extraneous words stating a conclusion that’s already obvious. I love it when creative whiz Jeff Brooks gets upset over the mind-boggling bad judgments nonprofits make — regarding names, logos, taglines, positioning and messaging — in the name of better branding.

Newsletter: Lessons from NPR's Fact-Checking of's Super Bowl Ad

Selfish Giving

Great Super Bowl LII activation from this Minneapolis advertising agency that sold faux fur-lined red plaid hats and then delivered them by bicycle messenger to cold visitors.

NPR 52

Shifting from Problem Describers to Solution Seekers

Social Marketing and Social Change

Phil Dusenberry, the former chairman of the advertising agency BBDO North America, wrote that marketers relied on consumer research more than any other profession.

How To Write Tabloid Blog & Tweet Posts

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Since he works for a large agency his tweet was picked up and spun round and round the Blogosphere and Twitterville. Pick a person who has colored outside the lines. Bonus points if he/she works for a large PR or advertising agency or major brand.

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Elain Evans: Featured Fundraiser

A Small Change

I work from a creative brief and require anyone we write direct mail for to sign off on creative concepts just as an advertising agency would. Today’s “Featured Fundraiser&# is a long-time friend of mine Elain Evans. Feel free to refer someone that you think I should feature. Thank you Elain for sharing your wisdom. What kind of fundraising do you do and who do you do it for? I am the Associate Director of Annual Giving at the University of British Columbia.

Why Don't People Get Social Media Is Not Private Communication?

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Recently one more agency was fired for an inappropriate tweet. We're not talking kids, but adults from politicians a la " Weinergate " to PR and advertising agencies who seem to be "misusing" Twitter. Twitter etiquette for agencies/freelancers

The Robin Hood Interviews: Selling Soap and Good Causes

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After several years of selling soap, he went on to work for the ad agency Wells, Rich, Green. This was the first time public broadcasting had hired an advertising agency to build audience. Novelli went on to apply that thinking as executive vice president of the international relief and development agency CARE, president of the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids and as chief executive officer for the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP).