Open Government Consultation

Public Sector Marketing 2.0

In the spirit of openness, I have decided to publicly share my open-ended responses to the ongoing Canadian Open Government Consultation , which has been taking place since December 6th, 2011 and is scheduled to end January 16th, 2012. The consultation covers questions on Open Data , Open Information , Open Dialogue and the Open Government Strategy. What could be done to make it easier for you to find and use government data provided online? Every government is unique.

When Government is the Sponsor

Cause Related Marketing

In Time , Sports Illustrated and other magazines there’s been a series of ads running in hot rotation and in support of a website called ‘’ Therein lies a fish story about the financing of World War Two, habitat restoration and government funded cause marketing.

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Being Empowered in Government 2.0


The other week I had the honor of chairing the Advanced Learning Institute’s “Social Media and Government&# December conference. In government communications, it’s no longer good enough to be the first or to be using social media. When it comes to social media and government, some do not know where to start. If you have added “faces and places,&# please leave them in the comments as we are all always learning. Tags: government 2.0

Transparency Isn’t Just for the Government


In the comments, Holly Ross added in that transparency is currently on the minds of her and the folks at NTEN. –> Government. Since my day-job leans more into the public health and government agency arena–I couldn’t help but see the parallels between government 2.0

Youtube now offering FREE branded YouTube channels for government orgs

Public Sector Marketing 2.0

A few of my contacts at Google have recently informed me that the branded YouTube channel (formerly $50,ooo to setup), is now being offered for free to all government departments (this includes the Canadian Government of course). 1×1 ad tag support – Served via DFP. Sure enough, a few Government of Canada departments have already jumped onto this.

How social media can bring strategic marketing thinking into government

Public Sector Marketing 2.0

There is a very evident lack of marketing expertise within the government environment. Having worked with over 50 government clients I can say there is still a tremendous issue with people working in silos and not sharing experiences with each other, thus repeating the same mistakes. The problem is that people think marketing is some “fluffy&# position that is responsible for glossy brochures and tv ads.

One week, two excellent events: #CbocSocial and #FWD50

Public Sector Marketing 2.0

The second event (#fwd50) had many senior government leaders, program and policy folks, as well those interested in the general advancement of government through modern disruptive tech. Increased focus on governance optimization. Neat initiatives going on across government.

Is Responsive Design the Right Mobile Strategy for Your Nonprofit?

Getting Attention

Thanks to the bloggers at the Ad Council for sharing their expertise here. The Ad Council produces public service campaigns—on behalf of nonprofit organizations and government agencies—on issues ranging from education to community wellbeing and strengthening families.

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The B.C. Apps for Climate Change Initiative

Public Sector Marketing 2.0

I wanted to share some of his “public&# information with you to give it added visibility. government will be sharing some of its data (compiled into an easy-to-use catalog of 500 climate change and greenhouse gas emission data sets ) with others interested in putting it to practical use. Initiatives like this are helping to pioneer government 2.0 I recently received an email from a gentleman named Rod Deacon (Public Affairs Bureau in Victoria B.C.)

Does My Nonprofit Qualify for Google for Nonprofits?


In addition to this, registering with Google for Nonprofits also allows you to apply for the Google Ad Grant , a scheme which provides $10,000 worth of in-kind, text-based advertising per month to nonprofits all around the globe. How to Make Your Website Eligible for the Google Ad Grant.

Social Marketing Bulletin–List of Change, Local Public Health and More


I chose this initiative because it encompasses social change, social marketing and social media, as well as public health, non-profits, and government 2.0. If yours isn’t added yet, feel free to join the rest of us changebloggers and help spread the word! GOVERNMENT 2.0:

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About the Nonprofit's Governing Documents, Especially the Bylaws and How They Can Be A Powerful Tool for the Organization's Success

Seeking Grant Money Today

The Bylaws and the Articles of Incorporation are the two governing documents that any nonprofit must create when it is being started up, and then it must have on hand as it conducts its business over the life of the organization. Instead, this post is merely educational: an introduction to what documents govern nonprofit organizations in a general overview, and it gives some instances (not all) in which they maybe either necessary or helpful and how so.

Calling All Creative for Good Projects


Nonprofits, government entities and corporations may submit any “pro-social campaign” that is non-commercial, non-political and that does not advocate for any particular legislation. Already, the Ad Council is one of the initial contributors working to add content.

If This Then That. When Google isn’t enough…

Public Sector Marketing 2.0

Check out the screenshot I just took of some recently created recipes of IFTT users: I’m looking forward to adding this to my toolbox and sharing with my clients. We all know “googling” things in 2013 is ubiquitous.

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Why you need to focus on mobile right now

Public Sector Marketing 2.0

In governance? I needed an effective mobile way to manage the numerous government and client department back-channel Twitter conversations that I had set-up on my laptop using Tweetdeck. At this point I know I sound like the Apple ad “there’s an app for that&#. Tags: Insight 3GS Android Blackberry Facebook goc Google government of canada iPhone LinkedIn Mike Kujawski mobile public sector marketing 2.0

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Statistics Canada has launched a Census Forum

Public Sector Marketing 2.0

A fellow business contact of mine, William Dore, recently pointed me towards a new Census Dissemination Discussion Forum that has been created by Statistics Canada. Essentially it is an open forum for people to post questions about the 2011 Census.

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6 not-so-conventional tips for working from home

Public Sector Marketing 2.0

Of course, during the current COVID-19 pandemic, there is the added complexity of many of us having young kids at home (I have three) that need to be homeschooled at the same time.

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[Guest Post] The Recipe for Nonprofit Committee Failure

Fundraising Coach

Kim is the resident governance expert at Boardable. By: Kim Donahue, Nonprofit Governance Coach at Boardable. Common examples are a governance committee, fundraising, and a marketing / communications committee. Today's guest post is from Kim Donahue.

Are Your Messages Repeatable & Retweetable?

Getting Attention

This Week Magazine reported that “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” is “one of the most recognized ad campaigns in any industry and has generated billions of dollars in additional revenue.” government was concerned about the number of injuries from car accidents.

What Russian Troll Farms Can Teach Nonprofits About Social Media Marketing

J Campbell Social Marketing

The details that came out about how these Russian internet trolls used social media, specifically Facebook ads, is shocking. ” The group wanted to sow discord, create chaos, promote distrust of US democracy and government systems, and vilify Hillary Clinton.

How the Fundraising Game Has Changed Forever

Nonprofit Marketing Blog

” No, these aren’t ads for a new car or reviews for movies coming to a theater near you. For fundraising and development professionals, this reform can mean less stress and urgency chasing down private donations and grants to fill in the large gaps left unfunded by governments.

We've Built The Tools You Need for 2018


Across the country, state and local governments make meaningful policy decisions that affect nearly every issue - from preventing gun violence, to protecting the environment, or safeguarding LGBTQ rights. Learn more >> Powerful Facebook Ads and Events Integrations on EveryAction Facebook is one of the most important digital organizing tools of our time. Check out ads and events integrations >> SPRING.

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Day in the Life of a Nonprofit Communicator – Amanda Welliver

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

She came to nonprofit communications via roles in politics, government, and lobbying, and now works to build community online and offline, spread the word about the homeownership, and share the success stories of new homeowners. Amanda Welliver.

6 Nonprofit Email Marketing Resolutions for 2020

J Campbell Social Marketing

It also has the added benefit of building trust, because you are showing that you are accessible and open to feedback – and that you want to hear from your community. There are best practices and “rules” that govern email marketing, but feel free to break them! .

Major and Legacy Gift Fundraising Is Changing… Blame Robocalls.


For legacy gifts it could be: Adding an insert to your newsletter; Holding estate planning seminars for your supporters; or Engaging with local financial advisors. Relationships building is part art, part science.

Is Facebook Getting Rid of the News Feed? What Nonprofit Marketers Need to Know

J Campbell Social Marketing

Zuckerberg’s pivot to privacy is most likely a response to the increased calls for government regulation and antitrust lawsuits, and even reports of Facebook’s negative impact on mental health.

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The Ultimate Guide to Starting a Charity in Scotland and Ireland


b) its governing document allows it to use its assest for non-charitable purposes. c) its governing document allows Scottish Ministers to control or direct its activities. You will also need a draft governing document to upload to the application form. Ad Grant Management.

Creating a Unique Value Proposition for Your Nonprofit (Part 2)

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Could it be the government? If you are putting this online or in marketing materials, you can enhance the power of your UVP by adding “social proof.”

Calling All Creative for Good Projects


Nonprofits, government entities and corporations may submit any “pro-social campaign” that is non-commercial, non-political and that does not advocate for any particular legislation. Already, the Ad Council is one of the initial contributors working to add content.

3 Reasons You Should Be Thinking about QCDs (Backed By Data + A Free Guide)


Increasingly more “accurate” online ads are constantly on your screen, and the fight for your attention (however fleeting) has never been more fiercely contested. How many decisions do you make each day? A quick google search yields our answer: somewhere near 35,000.

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The Ultimate Guide to Starting a Charity in England and Wales


We’d also recommend checking out our article on the Google Ad Grant , a scheme which gives you $10,000 worth of search engine advertising a month for free ! page explaining exactly what factors should help govern your decision! Create a ‘governing document.’

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Forget the Elevator Speeches and Give Your Board Members a Word-of-the-Month

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Since then, our Program Director and I have added a Word-of-the-Month to our board agendas. . Their job is much wider than governance and fundraising.

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What’s Happening this March?


2011 Government Web and Social Media Conference. Feel free to send me an email at if there is an event happening that I should consider adding. Spring is in the air… Well, almost.

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Identify, Track, and Analyze Gifts with New Grants Management on EveryAction


These contributions are typically high dollar grant awards that come from foundations, corporations, or the government. As with all of EveryAction's Report Manager reports, the Grants Report can be filtered to a subset of grants, columns can be added, removed, reordered, or sorted, summary data can be calculated using the “group by” functionality, and a customized report template can be saved and scheduled to run on a regular basis!

3 Reasons Why You Should Market Charitable IRA Rollovers (And What They Are)


Essentially, the federal government is pleased that you elected to put money into an individual retirement account, but instead of letting you keep the funds in the account in perpetuity, you must distribute a certain amount each year once you turn 70 ½. What would you do with $2.5 trillion?

Simple Rules, Part II: How to Get Better #NpComm Work Done Faster

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Implementing a process for adding items to your editorial calendar is one way to codify timing rules. This is what governs complex interactions in nature among flocks of birds and bees in a hive. Yesterday I introduced you to some of the concepts from Donald Sull’s and Kathleen M.

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5 Things I Bet You Didn’t Know About Facebook

J Campbell Social Marketing

use Facebook to find news about government and political issues? As an added bonus, this featured video can have text that includes hyperlinks and a dedicated comment stream. We all know how popular Facebook continues to be, among all age groups and income levels.

Our EveryAction Hero: Jewish Voice for Peace


We do everything from legislative organizing to engaging in campaigns that seek to put nonviolent pressure on the government both in the US and Israel to respect international law. Occasionally we’ll give these donors an added incentive so there's a feeling of community that we try to foster in being a sustainer as well. This month, our EveryAction hero is Jewish Voice for Peace.

Israel 102

What’s Happening this December?


Feel free to send me an email at if there is an event happening that I should consider adding. social media, government 2.o, December is a big month already–full of holidays and reflection as we prepare for the next year. Yet there’s also a lot happening in the world of good–in more ways than one. Where will you be this December? December Events. Individual Events and Observances. World AIDS Day. 1, 2010, Worldwide.

Newsletter: Your Nonprofit Needs an Audience ; Wash-for-a-Cure Aims to Raise $100,000 ; Can You Use a DAF to Pay for an Event Ticket?

Selfish Giving

Overall, 80 cents of every dollar of nonprofit revenue in the United States comes from government grants or contracts and fees for services. Nonprofits are much too reliant on government money. Audubon is growing its database audience through content marketing and targeted online ads.

The Surprise Inside “The Networked Nonprofit”

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Yet, I suspect most nonprofits see social media as adding yet another layer of complexity or things-to-do to their lists. Kivi: The second part of the book focuses on crowdsourcing, learning loops, friend-to-friend fundraising, and governance issues.

What’s Happening this January?


Feel free to send me an email at if there is an event happening that I should consider adding. social media, government 2.o, It’s a new year–filled with potential and promise. See what’s happening this January in the world of social change through the lens of social marketing, social innovation and social technology. January Events. Individual Events and Observances. Digital Health Summit. 7, 2011, Las Vegas, NV.

Where’s the Love: Is Your Communications Strategy LGBTQ Inclusive?

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

While a student at the University of Puerto Rico, Victoria became the first openly transgender member of student government and pushed the school’s administration for transgender accessible I.D.