My 2009 blessings

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I’m pausing today to reflect on 2009 and I realize how blessed I’ve been this year. Watching multiple clients raise astonishing amounts of money through the mail this year. Many wonderful things have happened and many incredible people have come into my life. I think there’s something very valuable in stopping regularly to count my blessings.

13 Secrets of Holiday Fundraising Online | Online Fundraising & Nonprofit Marketing Resources & Tips | Network for Good Learning Center - Learn how to raise money online for your nonprofit

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As one MarketingProf member pointed out, "I give money regularly to groups where I have been able to see what they accomplish. As SeaChange advises, show exactly where the money goes and what the donors investment will do. Tis the season for email marketing. We can help.

Meet Network for Good at the 2009 NTC

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The 2009 Nonprofit Technology Conference will take place Sunday, April 26 through Tuesday, April 28, 2009 at the San Francisco Hilton. The Science Fair is free of charge and open to the public from 3 to 8pm on Sunday, April 26, 2009. In this session, representatives from Causes (as in "on Facebook" and "on MySpace"), Capital One and Network for Good will present channels for raising money and awareness other than your website.

Sometimes you shouldn’t Ask for money

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If you are running a direct mail campaign and sending appeals to your current donors, you are likely sending several fundraising letters throughout the year asking for money. Here are some examples of things you can mail to your donors that don’t contain an Ask for money: • Holiday card. But did you know that you should also send a few mailings that don’t contain an Ask for a gift?

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Fundraising When Money Is Tight

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Nobody can predict our economic future. But in tough times, whether driven by the economy, the environment or political events, there are simple yet sometimes counterintuitive steps you can take to ensure that your organization will suffer the least possible damage in a down economy -- and emerge healthy and poised for renewed growth when the economic crisis has passed.

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You Want Me to Ask for Money?!? Help!

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If the thought of asking someone for money makes your skin crawl, or you have a board that, despite all your begging and arm twisting, still fails to fundraise for you, tune into Magic Keys Radio on Friday.

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31 ways for nonprofits to save money on communications


If you’re really chafing under 2009 budget constraints, try this exercise. It can give you extra time and money to focus on more effective tactics. Then—only if you have extra time and money—take on new projects. flickr/Daniel Y.

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Suggested Money Saving and Money Raising Methods.

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Some more suggestions for for your nonprofit to both save money and raise some new money. __ In whatever method you use to regularly reach out to your donor base, volunteers, and clientele or the beneficiaries of your organization's work (e.g. For more ideas read Your Nonprofit Needs Money During This Economic Pinch? Tags: top ten how to saving money fundraising

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How your ears help raise money

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There’s an ad in the new issue of Fundraising Success magazine that caught my eye. It says “Listening is the new fundraising.&# I don’t know about you, but I’ve known listening was important for years. When it comes to building relationships, which is what fundraising is all about, listening is key. . One of the most important skills you can develop as a Fundraiser is your ability to listen well.

Trying to Raise Money Through the Mail? Learn from the Master

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If you want to raise more money with your fundraising letters, set aside Noon-1:00 p.m. His fundraising company is celebrating 30 years of helping good causes raise lots of money through the mail. Eastern (9:00 - 10:00 a.m. Pacific) on Thursday to learn how to do it right.

2009 Nonprofit Technology Conference

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Learn how you can set up a brand new fundraising program, or re-tool your existing fundraising, to raise serious money for your cause. This is the time of year when all the nonprofit geeks gather at NTEN’s Nonprofit Technology Conference and when the rest of us who feel techincally savvy realize we’re probably just geek-wannabes. Even if you not in San Francisco, it’s very easy to keep up on what’s happening.

Bloggers Flash Back to 2006 and Flash Forward to 2009

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I thought it would be fun to ask those same people to update their wishes for 2009. Turning to thoughts for 2009 a few people felt that the blogs/social media has lost its focus of customer first content t o becoming ego vehicles while others are looking for advances in technology.

SWEET fundraising software helps a small org raise money like the big boys

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Once again, CCALS is at or near the top of the list of organizations that raised money in the 2009 Compassionate Care ALS (CCALS) , a small but strikingly effective organization isn't afraid to run with the big boys.

2009 Online Giving – 10 Questions

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Last week we reported some data from online firms Blackbaud and Convio regarding 2009 online fundraising. According to Blackbaud, fully 46% of all online revenue was raised in the last three months of 2009 (not a dissimilar pattern from previous years), 30% in December alone, while only 13% was raised in the first three months of the year. a sign that money is available. If your nonprofit has raised increasing online money via social networking tools (e.g.,

Will you let me help you raise money through the mail?

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Give me 4 weeks and I’ll show you how to raise gobs of money through the mail! It’s my “Secrets of Direct Mail Mentoring Course&# and in it you will learn everything you need to know to raise money like the big nonprofits do. This is my favorite technique for raising money and building relationships. Have a proven system for raising money through the mail that you can duplicate again and again. . Secrets of Direct Mail Mentoring Course.

Watch The Money

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In a post called Watch the money , marketing maven Seth Godin asserts: "If you work for a non-profit and you don’t give money to charity, what exactly are you doing in this job? Money is more than a transfer of value.

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2009 Second Life Relay for Life exceeds $270,000 in donations

Giving in a Digital World

As mentioned earlier , last weekend saw the 2009 Relay for Life fundraising event in the virtual world Second Life – in aid of the American Cancer Society. At the latest count they were up to $270k , and apparently there is still money coming-in. Hopes were high in advance of the event that they would surpass the $210k raised through the event last year – and sure enough they have.

2009 Second Life Relay for Life exceeds $270,000 in donations

Giving in a Digital World

As mentioned earlier , last weekend saw the 2009 Relay for Life fundraising event in the virtual world Second Life – in aid of the American Cancer Society. At the latest count they were up to $270k , and apparently there is still money coming-in. Hopes were high in advance of the event that they would surpass the $210k raised through the event last year – and sure enough they have.

Join Me, Noon (eastern) Today w/Expert Mal Warwick -- Fundraising When Money Is Tight

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In his new book, Fundraising When Money Is Tight : A Strategic and Practical Guide to Surviving Tough Times and Thriving in the Future, fundraiser extraordinaire Mal Warwick shares some simple yet sometimes counter-intuitive steps are presented that you can take to ensure that your organization will suffer the least possible damage in a down economy -- and emerge healthy and poised for renewed growth when the economic crisis has passed.

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Fundraising resolutions for 2009

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So spread the good news: Fundraising isn't just about money. Two recommendations for you to make this year a better your for your nonprofit organization: Evangelize fundraising. You already get it. But I can almost guarantee there are people in your organization who think of fundraising as a dirty job, a necessary evil, an embarrassing add-on to the real work. That attitude does more to hobble the work of nonprofits than anything but pure incompetence.

The 2009 Pracrastinator’s Guide to Year-End Fundraising

Sea Change Strategies

If you’ve been stressed about everything you need to do to meet your fundraising goals for 2009, don’t panic. To get started right away, join Alia McKee and Mark Rovner from Sea Change Strategies, along with Kathryn Powers of Conservation International and moderator Eric Rardin of Care2 tomorrow, December 3, at 2PM EST for a discussion on these eleven critical action steps for raising more money.

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No Money On The First Date

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Marketing maven Seth Godin wrote The First Transaction , an interesting post about the need for cultivation to precede any ask for money. We can connect, transfer knowledge, engage in a way that builds trust… all of these things make it more likely that I’ll trust you enough to send you some money one day. But send you money on the first date? Seth asserts that the only winning paradigm these days is the reverse one … cultivate first, then ask for the money.

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10 Marketing Realities Nonprofits Need to Accept to Succeed

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The Pew Internet & American Life Project’s “Generations Online in 2009″ found that the biggest increase in Internet use between 2005 and 2008 was within the 70-75 year-old age group - not just grandparents, but great-grandparents.

Social math: Yes…data can tell stories too


The tobacco industry spends more money promoting smoking in a week than the entire federal government spends on preventing smoking in a year. flickr/fragmented. For a long time, nonprofits and foundations have tried to use data to drive social change–with varying degrees of success.

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Money Follows Involvement

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On the contrary, I have always been a firm believer in the idea that money follows involvement, and the rule of thumb that 90% of volunteers will also become donors. All too often, I hear people saying that they're afraid to ask their volunteers for donations, because "they've already given so much" with their time. Today comes another study to confirm this vital link between your organization's volunteer and fundraising activities.

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Successful dog walkathon fundraiser raises more money despite bad economy

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More than just cute. Friends for the Dearbon Animal Shelter raised over $50,000 this year with its dog walkathon, Dearborn Mutt Strut. To date, that's a 67% increase over last year. Bad economy and all. Friends" is a smart organization

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Fundraising from Out-of-State? An Update on Registration Issues

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As you get your online fundraising programs in place and start connecting with people through social media, the liklihood that you will raise money not only within your home state, but in multiple states, goes up.

Nonprofits have two missions to balance–cause and corporate


Too often, the bulk of nonprofit communications resources are channeled into supporting corporate mission —raising money.

How nonprofits can succeed in the new sustainability paradigm: 6 big lessons from social media


media that can help you raise awareness and even money. flickr/askpang. Many nonprofits are in crisis mode these days. Still, it pays to remember that “crisis&# is derived from two Greek words meaning “a turning point&# and “to decide&# (not “the sky is falling&# ).

Online Fundraising Software Tip: Don't let software companies handle your money

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If you're considering an online fundraising website for your viral fundraising campaign, walkathon, or any athon, you should avoid software vendors that take your donations before disbursing the funds to your organization. If you already have a merchant account and.

Mixed Links: Goodies for Nonprofit Communicators

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I was one of 10 guest speaker’s in Gail Perry’s 2009 Year-End Fundraising Strategy Telesummit. It’s full of advice on what you can be doing right now to make sure that you raise as much money as possible in the next 8 weeks.

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Nonprofits, A New Way to Raise Money ViaTwitter

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Social networking website gurus, Experience Project , on this past Thursday August 6th launched a brand new Twitter campaign called TwitCause designed to raise money for nonprofits through the Twitter website and its users (TwitCause is not really a Twitter application such as TweetDeck or Twitter On Facebook are - it's more of a proposition for Twitter users to join in on their effort to raise donations for nonprofits).

Nonprofit Blog Carnival!

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This month’s theme was Raising Money Online. . So many nonprofits are looking to the internet as an inexpensive tool for raising money. Here are some nuggets of wisdom about raising money online. Here’s the April edition of the Nonprofit Blog Carnival.

A 5-step quide to social media strategy for nonprofits


Yes, nonprofits can reach influencers and raise money through these channels, but that’s the tip of the iceberg. flickr/luc legay. Many nonprofits have already dipped their toes into social media. They see others doing it and figure they should be doing it too.

A quick and easy way to tell if a nonprofit spends money wisely

Blue Sky Collaborative

I recently read a thought provoking article. Donors want financial transparency for churches. Some quotes form the article: "Christian nonprofit groups and churches are being urged by donors to be more forthcoming about their spending amid the economic downturn and

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What “Trust Agents” Means for Nonprofits

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Becoming a friend online means that person is now open to a conversation with you, but because you are being human (see above), asking for money is not what you want those early conversations to be about. I read “ Trust Agents &# by Chris Brogan and Julien Smith this weekend.

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Raise Money for Your Favorite Cause You May Win $50,000

Marketing for Nonprofits

It levels the playing field for smaller charities because awards are based on donation volume vs. money raised. The Case Foundation , Causes and Parade launched America's Giving Challenge today! This is a great contest especially for small nonprofits and I urge you to participate.

Just How Tight Is Your Money?

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Leading the list of money-saving measures are buying generic brands (#1 at 62% in October), taking a brown bag lunch instead of buying (#2 at 47%), and fewer visits to the hairstylist/barber (#3 at 43%). A new Harris poll reported here by Mediapost indicates that the number of people taking measures to reduce their everyday spending is still on the rise.

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Donor gets dumped over dumb donation

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Man wants to give extra money this year, but wants it ALL spent on the tournament , to promote his business, and openly admits this. “Don’t spend any of the money on ‘those’ people. This just in from the world of the weird and unbelievable - -. Development Director for a small nonprofit providing housing to families in need speaks to donor who has been supporting annual golf tournament for the past several years.

Three Trends That Beg for Shorter Email Newsletters

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He also spoke of the value in creating a “new sense of transparency&# among supporters about where their money was going. I included a shorter version of the following article in my Nonprofit Marketing Tips email newsletter that went out earlier today.

The Dismal Results of My Online Giving Experiment

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The next three all came within a day of each other, on January 6-7, 2009. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital didn’t send a thank-you note, but they did add me to their Hopeline email newsletter list and I’ve received the January and February 2009 editions.

75 Summer All-Access Passes for $75 - Get Yours While You Can!

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You’ll get all the same stuff that you’d get with the regular All-Access Pass for less money (23% less to be exact). You can attend live or watch the recording of every webinar we host between now and August 31, 2009 ( here’s the schedule ).

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Twestivals Going Local


At the beginning of the year, I wrote on this blog about an interesting new concept on Twitter: The Twestival."

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