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3 things every fundraiser needs to consider before they talk politics in front of their donors


Brooks book titled Who Really Cares: The Surprising Truth About Compassionate Conservatism): In 2000, households headed by a “conservative” gave, on average, 30% more money to charity than households headed by a liberal although the “liberal” households earned 6% more.

Where were you 10 years ago on the internet?

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In 2000 I got my job at the Economist in New York City, at social media 2000 2010 internet long tail looking back on a decade mazarine treyz meme pokey the penguin ten years ago video game2000-vs-2010. This graphic is from here. Where were YOU on the internet 10 years ago?

Trillions and trillions of dollars.


Between 2000 and 2050 $12 trillion is expected to go to charity in the form of bequests. That’s $12 TRILLION! Or, 12,000 X ONE BILLION. Imagine a pile of a billion dollars. Now imagine 12,000. Hard to do, huh? Here’s some help thanks to Susan DameGreene’s website.

Ep173: How to Use Pokemon Go to Raise Money for Charity

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A 2000+ surge in new users of the app. Today on CauseTalk Radio , Megan and I talk to Stephanie Bagley , COO at Charity Miles, about the new Pokemon Go game and how it can be used to raise money for good causes. On the show, Megan, Stephanie and I discuss: Stephanie Bagley, Charity Miles.

A Look Back at 2010

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Happy New Year! It’s been a crazy decade, and even though I’ve been blogging since 1999, I have never focused so closely on it.

What Nonprofits Need to Know about Facebook Promoted Posts

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If you pay for this update to reach an additional 2000 people, it’s reasonable to expect that the update will receive approximately 200 likes, comments and shares, when adjusted for affinity. . Do nonprofits have to pay to get their content seen on Facebook? We wanted to get the scoop, so Network for Good’s Katya Andresen turned to Facebook expert, John Haydon. He provided easy-to-understand, practical insight on the most common questions about Promoted Posts on Facebook.

“It Ain’t Bragging If You Can Back It Up”

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By contrast, Kohl’s Care’s for Kids was launched in the year 2000. Kohl’s the Milwaukee-based department store with about 1130 stores in 49 states has raised $180 million for kids’ education and health through its cause marketing efforts, and with this ad in their weekly flyer they’re bragging a little.

#interview: Simone Joyaux, Nonprofit Consultant, Author, and Columnist

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I had no idea what they were, but I fell in love with the mission and in 2000, as a volunteer, I founded the Women’s Fund of Rhode Island , a social justice organization that fights for leveling the playing field for women and girls.

Name Change Spurs Conversation, Opens Doors (Case Study)

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Green Media Toolshed was launched in 2000 to strengthen communications impact within the environmental movement. It’s rare to see an organization change its name and that’s a good thing. Name changes are a delicate matter. Assuming you’ve done a good job of building relationships with supporters, partners and others, your org’s name has equity.

What’s stopping you from communicating with your legacy giving prospects?


All the way at the bottom I found this chart which was the result of Adrian Sargeant’s and Elaine Jay’s research back in the 90′s and early 2000′s. Getting a single email, letter or telephone call out to a legacy giving prospect isn’t always easy.

Made in America Cause Marketing

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The night before my interview with Alex Strickland of Liberty at the 2012 Outdoor Retailer trade show in Salt Lake City the company hosted a beer bash that raised $2000 for BCM.

So Dark The Con of Men

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When Tonken told you that he could get Cher, or the Backstreet Boys, or Diana Ross to your event, you believed him, in no small measure because there was that tape of Bill and Hillary Clinton toasting him at a star-studded 2000 Hollywood fundraiser, which Tonken produced.

Social Objects: Sharing Devices of Object-Centered Sociality

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There are no markets for messages, or to paraphrase the Introduction to the Institute of Medicine (2000, p.5-6) Promoting Health report, people in the health and social change communities have “messages” while the individuals they are targeting in communities have “lives.”

Reading Up On Social Determinants of Health


The report shared that as a Nation, we had met or were moving toward meeting, 71% of the disease prevention and health promotion objectives we set in 2000. October may be Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but a number of articles came out last week focusing on social determinants of health.

Reading Up On Social Determinants of Health


The report shared that as a Nation, we had met or were moving toward meeting, 71% of the disease prevention and health promotion objectives we set in 2000. October may be Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but a number of articles came out last week focusing on social determinants of health.

From Commodity to Customer

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Therefore, with a maturing base, does Facebook double down with their prisoner mentality and milk the platform for everything they can get while assuming the rest of us have no place to go, aka AOL circa 2000? I have been struggling with Facebook for a while now.

Cause Marketing Advertising From Ben & Jerry's

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Greyston bakes 20,000 pounds of brownies a day just for Ben & Jerry’s, which has been owned by the Anglo-Dutch company Unilever since 2000.

Passing The Plate Among the Religious

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A new study out Monday, June 6, 2000 finds that contrary to conventional wisdom, religious people are more likely to donate to causes that aren’t strictly religious than to those that are.

What Will Replace 'Checkout Charity' After Big Retailers are Gone?

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From a peak of over 2,100 stores in 2000, Kmart has shed over 1,000 stores in the past 17 years and will close 150 more this spring. There had to be a few cringes in the room after she said it. In December, Kmart CMO Kelly Cook was at St.

Learning social media with an 11 year old

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He just posted this animation this morning, but it all ready has over 1,800 2000 views! I’ve been learning a bit about social media and marketing from my 11 y.o. It's gotten another 200+ since I started writing this blog post!]. He creates these animations from his Nintendo DSi. This Flipnote community is interesting. People rate them. Better animators give him tips. He experiments with new animation styles and gets more feedback.

#INTERVIEW: Debra Askanase, Strategist, Offers Useful Advice To Nonprofits Using Social Media

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DEBRA: There’s always the organization that stresses the fact that, say, they have 2000 people who Like them on Facebook. Debra Askanase, founder of Community Organizer 2.0 , is an “engagement strategist” who consults with nonprofit organizations on digital media.

You Can't Efficiency Your Way to Greatness and Other Stuff I Learned This Week From Some Killer Fundraisers

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They grew annual income by 57% in 10 years - from $29M in 2000 to $46M in 2012. I had the privilege of spending Thursday with my fundraising and marketing peeps at Engage 2013: A Case Study Conference in Philly. Thanks, Margaret !)

Technology Can't Help You

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If your donation page is non-existent or your website looks like it was created in 2000, then you definitely need to upgrade your stuff. Should you purchase new fundraising software? Should you upgrade your blog to Wordpress? Should you integrate peer-to-peer fundraising into your website? The answer is, "Yes and No." However, technology ALONE will never help you raise more friends or funds.

Let’s hear it for Asian Female Nonprofit Leaders!

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Lisa Hasegawa, Executive Director, National Coalition for Asian Pacific American Community Development: Since 2000, Lisa Hasegawa has led National CAPACD’s efforts to be a powerful voice for the unique community development needs of Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) communities.

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Creating the perfect campaign for #GivingTuesday

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Here are examples of how to reframe your ask into inspiring projects, for different kinds of nonprofits: Direct Service: If you serve 500 people a year with a $1 million budget, frame your annual fund around the $2000 it takes to serve each client. The time is…NOW. With year-end quickly approaching, and #GivingTuesday just ten weeks away, we’re hurtling toward the giving season.

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Grassroots Cause Marketing from Volvo

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Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation, is named for Alex Scott, who in the year 2000 at the age of 4 announced to her parents that pediatric cancer must be cured and to do her part she was going to sell lemonade from a stand.

6 Key Factors for Obtaining Major Gifts to Your Nonprofit

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The study drew on a unique data set of 1,449 higher education institutions that publicly received gifts worth $1 million or more between 2000 and 2012 that were reported on the Lilly Family School of Philanthropy’s Million Dollar List.

To Take a Page from Kohl's Cause Marketing Success, Start With IKEA

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Last week I confessed my man-crush on Kohl’s and their remarkable cause marketing efforts using stuffed animals, books, CDs and toys: Since the year 2000, Kohl’s has generated $180 million for kids’ causes.

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Santa Speedo Run Boston, MA 2013

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The Santa Speedo Run ([link] began in Boston in 2000 with 5 guys just looking to spread some holiday spirit by running through Back Bay in only Santa hats and Speedos. Since then it has grown to include 500 men. Fundraising Tips Marathon Fundraising Online Fundraising Peer to Peer Fundraising Software for Nonprofits Walkathon software Walkathons

How does an appeal letter edit work?

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Foundation grants and donations from those who support our mission make it possible for us to help the 2000 senior clients we serve each year. I recently did a series of webinars for National Meals on Wheels, and the latest one was on appeal letters. Here’s a sample letter that someone sent me, asking me for feedback. I decided to re-write the whole letter. Draft 1 of their letter, before I did anything: Dear Friend of <our nonprofit>, Aging is inevitable.

A plain English, level-headed guide to Facebook updates, reach and promoted posts

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If you pay for this update to reach an additional 2000 people, it’s reasonable to expect that the update will receive approximately 200 likes, comments and shares, when adjusted for affinity.

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Op Ed Writing: Countering Your Opponent’s Argument

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In 2000, the investigative journalists at the Medill Innocence Project offered to pay for the DNA tests. Margot Friedman, principal of Dupont Circle Communications, conducts trainings on writing and placing opinion editorials.

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The Art of Rebranding

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The late 90's and early 2000's were the Attitude Era. Want to learn one more arts marketing lesson from the WWE?  Then let's explore the idea of rebranding. Let's start by defining our terms. A brand is a promise.

Live Blogging from the Cause Marketing Forum Conference

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This is a huge hotel with over 2000 rooms! Pre-Conference Update. I flew into Chicago today so I could be ready for the for the Hospital Corporate Development Summit tomorrow morning.

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#Social Networking: Netflix Losing Control of Social-Network Goodwill

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Many of those commenting are encouraging a boycott and/or defection to the many other services that have moved into the market since Netflix’s founding in 2000. Image via Wikipedia. This author is not a Netflix subscriber.

Are You Talking To Hispanics?

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81% of Hispanics lived in those nine states in 2000, and 86% in 1990. Here from Pew Research is a nice wrap-up of the 2010 US Census figures as they relate to America’s Hispanic population. We all know the growth is strong — 43% over the past decade. America’s 50.5 million Hispanics now account for 16.3% of the US population. Five states — New Mexico, Texas, California, Arizona and Nevada — have populations that exceed one-in-four Hispanic.

Mele Kalikimaka

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Love's year 2000 performance with the Singing Sergeants of the United States Air. Every Christmas for at least the last 10 years Late Night with David Letterman has featured the incomparable Darlene Love singing the rockingness Christmas Song ever, 'Christmas, Baby Please Come Home.'That

The Smarter Way to Convert Your Fundraising Data

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Initially we developed FIDO using MS Access as a front end to MS SQL Server 2000 databases.

Want to do political fundraising? Interview with Joe Garecht of The Fundraising Authority

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Then I launched a website (now defunct) called in 2000 and it was one of the first free how to run for office websites. Joe Garecht. Joe Garecht is a consultant, author and speaker that helps non-profits raise dramatically more money to fund their work.

Building your nonprofit’s email list

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Back in 2000, I used email to raise $100,000 in six weeks. I wrote about it in “The $100,000 Guide to Email Solicitation.” ” (You can buy it in the Fundraising Coach Store but I give it away free to everyone who signs up for my free email newsletter.). People tell me they find the “ten tactical tips,” the actual examples of email, and the overall strategy helpful. But many ask me, “You did that with alum.