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KFC’s Shows They Don’t Give a Cluck. This Time with Juvenile Diabetes

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I just can’t understand what Kentucky Fried Chicken is thinking with its latest cause marketing program. This picture says it all.

6-Figure Cause Marketing Grad Uses Pinups, QR Codes to Help Homeless

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Capplause Cause Marketing 101 cause marketing kentucky fried chicken kfc maggie keenan pinups qr codeThe pin-up below sold for a buck.

Lessons from the KFC, Juvenile Diabetes Cause Marketing Fizzle

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For Kentucky Fried Chicken. learned a lot, particularly about Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. For Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

Komen’s Cause Marketing Program Isn’t “Finger-Lickin’ Good”

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I want to love Komen’s new cause marketing partnership with Kentucky Fried Chicken,  Buckets for the Cure. really do. KFC has both. Maybe.

KFC, Dairy Queen Show Nonprofits How to Raise Money at the Register [VIDEO]

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Cause Practices cause marketing kentucky fried chicken kfc maggie keenan pinupssincere commitment to the program’s success.

Cause Marketing Matchmaking Freebie

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Your first thought might be that Ball, which is a national brand, may be too big for small effort in rural Kentucky. billion.

Unbelievable—Komen Flunks Crisis Communciations (Again)

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Once your organization’s reputation is seriously damaged, it’s difficult to restore trust and focus on successes. Subscribe today.

Build Your Nonprofit Story Bank (Case Study)

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Here are some of the stories RWJF community members have shared with Meghan and team: Bringing Health Care to Rural Kentucky.

Busted Nonprofit Brand, Part II: Anatomy of a Corporate Sponsorship Meltdown

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Komen for the Cure’s® cause partnership with with Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), launched via a huge TV advertising campaign. Thanks.

Transform Your Supporters into Powerful Marketers

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The University of Kentucky has put giant Facebook place icons throughout the campus to showcase its connectivity to prospective students.

KFC Concept Restaurant Gives a Nod to Cause Marketing for Local Causes

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The KFC eleven test store is in Louisville, Kentucky, KFC’s headquarters. KFC, a unit of Yum Brands, is testing a new quick-serve restaurant version of the fried chicken outlet and among the changes is that its cause marketing efforts will be much more local, according to Anne Fuller, senior director of development for KFC eleven.

The Accidental Rebranding of Komen for the Cure

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This isn’t Komen’s first branding debacle: See the Kentucky Fried Chicken incident and suing smaller charities for using “for the cure” but I’d say it’s the biggest one yet. Komen for the Cure , it seems, is no longer a breast cancer charity, but a pro-life breast cancer charity. It won’t. No more.

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Help KFC Earn Its Cause Marketing Wings

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Megan Strand of joined me in writing this post today! Other quick serve restaurants will no doubt benefit from the discussion!

Using Social Media in Fundraising

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Some ideas included posting photos of early ticket buyers with the reasons they were looking forward to the events, highlighting auction items as they are donated and even asking for early bids ahead of time, and asking trivia questions related to the event themes (“Wines of the World” and the Kentucky Derby).

A Challenge to Cause Marketers on the Eve of the Super Bowl

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They are: Super Bowl… $336 million Summer Olympics…$176 million Fifa World Cup…$103 million NCAA Men’s Final Four…$90 million Winter Olympics…$82 million Rose Bowl…$72 million MLB World Series…$61 million Kentucky Derby…$59 million 9. NBA Finals…$58 million I notice that your nonprofit isn’t on the list. Indeed, no nonprofit is.

Calling Out a Faux Cause Marketing Pinkwasher

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One of the infuriating things about the pink ribbon, emblematic of the fight against breast cancer, is that no one owns it in the United States.

The 2012 Social Marketing Conference: Getting Better at Doing Good

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A major meeting on "getting better at doing good" will take place in Clearwater Beach, FL 15-16 June 2012. This international gathering will bring together social marketers and social innovators in a forum where we can engage our collective wisdom and talents to explore creative ways to teach and employ marketing to postively change the world.

Groupon’s Fumble Gives Causes Chance to Score Big

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Goodwill earned from this promotion: 0%. Holy, Batman! This cause marketing stuff really works! As Willy Wonka said, “Strike that.

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Want to learn fundraising or social media? Check Out These New November Webinars & Workshops!

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” -Colleen Payne, Executive Director, Spina Bifida Association of Kentucky. November 19th, How to Find new Donors for your Nonprofit NOW!

Why White Castle’s Cause Marketing is Better than KFC’s

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It was only a matter of time before it happened. In some ways I’m surprised it even took a week. The candle has been a huge hit.

Cause Marketing for Smaller Causes and Buisnesses

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Above is a flyer with a coupon from Coit cleaning in Louisville, Kentucky and benefiting Susan G. But what about the little guys?

For Direct Relief, Cause Marketing, Disasters are a Game

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While Komen had its misstep with Kentucky Fried Chicken , fast food chains make excellent partners for cause marketing. million. Brand matters.

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Top 10 Papers on Social Marketing for 2011

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Vigorous physical activity among tweens, VERB Summer Scorecard Program, Lexington, Kentucky, 2004-2007 Evaluation of a successful community-based social marketing effort to increase physical activity among tweens. It's that time of year for retrospectives on the state of whatever. That might be a good thing - ring in the new year with these!

Cause Marketing, Selfishness Drive Consumer Giving

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New research out of the University of Michigan confirms what I always knew was true: I was right to name my cause marketing blog Selfish Giving.

6 Cause Marketing Promotions You Can Learn From

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Please, there were many good, productive ways Kentucky Fried Chicken and Komen could have worked together. They offer something for everyone.

Time for Labels and Boxtops for Education to Rebrand?

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Kentucky Fried Chicken wanted to get away from all three of its names, so it became KFC. founded by Campbell’s. It’s the classic win-win.

Are You Talking To Hispanics?

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Moreover, the states with the largest percent growth in their Hispanic populations include nine where the Latino population more than doubled , including a swath in the southeast United States — Alabama, Arkansas, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, Tennessee and South Carolina. America’s 50.5 Or both?

Walgreens Checks-in to Controversy with 4sq Cause Marketing

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faced a similar reaction when I wrote here and on The Huffington Post on JDRF’s partnership with Kentucky Fried Chicken. This is a guest post from the Center of Social Impact Communication at Georgetown University. 425 comments later, people are still sending me hate e-mail! ~ ~ ~ ~ ~. Let your fans come to your defense. Tell stories.

The Best & Worst Local Cause Marketing Programs of 2010

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Details: 50 cents of every bucket ordered by Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant operators during the promotion period went to Komen for the Cure.

7 Cause Marketing Lessons from Machiavelli

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For a man so interested in statecraft, Machiavelli would appreciate the bottom-line benefits of cause marketing to causes and companies.

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October Preview

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October 26-27:  I’m the featured speaker at the Kentucky Nonprofit Leadership Forum. Three Webinars. Direct Mail E-Clinic Registration.

Interview with Alex Brown, Author: Great and Goodness Barbaro And His Legacy - Part 1

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One of my favorites is Alex Brown.  . Recently Alex wrote a book. beautiful book. an inspiring book. book that touches the heart. Photo of Barbaro).

How to Know It’s Time to Fire Your PR Group

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The most common way to activate or promote your cause marketing campaign is via public relations. At left is proof. 16, 2012. But effective?

The Best Local Cause Marketing of 2011 (and 3 that Really Stunk)

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Here are my picks for the best local cause marketing programs of 2011. In short, these programs inspired me and made me proud to be a cause marketer.

What Your Sponsors REALLY Want: August 9th

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Colleen Payne, Executive Director, Spina Bifida Association of Kentucky. August 9th, 2012 3pm EDT OR September 6th, 3pm EDT. You Will Learn: 1.

Regal Enteratinment Reports the Results of its Cause Marketing Campain Called 'Straw Vote'

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Harland Sanders didn’t open his first Kentucky Fried Chicken until he was 65. Jude Children’s Research Hospitals collected $65,692.

Your Favorite Topics for Fall Webinars

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Jennifer Milburn, Kentucky Waterways Alliance. Thanks to the 154 nonprofits who completed our recent survey about what should go on the webinar schedule. Here are the top three webinars you selected. 1. How to Create, Reuse, and Manage All of Your Content. This webinar has been scheduled for Thursday, November 4. Stay tuned! Get the Details.

Is it a pink nightmare?

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So Kentucky Fried Chicken is doing a cause marketing promotion for the Susan Komen Foundation. You know, the one that fights breast cancer. And there are a lot of people scratching their heads about that.  Some are even angry.  Many are calling it a huge blunder. This one just doesn’t seem right to me. Eroded its authenticity.

Business to Business Cause Marketing from AmpliVox

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Most cause marketing faces the consumer. You can imagine why. But business to business cause marketing does take place, even if it’s not common.

#PROAGING: Republican Budget Realigns Medicare But Ignores Long-Term Care

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It will not recede for another couple of decades. The percentage “at risk” drops for the Late Boomers (to 43.7 percent.” on a Medicare exchange.’ But