Wed.Mar 07, 2012

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Email Subject Lines: 6 Cardinal Sins to Avoid

Getting Attention

Welcome to our newest guest blogger, Kerri Karvetski. As owner of Company K Media , Kerri helps nonprofits communicate online. Sin #1: Too Long.

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Supporter Survey Questions for Nonprofits

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Image by Sean MacEntee. On Monday, I shared some links to some national polling and survey data to help you learn more about your target audiences.

The very real danger of native eyes

Nonprofit Marketing Blog

This travel blog photo’s source is TravelPod page: Phnom Penh. Moving furniture, Cambodia-style. Photo by Eve and Nono. More amazement.

An Ask is An Ask

A Small Change

You may have heard a guideline, “ask for three times what you’d like a donor to give.” ” This is a mantra that’s often used as a technique to get a stretch gift. That guideline is a very poor rule of thumb. good ask is one the donor feels they could stretch to make but does not feel like is out of their ability.

Cause Marketing Breakfast

Cause Related Marketing

This week is 'National Breakfast Week,' sponsored in part, as we shall see, by Kellogg’s. Why should we care? What should we do? What happens?

March 21

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Social Media Bird Brain - Untitled Article

Social Media Bird Brain

New Things Scare Me! As you know, I search for content inspiration from a lot of different sources. In particular, I look at business blogs because small businesses have a lot in common with small nonprofits. found this post by Jay Baer at Convince & Convert (via Social Media Navigator) and thought, "Dang.

The transfer

Mission Paradox Blog

Everyone has their own definition marketing.  Here is mine: Marketing is a process by which emotion is transferred. Ultimately, the goal of marketing is make you feel something.  Of course, that's harder then it looks. Think about the number of transactions you do in a day.  Think about the amount of information you consume.