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4 Ways to Incorporate Corporate Philanthropy into your Digital Fundraising

J Campbell Social Marketing

Corporate philanthropy has been a hot button topic recently. Promote corporate giving programs online. Guest blog by  Adam Weinger.

Corporate v. Nonprofit, 5 Lessons Learned When I Switched to Nonprofit Communications & Marketing

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Nonprofits tend to have more resource limitations than corporate organizations when it comes to dedicated staff and budgets. Cynamon Frierson.

From Cause Marketing to Corporate Causes

Selfish Giving

So, if you are already reaching out to businesses for support, why not go ahead and see if their corporate office provides philanthropy through grants.

You Can Save the Corporations

Wild Woman Fundraising

They don’t want to give their money to big corporate conglomerates that hurt the earth. By aligning themselves with your nonprofit, corporations show that people have more of a reason to buy from them. Consumers want to see the corporation is committed to giving back consistently. Author of Cause Marketing for Dummies.

Just What is Corporate Social Responsibility?

Cause Related Marketing

What do people mean these days when they speak of corporate social responsibility? there may be something here for cause marketers.

Are You Flirting With A Corporate Partner?

The Agitator

Partnering with companies and corporations is another arrow in the well-armed fundraising quiver … be it a local business in your home town or a global corporate behemoth. Integrated fundraising and marketing Nonprofit management premium

Busted Nonprofit Brand, Part II: Anatomy of a Corporate Sponsorship Meltdown

Getting Attention

Choosing a corporate sponsor for your nonprofit has tremendous potential to either help or harm your organization and its mission. Thanks.

NEW: These 6 Questions Will Help You Get That Corporate Sponsorship

Wild Woman Fundraising

questions you need to ask to help get that corporate sponsorship. HOW do these corporations justify giving your nonprofit money, from a bottom line perspective? Maybe they want to urgently communicate about their new products, their mission, or initiatives into new markets. It’s the holidays! Why should you care? Wrong.

Corporate Social Responsibilty and the Affluent Traveler

Cause Related Marketing

What do affluent travelers want from airlines, hotels, resorts, tour operators and cruise lines when it comes to corporate social responsibility? What all this suggests to me is that companies in the travel business need to put their environmental, corporate social responsibility and cause marketing bona fides closer to the decision point.

New Strategies for Increasing Corporate Support

Selfish Giving

Curt Weeden (shown above) is a corporate giving expert, speaker, author and founder of the New Strategies Forum. It was both good and bad.

Personal Branding Within The Corporate Workplace

Diva Marketing Blog

His idea was employees were more than cogs in a corporate wheel. For instance it strengthens corporate branding both internally and externally. When

Recruit More Sponsors, Corporate Partners with Inbound Marketing

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call it good old-fashioned marketing. My friends at Boston’s Hubspot have a better name for it: Inbound Marketing. The Blog.

The Holy Trinity of Corporate Social Responsibility

Cause Related Marketing

It’s becoming increasingly clear to me that companies which face the consumer better do three things well: practice corporate social responsibility; have a strong green tint; and, engage in cause marketing. But the corporate environment has changed. And it does smart cause marketing. Or, Crosby, Stills and Nash.

Corporate Citizenship In a Time of Occupy Wall Street

Cause Related Marketing

Americans want corporations who are better actors. Good cause marketing can be a signal that companies are good corporate citizens.

#Philanthropy: Get Involved With Some Of The Biggest Corporate Donors

Non Profit Marketing 360

Others counter that without a role for institutionalized CR, innovation and economic dynamism are often replaced with market suppression and cronyism.

Great Nonprofit Marketing Jobs

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Please post YOUR nonprofit marketing job here. Communications and Marketing Director/Webmaster The HistoryMakers (Chicago, IL).

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New Resources for Nonprofits Focused on Cause Marketing, Corporate Partnerships

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I’m always looking for the latest information on cause marketing, sponsorship and corporate partnerships. must read!

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Corporate Support for National Parks: America's Best Idea

Selfish Giving

No one wants a corporate logo to despoil the Grand Canyon - or any other national park. Photo via mkfeeney on Flickr. Changes with permission.

Cause Marketing Resolution for 2009

Cause Related Marketing

This post is endorsed by 'President Barack Obama,' 'Oprah Winfrey,' 'Hillary Clinton,' 'Coldplay' and other high-ranking search terms in Google.

CauseTalk Radio Ep54: Corporate Volunteering is Like Sex, How to Have More of It

Selfish Giving

For the real deal from the guy who knows how to get employees to participate in corporate volunteering programs, tune in now!…

Great Nonprofit Marketing Jobs: Moving Up Monday

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Post YOUR open nonprofit marketing and communications positions here. Director, Marketing and Communications StoryCorps (Brooklyn, NY).

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Grab-It Nonprofit Marketing Jobs

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Chief Marketing and Communications Officer   Minnesota State Colleges and Universities (Twin Cities, MN). Chief Marketing Officer Net Impact (San Francisco, CA). Communications Portfolio Manager Insight Systems Corporation for USAID. Director of Marketing and Communications Barberton Community Foundation (Barberton, OH).

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Reader Questions: How to get businesses to give you donations in 3 steps?

Wild Woman Fundraising

Needless to say, they have no large donors, no database, no corporate sponsors, etc. If you want in-depth ways to get corporations to sponsor your nonprofit, I’m having a webinar coming up this week on how to get corporations to sponsor you, it’s September 6th, here’s the link: [link]. There are many! Step 0.

Do Corporate Social Responsibility Practices Raise Employee Productivity?

Cause Related Marketing

Cause-Related Marketing does a world of good. The authors, Magali A. They threw in another database to help determine employee productivity.

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Making Your Cause Marketing Promotion Clear and Understandable

Cause Related Marketing

In the fall of 2012 the New York Attorney General’s office released Five Best Practices for Transparent Cause Marketing. The first one was “clearly describe the promotion.” We might assume that the AG was speaking only to marketers with malintent (to use the neologism). Doesn''t that more clearly describe the cause marketing promotion?

Book Giveaway: Cause Marketing for Dummies by Joe Waters and Joanna MacDonald

Wild Woman Fundraising

Joe puts the difference between Sponsorship, Cause Marketing and Philanthropy as a difference of involvement. But good things need to be shared.

Cause Marketing or Corporate Philanthropy Program? It’s Not a Yes or No Question.

Cause Related Marketing

If your company is an active corporate cause marketer, should it also be an active corporate donor? Now Godiva almost certainly didn’t write the headline for the release I saw, but a quick reading made it clear that what Godiva was announcing was more a cause marketing than a corporate philanthropy effort.

Great Marketing Jobs at Nonprofit Orgs

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Associate Director of Email Marketing , NARAL Pro Choice America (Washington, DC). Communications & Marketing Coordinator , Tuesday’s Children (Manhasset, NY). Digital Marketing Specialist ,  Southern Poverty Law Center (Montgomery, AL). Director of Marketing & Communications , The Contemporary Jewish Museum.

Your Future! Great Nonprofit Marketing Jobs

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Post YOUR open nonprofit marketing and communications positions here. Communication and Marketing Specialist UUCA (Atlanta, GA).

4 things you need to know before pitching a corporate partner

Nonprofit Marketing Blog

If you want to engage corporate partners, it’s important to understand both. CSR can create a brand halo for a company.

22 Terrific Nonprofit Marketing Jobs: Monday Matters

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Post YOUR open nonprofit marketing and communications positions here. Assistant Director – Marketing and Communications URJ Greene Family Camp (Austin, TX). Associate Communications & Marketing Manager Point Foundation (New York, NY). Director of Digital Marketing & Regional Marketing Consultant Citizen Schools.

Great Nonprofit Marketing Jobs: Monday Matters!

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Please post your open nonprofit marketing positions here. Communications/Marketing Associate , ACLU (New York, NY). Digital Marketing Manager , Skoll Foundation (Palo Alto, CA). Digital Organizer , Corporate Accountability International (Boston, MA). Nonprofit Marketing Jobs—September 15, 2014. San Francisco, CA).

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Cause Marketing With Sex Appeal

Cause Related Marketing

Certainly other cause marketing campaigns use sex in their campaigns. But then again, that approach is true to MAC's brand and corporate ethos.

Viva Cause Marketing!

Cause Related Marketing

Jose has a half-dozen years experience in cause marketing in North America’s second largest country. Is it good corporate citizenship?

Cause Marketing in Nigeria

Cause Related Marketing

asked him to address the topic of Cause Marketing in Nigeria. Cause-Related Marketing does a world of good.

Kaizen and Cause Marketing

Cause Related Marketing

And it’s precisely the word to describe what Toyota’s marketing department practiced with its cause marketing effort called “ Meals Per Hour ,” which is a video about the people of Rockaways, New York in the wake of Superstorm Sandy in October 2012. Cause-Related Marketing does a world of good. Paid search, for instance.

To-Die-For Nonprofit Marketing Jobs: Monday Matters

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Post YOUR open nonprofit marketing and communications positions here. Communications and Marketing Manager Community Food Centres Canada (Toronto, ONT). Digital Marketing Coordinator Communities Foundation of Texas (Dallas, TX). Director of Communications, Marketing and Appeals Cambridge in America. New York, NY).

Are Nonprofits Ready for the End of Corporate Philanthropy?

Selfish Giving

Like it or not, this is the future of corporate giving for businesses large and small. Start a cause marketing program. End or beginning.

CauseTalk Radio Ep12: Phil McCarty, Godfather of Cause, Talks Nonprofit Branding, Corporate Alliances

Selfish Giving

CauseTalk Radio Podcast cause marketing phil mccarty st. [Audio clip: view full post to listen]. Jude’s Thanks and Giving. Resources.

The People Who Communicate Corporate Social Responsibility Can't Make a Business Case For It

Cause Related Marketing

The other 50 percent said CSR should fall under either media relations, internal communications or marketing. Hardly.