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Increasing Member Retention for Associations

Non Profit Marketing 360

Once a member is a part of your organization, they touch customer service, communications, member services, events, etc. When a customer becomes a member of your association, they bring with them an expectation of value for your association. The Website falls into the same value presentation that we mentioned earlier.

Social Media Lessons For Brands & Their Agencies From Football

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However, huddled with your branded blanket, watching the game you're not on the field. Unlike an advertisement, press release or CEO speech where your customers accept that someone else has crafted the words, your fans assume that it is  You the Brand People who are playing on the field. And you very well may be. Client cheers!

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Getting Attention

Instead, I’m rejuvenating, clearing space, and building energy for a productive fall and winter. Shape Your E-News around a Clear Brand, Message, and Call-to-Action. I’m on vacation and NOT WORKING (unlike what’s become a bad pattern). hope you get the chance to do the same. It’s Join me! Recording here ).

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Customer Service Social Media Style: A Pulse of the Industry View Part 1

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More frequently, however,  those conversations are directed, not to friends or family, but to the people who represent brands. Jason Falls.

10 Best Cause Marketing Promotions of 2016 [SLIDESHARE]

Selfish Giving

Thanks to the purchases of their customers, they raised $10 million! million dollars they raised from customers in the fall of 2015.

#INTERVIEW: Sybil Stershic, Consultant, Blogger, & Author of Taking Care of the People Who Matter Most

Non Profit Marketing 360

It’s the brand, not only in terms of what you do, but in how you do it. They know the importance of the employees and volunteers on the brand.

Mixed Links for Nonprofit Marketers and Fundraisers

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

We don’t need customer service,” Pam Grow is here to tell you  Yes, Donors Require Customer Service  via the The Nonprofit Times.

Three Stages of Nonprofit Marketing Maturity

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Therefore, should the organization fall into a financial crisis, communications is the first to be cut. Stage I: Doing. Stage II: Questioning.

The 2016 - 2017 Best Nonprofit Conferences Calendar


Each fall since 2008 MNN has hosted an annual conference and expo. Today, we're excited to announce the all-new list for 2017! Name (a-z).

2015 Digital Fundraising To Do List #3 Allocate Budget For Paid Social Media

Giving in a Digital World

The writing has been on the wall for a couple of years now. Well, the first thing is not to panic.

QR Codes: The Future of Fundraising?

Fundraising Coach

Earlier this fall, I was at the National Catholic Development Conference in Chicago. If you want, you can customize it. Amazing!

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Interview with Ed Garsten: Chrysler's Twitter Storm Back-story

Diva Marketing Blog

Diva Marketing's goal is always to understand how to use social media to bring people together in ways that support your brand’s value and promise.

6 Steps to Maximize Online Giving

Fundraising 123

It should also be full of your branding and language. All too often we fall into the pit of the great work our programs did.

Being More Creative

Social Marketing and Social Change

When the opportunity to ‘show some creativity’ is offered, in my experience the results usually fall not far from the evidence tree.

The Waffle House - A World Cup Battle To A Social Media Win With Meghan Irwin

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We also educated the public and our customers that our waffles are not Belgian waffles. The U.S.A. won against Belgium in the World Cup game.

Radian6 #Social2011 Debrief

Public Sector Marketing 2.0

Everything was top-notch and the atmosphere reflected the upbeat , conversational and friendly Canadian brand that you have always been. Social is not a PR move but a customer care move. Most brands are still only “half engaging&# on social channels. My carry-on Samsonite is falling apart. Data is the new black.

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Go Back-to-School with Online Marketing Experts

J Campbell Social Marketing

Are you looking to enhance your online marketing efforts this fall? Learn to Command Your Brand with Instagram for Business. Learn to.

How Do You Build B2B Relationships Using Social Media?

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Marketers are still learning how to talk to people without the benefit of their brand veils. . Too many times, in the digital world, people are so hot and heavy in the beginning, then it all trails off like Summer Camp -- you fall madly in love and promise to keep in touch forever and then time passes. No one holds all the answers.

3 Steps Toward a Better Nonprofit Website

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The answer is good branding. Effective branding will enable your market to do three things: ATTAIN The goal of your organization must feel reachable. Even in a struggling economy companies like Target and Apple continue to put an emphasis on their visual brand. Where else can you directly pitch to 73% of adults in the U.S.¹?

Story Wars: Interview with Jonah Sachs, Part 1

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

And on the level of brand, the brand does have a hero. Below is the transcript from the first part of that interview. You Hey Jonah.

What is Cause Marketing?

Selfish Giving

For the nonprofit, the profit is money AND branding/visibility. Jude’s raised tens of millions this fall through Thanks & Giving.

Smart Cause Marketing from a Leading MMA Company

Cause Related Marketing

Inside that package they put a letter and a set of keys to a custom chopper being created by Orange County Chopper. press release. Whatever.

The Earth Is Flat

The Agitator

Venture farther than the known oceans and you would fall off the edge of the Earth into the mouths of dragons, the arms of sea monsters, and heavens only know what else. Tags: Don't Miss these Posts DonorTrends Hot Research branding communications direct marketing fundraising marketing metrics nonprofit management nonprofits Roger.

The little lie in marketing and how to avoid it

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So they tell the white lie to their customers, and nobody cares because nobody believes the lie. It simply can't happen.

Fun Cause Marketing Promotion, Wrong Holiday

Cause Related Marketing

The average American or Canadian consumer would be hard-pressed to directly buy a service that CSX provides; CSX’s customers are other businesses. We have another federal holiday for that called Veteran’s Day which, like Remembrance Day (aka ‘Poppy Day’) in the Commonwealth countries, falls on November 11. Why pushups? Armed Forces.

A Stop On The microMarketing Book Tour

Diva Marketing Blog

Detailed case studies are used to create a mosaic of how brands and customers are working together to build brand perception.


Friday Fun: It's Raining Social Media Men!

Diva Marketing Blog

In late night emails, skypes and on blog posts we explored ideas about this new way to communicate with customers that was not messaged control.

Social Media Idea Management: An intellectual capital hustle?

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It's called IdeaXYZ or IdeaFireStorm or My(your brand) or ShareYourIdeas. But don't expect anything back other than the satisfaction you derive in a bit of ego boosting on a brand site with some people who might vote you up or vote you down. Are The Brands exploiting customers in the name of "engagement?" Where are you?

Social Media - Kaleidoscope Marketing

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As social media twists and turns, I hope we keep top of mind what my friend Tim Jackson  posted on #blogchat.  It takes a community to build a brand.


Atlanta Women In Social Media Marketing_3

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We specialize in custom (and frequently humorous) iPhone and Facebook applications. 5. Where are the women on the client/brand side?


There Is No Social Media Kit

Fundraising 123

We ask about ROI because faith isn’t an accepted business practice, and we’d much rather cover our asses with a case study (TM Chris Brogan ) as a safety net in case we fall (”but it worked for them!”). Is discussion about our brand positive, negative, or neutral? We want shortcuts. It’s reassurance for us that we’re “doing it right”.

Bring Back The Blog

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The gold ring of digital marketing is engaging with your customer. His post "Thought Leading" Your Way to Premium Brand Status describes the ".

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The Making of “Do More Than Cross Your Fingers”

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

To come up with the right message, the Red Cross hired the firm Catchword Branding which specializes in naming. During the game, you answer questions that help you build a kit that’s customized for your family, right down to including something fun for the kids to do while the power is out. Measuring Results. Get the details.

Social Media Three For One

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Toby : My philosophy is that marketing is the doorway to the customer and, from that perspective, social media plays an important role in reaching and keeping in contact with a brand’s community. think customer services should be a part of marketing but that’s another topic for another day. evolved from that perspective?

8 Cause Marketing Survival Rules for a Zombie World

Selfish Giving

Don’t let your program fall prey to the zombies just because it wasn’t up to the challenge of going long. 2. Yikes! Cardio.

Where Does 'Transparency' Fit In The New Social Media Marketing Model?

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The concepts of transparency, authenticity, honesty and passion for the topic/brand have evolved as 'society norms' for communicating and forming relationships in the world of the social web. in the end it isn't the bloggers, the company or the agency that will dictate the's the customers." brand. critical. content.