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Live Your Nonprofit Brand (Case Study)

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brand)… Bittersweet news from the Upwell team. THIS is living your brand. Take Upwell’s tagline, The Ocean is our client.

Name Change Spurs Conversation, Opens Doors (Case Study)

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Netcentric has done a great job of doing so. I’ll be following up with the Netcentric folks to get their tips for name and branding changes (they’ve changed their logo, as you can see in top right), and learn more about their process of developing the new name. Name changes are a delicate matter. Well done! Thanks.

Shortcut to Campaign Conversion

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This is a huge opportunity to improve your connection with your base, and one that’s absolutely doable by organizations of every size. Go to it!

[Special Edition] Komen Crumbles: Busted Nonprofit Brand

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Busted nonprofit brand, Komen, yet again. No proactive statement to take an active role in the conversation, no responses to the major news media, disappointed supporters or colleagues in the field. Honest and real : PP sticks to its brand—its focus on women’s health above all out—here and forever. Susan G. Here’s What Happened.

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How to Take a Modern Approach to Nonprofit Brand Awareness

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Rather than broadcasting static messages to vast audiences, charities can now seek direct engagement with targeted communities and create dynamic, two-way conversations. If your charity is still stuck in the rut of an anachronistic one-way advertising model, it''s time to adopt the modern approach to brand awareness!

Should You "Personal Brand" A Small Business?

Diva Marketing Blog

Or do you build the reputation based on  your personal brand ? You can go personal branding route or not. We called it "The Business."  .

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Is Your Personal Brand Attracting the Right Audience?

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Our conversations led us to explore the complexies people are facing with eco-systems from multiple social networks. you get the drift.

Social Media Changes The Branding Game

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Social media has become a one-stop shop for extending the brand. . does social media really fit as a branding tactic? revenue. That's it.

Food Trucks R Coming! Conversation with James DiSabation, Roxy Gourmet Grilled Cheese

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found it interesting that the Roxy guys were the only team wearing t-shirts that promoted their city not their brand. they recruited us.

The identity and promise of your nonprofit’s brand

Nonprofit Marketing Blog

In Brand Thinking and Other Noble Pursuits , branding and design maven Debbie Millman rounds up thoughts on brands, culture, and marketing from smart folks such as Malcolm Gladwell, Dan Pink, and Virginia Postrel. Two key qualities of brands appear throughout these conversations between Millman and friends.

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Like You’re Talking to a Friend (Do It Differently: Part 2)

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Branding and Messages Do It Differently messages nonprofit branding Nonprofit Communications nonprofit marketing tone voiceHow WE Do It!

Lose the Lipstick: Your Brand is More Than a Cosmetic

Marketing for Nonprofits

Branding. Branding causes undo confusion in the nonprofit sector. Our topic? Worse. This is what people want to know and remember!

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Co-creating the Social Marketing Discipline and Brand

Social Marketing and Social Change

Social media are not simply new communication tools; it is a fundamental shift in the dynamics of conversations enabled by new technologies.

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Managing Your Brand & Personal Social Media "Friends"

Diva Marketing Blog

When savvy brand managers saw their customers were congregating aroiund these virtual water coolers , ah ha moments began. Think about it.

Interview: Zach Hochstadt, Mission Minded Agency Cofounder & Nonprofit Branding Expert

Non Profit Marketing 360

NPM360: Branding is a term from the corporate world. Does branding work as well for nonprofits?

Best Way to Get Timely Input: Review & Approval 2.0

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Thanks today to Jennifer Johnson, director of marketing & communications at Advocates. I had the pleasure of working with Jen to develop a brand, website strategy, and marketing plan for Advocates—a human services agency providing a breadth of programs and services throughout Massachusetts. You guys are so smart! Win-win-win.

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Your youth segment is not “really” chatting on Facebook anymore

Public Sector Marketing 2.0

It was only open to colleges and universities, quickly followed by cities.  Up until that point, the main conversation platforms for myself and my close friends other than in-person conversations, email and the phone were tools such as ICQ followed by MSN chat. The conversations were still “real&#. Brands joined in.

Nonprofit Branding: Process Is Nice: Results Are Essential!

NonProfit Branding

We’re starting a conversation about Strategic Planning. highly regarded nonprofit exercise. Often a waste of time.

Social Media Creates Customer/Brand "Miracle" Partnerships

Diva Marketing Blog

It's  not  all about the brand. In the world of conversational marketing there is no room for high-pressure sales techniques. together.

What social branding does for your brand, community and cause

Nonprofit Marketing Blog

He is an award-winning branding expert for Nike, Motorola and Toyota, and Forbes, Mashable and Fast Company blogger. Here’s how: 1.

Social Media Can "Help" Build & Promote Your Personal Brand - Part 2

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  It is not slickness, polish, uniqueness, or cleverness that makes a brand a brand. Your Personal Brand. It is truth. or not. .

Disconnect Is Damaging (Messaging Case Study: Part 1)

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In fact, their conversations with your target audiences (i.e. Branding and MessagesYOU can do it too : .

Surprise: Shortcut to Messages that Connect

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The AVP volunteer booth staffers I met siad  their surprising message worked powerfully to generate questions and conversations. Thanks.

Join the conversation in Twitter - get social with “social media”

Fundraising Coach

Learn how you can set up a brand new fundraising program, or re-tool your existing fundraising, to raise serious money for your cause.

The Winner of Diva Marketing MNS Sponsored Branding Tip Contest Is.

Diva Marketing Blog

The Challenge : Provide a tip on how to use social media to support branding ~ Social Media Changes the Branding Game post. . Congrats!

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11 Ways to Get to Breakthrough Nonprofit Messaging

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In addition to the keynote, I led a small group of passionate nonprofit marketers in crafting their marketing plans and elevator pitch. Cialdini.

Your New Nonprofit Elevator Pitch—More of a Catch

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It’s a tough sell. 2) Your conversational partner—or child, program participant, colleague or board member—isn’t focused on what you want. Branding and Messages Daniel Pink elevator pitch message development messaging nonprofit branding Nonprofit Communications nonprofit marketing To Sell Is HumanIf not, nada.

4-Step Escape from Groundhog Day Marketing

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Come to the conversation with some concrete ideas for change, based on relevant models from peer organizations. Branding and Messages #groundhogday Audience Research connection message development messaging nonprofit communications jobs nonprofit marketingvia GIPHY. Your marketing doesn’t have to stay stuck either. Repeat.

Delight to Connect (Case Study: Relationship Building)

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your people have to be able to get what you’re doing, being different isn’t enough) in your own conversations. Branding and Messages customer service message development Nonprofit Communications nonprofit marketing Zappos Zappos is known for its operations smarts and customer-friendly orientation. times daily.

Heartfelt, Relevant Messages Build Bridges (Case Study: StoryCorps)

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So last week they recorded a conversation about why they’ve been at each other so much, and tried to find some common ground. history. P.P.S.

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Advice to Komen Leadership: 8 Steps to Recovery

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Reshape your communications strategy from megaphone to conversation —there’s really no choice, as you saw last week.

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Where brands go wrong on Facebook - and what that means to us

Nonprofit Marketing Blog

AdAge had a column today about how big brands sometimes stumble on Facebook, and it has some useful lessons for nonprofits. Michael Scissons says that engagement on the Facebook walls of leading brands is down 22%. Have conversations on your page with your supporters - this isn’t advertising, its engagement. 3.

Name Creation/Change Guidance: Case Study—Part 2

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So we hired GALEWill to help us fine tune our brand (our personality, voice and tone), mission statement, messages and logo. Any glitches?

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Social Media Lessons For Brands & Their Agencies From Football

Diva Marketing Blog

However, huddled with your branded blanket, watching the game you're not on the field. Unlike an advertisement, press release or CEO speech where your customers accept that someone else has crafted the words, your fans assume that it is  You the Brand People who are playing on the field. And you very well may be. Client cheers!

Build Ties at the Moment Of (Case Study)

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Harlam jumped on my interest at the moment of and kept the conversation going. Relationship Building camp harlam messaging nonprofit branding Nonprofit Communications storytelling Our daughter, Charlotte, is away at Camp Harlam for 3 1/2 long weeks this summer. We’re really getting to feel like part of the Camp Harlam family.

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Nonprofit Crisis Communications: What The American Red Cross Should Do Now

J Campbell Social Marketing

But the fact remains – the Red Cross brand is tarnished and the allegations are juicy and make headlines. photo credit: 96dpi via photopin cc.

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You Can Save the Corporations

Wild Woman Fundraising

YOU COULD BE SAVING THEIR BRAND. So here’s something from Fast Company to put in your next sponsorship letter: “A feel-good brand won’t gain much respect (or sales) from consumers these days if it’s owned by a not-so-feel-good corporate parent. The Brands that Survive will be the Brands That Make Life Better.

They Said What? -- How to Listen to Online Conversation

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Most organizations I know have centered their communications strategy around a brand (whether defined as such, or not), expressed through a graphic identity and a narrative one — positioning and key messages. Tags: Branding and Messages Nonprofit Communications Social Media Well, you better figure it out quick, because it’s happened.

4 Steps to Stronger Relationships by Sharing a Laugh

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Tactics communications network humor joke message development messaging nonprofit branding Nonprofit CommunicationsNo kidding. Subscribe today.

Share Your Org’s Messaging Status & Wants

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Are your messages used consistently across audiences and channels (print/digital/conversation)? Branding and Messages nonprofit branding nonprofit marketing nonprofit messages Nonprofit Messaging SurveyPlease take 5 minutes to complete this survey. What messages do you have in place? Survey closes June 8.